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  1. Thanks y2. I'll remember that it's your board and you will cry if you want to. I was simply hoping that if I didn't post within the parameters, you could help me out so I didn't do so in the future.
  2. I'll second the duck blind, bass(and trout, crappie,or bluegill) fishing, Hooter's wings and brew on the porch, but will sub the White Sox for the Card's!
  3. Karl, Was that a picture of Coach Servies spanking Trent? It looked like that guy was a member of the Sphinx Club. Funny pic!
  4. What grinds my gears is deleting posts with no explanation. Why won't Y2 return my calls? Why?!! I feel so cheap. :'(
  5. Wildcat, At the risk of receiving many boo's, I for one enjoy the sarcasm. Funny yet insightful while keeping people honest. Keep it coming. Fabio, Refresh my memory, didn't you say it was all about the individual and now you post that you should keep the school? As for staying on topic, I'm still a fan of the traditional EMD singlet.
  6. Amen. You need to run for office. WOW! How can I argue with such well supported and well articulated responses?
  7. This contradicts earlier statements about parent involvement. Now you are calling it an incompetant failure of a school system. Which one is it, a bad school or bad parents? What would happen to these "bad" schools if the brightest students actually stayed rather than leave in droves? Maybe schools could be rebuilt from the inside out with the leadership of caring parents and hard working students? I think it is a question of chicken or egg, and I don't think it makes a differnce. I mean there is Jaime Escalante and that Ron Guy and Morgan Freeman's character in Stan
  8. Nickster90, If IPS is the reason kids are not succeeding academically, how do you explain the low test scores and discipline problems of those kids who are bussed from the inner city to the township schools? It's not because the teachers are incompetent at IPS, it is because education is not valued in the home.
  9. The Red Garter has great lunch specials!
  10. See above...he had 5 losses. Maybe TAE can verify this for sure.
  11. This kid fought off an inside cradle courtesy of a tough Greenfield Central kid like nobody I had seen before and never gave up near fall! If he doesn't win a title or two before it's all said and done, I'll be surprised. That was a gutsy performance for any kid, let alone a freshman.
  12. Tony Abbott, Muncie South and Danny Coyne, Beech Grove
  13. Nice list. In addition... Brian Cook-Barrel roll Paul Robinson-sweep single Rob Walke-HiC Tom Collins-lateral drop Matt Puckett-left handed headlock Bacon (can't remember which one)-fireman's carry
  14. I think he has been mentioned but I'll give you a WAHOO anyway, great guy. One that I'm not sure has been mentioned around the same era is Al Morgan.
  15. It would be a huge surprise if we had multiple national champs from IN. Escobedo is too banged up to repeat, I have a hard time believing that Tsirtsis will be able to get off bottom in crunch time, Kinser may AA, but he won't win, Howe is probably a year away. Right now, I'd say Humphrey has the best shot, but he's in a very deep, tough weight class. I guess if the stars aligned properly we could get multiple champs, but it's very unlikely. Well multiple is two. I don't think it would be a huge suprise with a returning champ another guy who was ranked first and a guy who is ranke
  16. Out of respect for both coaches, I won't mention names but the weight class was 189. Neither coach would probably like to admit their behavior but both were passionate about their athletes and rightfully so. I'll give you a hint, it was Northside vs. Southside.
  17. Really? I haven't heard anything about them in years other than a few good indviduals.
  18. This was actually "suggested" by a young coach at the Marion County Tournament seeding meeting about 8 or 9 years ago. I won't mention the two coaches involved. One has matured and the other has retired. Good times though!
  19. Geoff Glogas-arm spin Gans-front head lock Kevin Helm- 2 on 1
  20. Nice advertising for Chris Lynch with Alex warming up in the Pro Power T-shirt!
  21. Isn't this also called the Barsagar? Probably. I think that Iranian might just be the term handed down from Coach Kalver to the Bellmont and Bishop Luers programs. we called it an iranian at laporte Mansour Barsagar is a former World Champion and many time World and Olympic Team coach for Iran. And for what it's worth...he's a pretty good guy also. Grecoref may be the most wrestling savy person on this board! As far as I know, the Barsagar and Iranian are both finishes to the HiC. The Barsagar is a HiC to a double leg. The Iranian is when you are in on a
  22. Congrats coach! When did he take over at Franklin?
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