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  1. How about David Bridgeforth and Darrin Duncan? Good call on Bridgeforth and Duncan. I'd add Paul Robinson at 160 (2 x SS champ) and Brian Cook at 119. I believe Brian was 3rd in '91. Also, maybe put Puckett in at 140 and bump Rob to 145. Didn't Rob qualify three times? There has to be some others from Coach Morgan's teams. That was a little before my time but maybe someone else can add to the list.
  2. Warren Central-Matt Puckett and Rob Walke
  3. Princeton-Boes and Greer Martinsville-Bailey and the Neal Brothers Jay County-Glogas and Ferguson
  4. I prefer the establishment next door. You can't beat the ambiance!
  5. seems like you compared it to a criminal court case to begin with... not me.. all i did was refute the fact that before i point a finger at a kid I am going to have to be 100 percent sure he did something wrong. Seems to me like that is a hard thing to do. Last I heard, the Reinoehl family had the purchase of the new house pending the sale of the old house and that the IHSAA said it was ok at first, but now they are unhappy that such transactions have not taken place. With the housing markets the way they are at this point it seems highly likely that they would be having a hard time to sell th
  6. Who did he beat to get out last year?
  7. Good call D-Train. How could I forget a name like Shwartzengraber? I'm not sure about Wickliffe's losses. He probably wrestled Locke multiple times that year.
  8. In 1990, I thought Wickliffe lost to Locke of Delta in the finals at 189? Also, earlier that year, Tim Clark of Beech Grove beat Greer and Locke in the same day at the Greenwood Holiday Classic but ended up losing to Wickliffe Friday night at MSA.
  9. Geoff Glogas of Jay County won it as junior. Qualified the next year at 103 but not sure what he placed. I want to say he lost to Zirklebach in the quarters or semis.
  10. Good for you guys. My point was simply that with only 9.? scholarships to hand out at the DI level, most college wrestlers have to find other ways to help pay for their schooling whether it be need based aid, academic scholarships, student loans or mom and dad. Oscar, does this help my awareness level or should I keep working on it?
  11. Let's be honest, wrestling doesn't pay for too many people's education. Even if he does win a state title this year, he is still going to have to pay for a college education. Next, I've been in education a long time and I don't recall any good kids who have had problems with the administration. I just think it's funny that everyone points the finger at EMD every year for recruiting but when another school gets caught breaking the rules, people want to claim "let the kid wrestle" or "people need to mind their own business."
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