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  1. I could not agree with you more Ontherise... I was talking to some people about that and how ironic it was that suddenly people forgot they were anti-mcmurray because he was the bad guy. Must have been a great day for Sean because the thousands who were cheering against him immediately started cheering for him becuase they heard Harrison fans booing. Oh conformity.
  2. I couldn't agree more that it was terrible of all of the fans to boo Willis... I understand why people were mad, and I can almost understand why people boo'd him a little at first, but to boo the kid when he receives his second place medal on the podium was just wrong. Just the type of class I should have expected from Indiana fans.
  3. I have to give this one to Nelson as well... should be an interesting weight class
  4. 103: Phillips 112: Ayersman 119: Nelson 125: Wright 130: Tsirtsis 135: Berryman 140: Porras 145: Roach 152: Bennett 160: McMurray 171: Duckworth 189: Atwood 215: Cleveland HWT: Travis
  5. does anyone have a link to the cover or can make a scan?
  6. I think by Lamb you mean Brady. I was not at the match, but heard that porras got a takedown early and rode him out for the first period. In the second Brady got 2 stalling calls in the second period giving porras a point so it was 3-0 after 2 with not much action. Brady did get a takedown in the third on sloppy wrestling by porras and porras escaped bringing the final to 4-2. I think Porras would beat him by a reasonably larger margin if they face again.
  7. I am sure he was too sick to react.
  8. Not only that, but thatoneguy acts like it is an insult to lose the best match in the state!?! That simply means he was a part of the hardest fought and best overall match, and unfortunately came up short. I too am tired of the excuses, especially since the kid has already signed to wrestle for next year. If he was that sick, he sits out and does not wrestle because I guarantee CP has someone that could have wrestled his weight until he got back to full health. Looking forward to the rematch.
  9. what happened in the porras match?
  10. I just don't understand how a kid, according to the rankings, hasn't even qualified for state can get a scholarship to wrestle at a big ten school????
  11. Because I do not know who Robinson is, I am guessing that this is either a joke or he is not from Indiana? :-\
  12. This is probably the best news Calumet College will ever get! Congrats to Cal College and Hawkins, but it seems like he could have gone somewhere much better than this, no offense to Cal.
  13. Yea Mike Vick and Vince Young were/are terrible... NOT. Jcarter 1 team out of 32 wins a SB and Vince Young was drafted in 2006 and was Rookie Offensive Player of the Year. Vick was one of the most electrifying players in the game and was very versatile and was not only flat out fast, but could throw the ball unlike anyone else. To say these two players are not good because they have 0 rings is a bold statement and to assume Pat White will not be good because he was used as a runner in college for WV's option offense is also not a very intelligent move.
  14. It was a very sarcastic remark... it's not where he's going to college, but rather if he is going to college.
  15. A very grammatically sound response from Chalfant.
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