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  1. Hey yeah I'm in Iowa at Palmer Chiropractic College. I'm at my second year as a paid assitant for Davenport Assumption. We are ranked third in 2A and we just beat the number 1 team before break. We also beat the number 1 in the class below us. You can follow us at Thepredicament.com. My grandpa is a pretty awesome guy, I'm sure you had an intersting conversation. Any other questions just ask? I must add I think Howe def. had the best career but Young wins the best 140.
  2. How about Chad Ruggeri, I don't remember him from freestyle or from state.
  3. You know the "fruit" roll up was the best move ever, worked in the semis.
  4. Has anyone heard of Spooner? It is a good wrestling movie, it is more about the coach but the wrestling is pretty good.
  5. They qualified 141 in 2005 with Simpson but he was injured at big tens. Unless your counting this year there has been more then zero in the last four big ten tournaments. Im sure every non top 5 team goes through droughts at the some weight classes.
  6. So are you saying Iowa has ruined Alex because he hasn't won a title? I would say no. But he went into college with more with more expectations. Joey went from not qualifying as a frosh to eighth not really competeing with the top guys as a soph to winning two titles , I would say they developed him. They have developed the talent at 141(maybe not to aa standards), but Skelly is far improved from where he was two years ago, and if he is the 41 for big tens I expect him to qualify. But with wrestling there are many problems that can come into play(Injuries, school, bad luck, many others) that can hinder a season, I'm sure as a coach you have had this happen. But if you take in to account the last four years at 125-133-141 they have had 3NC, 4aa, and 8nQ. I would say that is good.
  7. So are you saying the coaches don't get any credit for them getting nationals titles because they were expected to content for a national title? Many big time recruits come in and don't even make it to the point where they can contend for a title, let alone win one.
  8. No and you dont have to be a nice guy either thats why I said along with being a great coach, but when you garner those accolades you should get more respect when you produce three ncaa titles.
  9. This post just shows you know nothing about IU wrestling Pat placed third at Ncaa's and is a very nice guy along with bein a great coach. Maximus left IU to go to grad school in Oklahoma, the reason he left was based on academics. This happens quite often when people graduate in four years but play athletics for five, one such example Scott Moore transfered from Penn State to Virginia the year he placed third. Also super freshman ramos lost to another freshman in the IU wrestle offs so maybe he realized making the team in the next couple years would be difficult with kinser at 157 and the other frosh in the room at 149/157. Im not in the room but watching the wrestle off, the match between Cameron and Powless was won off a last second td, with that match it is impossible to tell who wins in the room, possibly Cameron gets the better of him in the room. Im sure the coaches who have nine all-american performances amoung them know more about how to arrange the team then you. I would say 3 ncaa titles in four years the coaches are doing pretty good. This year is going pretty rough, but my guess is they will turn the corner for big ten's and ncaas.
  10. One of the most dominating performances I've seen was Chad Ruggeri: Chad Ruggeri (34-0), Mount Vernon (12) vs. Justin Bischoff (25-13), Franklin County (12), Fall, :46. Chad Ruggeri (35-0), Mount Vernon (12) def. Joshua Turner (39-6), Hammond Morton (12), Fall, 1:14 Chad Ruggeri (36-0), Mount Vernon (12) def. David Benner (45-2), Benton Central (12), Technical Fall, 5:08 (17-1). Chad Ruggeri (37-0), Mount Vernon (12) def. Dexter Larimore (49-3), Merrillville (10), Fall, 1:10 He truly impressed me in the semis, Benner was tough and to put up that many points on him was remarkable .
  11. Think I have to throw this one in here its cary kolat probably one of the top 3 best high school wrestlers of all time, in the state finals.
  12. Well I am no longer in Indiana and i'm not a head coach but would love the support of the indiana wrestling community as i'm coaching in Iowa at Davenport Assumption.
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