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  1. I gotcha now. A lot of people don't realize how complicated a process RIF'ing can be. One position can affect staffing at multiple schools within the corporation.
  2. I don't think even the basketball and football coaches are safe right now thanks to Mitch. Actually, people aren't getting RIF'ed from their coaching jobs, but rather their teaching positions. Some of the contracts may state that they won't get RIF'ed if they are coaching a particular sport, but I haven't heard of too many. It comes down to seniority in the classroom and licensing.
  3. I see your point about "TODAY". However, if you want to call out Bob Morris, I disagree. You say he "could have aHUGE Jim Humphrey-size impact on Indiana wrestling if he could/would make the time commitment." Hasn't he already done this? I was on the team that was one of the first to compete at Cadet Nationals from Indiana in 86. If I remember correctly, Bob was the man who organized the USAW events. He got the ISWA and USAW to work together. Before that, you wrestled ISWA State and a separate USAW state to make the team. Furthermore, you mention that you speculate Bob not contributing
  4. I agree with ccbig, wrestling is wrestling. There are 7 basic skills and they are applied to all styles. All the rule changes are frustrating for coaches and probably more so for parents who don't have a wrestling background. That is why I think it's losing popularity. More parents have probably been exposed to folkstyle wrestling in some way growing up and are more likely to keep their kids in it because it's a little easier to follow. Also, many would much rather support a school team at a week night dual than sit in a hot gym all day to see kids wrestle for their club and not be able t
  5. I agree. It's also another way we shoot ourselves in the foot when trying to promote our sport. Parents that have never been around the sport are reluctant to let their children participate in an activity that is going to deform their appearance for life. Jimtown, I had the same procedure done (also called a button) to fix one of mine in college. It was an extremely painful procedure and not one I wish on any of my wrestlers. However, it was effective.
  6. Speaking of Beech Grove, didn't Sacksteder leave a successful North Central team to coach there? Also, why do you not consider them successful anymore?
  7. What coaches will be there? Does anyone show technique or is it mainly live wrestling? Also, do kids need their USAW cards?
  8. I got to admit, I'm a little disappointed in the number of people on this thread who like Howl at the Moon that much. I always thought it was more for bachelorette parties than former wrestlers. I had most of you pegged for The Pub, Ike's, or Have a Nice Day type guys.
  9. Doesn't Bloomington have more team and individual titles than any other school in the state? I would say they have been "elite" for quite some time.
  10. I agree with the criteria but might rank them a little differently. I'd rank results/history as number 1. Isn't that what it's all about if you want to be considered elite? Coaches and support (I'm guessing this means families/school administrators) will change over time. I may even throw out expectations. If you are an elite program, you expect to be at the top every year.
  11. I disagree with all of you saying that it is too difficult to get someone to run a clock. Many D2 and D3 schools have fewer resources than most high schools and they manage to find someone to do it. Does anyone on the boards remember the old, small clocks that sat on top of the score table? I don't think it required a college degree to run one. Next, college referees also call stalling on the top guy way better than any high school official I've seen in Indiana. If they would call the top guy more for riding hips and ankles or even for riding legs without attempting a turn, this wouldn't
  12. I like your idea, but shouldn't you exclude those who did not make the show on account of injuries or disciplinary issues? Wrestle backs wouldn't matter for either of those.
  13. Who wrestled 119 for PM? I hope Clem is ready to go this weekend at Regional.
  14. Exactly, that's why our kids dominate in Fargo and the NCAA's compared to all those other ignorant states that have classes.
  15. I'm glad your grandparents were able to attend. I'm not sure why you seem so offended by my posts. I think people like your grandparents and others who enjoy wrestling but do not necessarily want to sit in a gym all day would benefit from knowing what time rounds begin. Maybe my old age is kicking in, but I seem to remember bigger crowds for the finals that used to start at 6 than for the quarter's at 9 a.m. on Saturday or for the prelims that used to be on a Thursday night for that matter. It just seems to me, that some of our so called "true fans", shoot themselves in the foot when trying t
  16. I do consider myself a true wrestling fan and have been around this tournament over twenty years. That is why I think you set a time and stick to it like they have in the past. How can you promote the sport when nobody knows what time the finals are going to be? This is supposed to be one of the more prestigous tournaments in the state so why wouldn't you run it similar to the state finals or NCAA's? Neither one of those tournaments expect the fans to "deal with this kind of problem."
  17. I agree that "getting out of there at a pretty decent time" is a problem. How about clearing the floor so it doesn't look like a hillbilly picknick, and showcasing your athletes on 1 mat, and at a time where more people can attend the finals the weekend before Christmas?
  18. I agree with Chris. Also, they finished ahead of Warren Central and Columbus North in the Capital City Classic who were both ranked at the time. Or, do you only look at dual meet records for the team rankings?
  19. What are they doing? I haven't heard much about them.
  20. Isn't Caliboy's son a move-in? I agree that Lance has done a nice job in a small amount of time. However, you seem to act like coaching at a private school is a handicap because of tuition costs. Do you think he could have had the same amount of success if he were at a public school? For example, do you think he would have had that success at Speedway or Broad Ripple?
  21. Again... I guess if anyone could give me one example where there was a extreme difference in the result of the Wrestlers life (for the positive) I would promise to not discuss this subject ever again. So if you lived in the IPS system, you dont think there would be a difference if you transfered to Warren, LN, LC, Pike Ben Davis, North Central, or any of the other township schools? Not only would you most likely recieve a better education, you would have much better facilities as well. Warendad, Although I generaly agree with your posts, I have to disagree here. First, I'v
  22. Warren has some good kids, but "the best coaches in the state" is a pretty strong statement. They are a young and unproven staff. Whoever comes out of this sectional would be my pick for making it to team state. It seems to me to be up for grabs between Roncalli, WC, New Pal, and BG.
  23. If he lives in Warren Township, which I think he does, does this rule still apply? I don't think so, but I could be wrong.
  24. I'll be sporting my school colors at the NCAA's this weekend!
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