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  1. Hey are you guys still looking for a dual?  I doubt we can make it work, there would be a lot of logistics to it. We are full, but would love to move some stuff to see you. Like I said I doubt it would work, but I wanted to get a conversation going for the future if nothing else.

    1. ehighley84


      Perfect, we are full for this year, but could work something out as early as next year. Let me know your contact situations and we will make it happen! Right now we are on a bad home and home with East Chicago Central and would love to get out of it. They aren't good and are 2+ goes away! 

    2. ENoblewrestling


      We have Plymouth for four years!  Its like an 1:45 away!  No clue why we signed that contract, it was before me. 

      My plan BTW was to have you somehow take that dual from us, and then dual us hahaha. Long shot, but I don't want to drive that far for a non semi-state team.


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