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  1. So it's OK to cut weight during the tournament, just don't do it during the regular season?
  2. Didn't Scott Wilson from Rushville come into the sectional his senior year,1989-90, with a 0-0 record and go on to win it?
  3. I was being sarcastic since college wrestlers enter opens under a club or unattached when they are red shirting. Call me old fashion, I still like the idea of representing one's community and/or school.
  4. I do not know the academic reputation of Apple Valley but I think comparing it to CMA might be a bit of a stretch. The kid referenced in the post only attends there from November through February. It does not appear he is there for the education.
  5. Looking at the list of placers in the middle school state, I'm guessing all of those who listed CIA, Region Wrestling Academy, unattached, etc. are red shirting. Otherwise they would have listed the school they attend.
  6. That was my original question. The alpha list is generated by the trainer. I'm guessing a head or assistant coach overlooked it. Help me clarify, what is the difference? How many coaches check it? Don't tell me all the coaches in state adhere to the alpha list weight rule. It was simply an oversight by coaches/administration/trainer. So my question is still, why punish the student athlete who did nothing wrong?
  7. So you are OK when I start teaching your child in sweats? If so, good luck with your new charter school.
  8. While I agree this statement is humorous, as a professional educator and coach, don't you think this is a little ridiculous? As Mitch and Tony try to tear us down and give us less pay and no due process, people on this forum think it's OK to dress unprofessionally? I have a masters degree +30. I take my job as an educator and coach seriously and I would hope tax payers appreciate that. It's the least t I can do to dress appropiately for the kids and community I represent.
  9. Those are all good. I'll add the one on South U.S. 31, near the Hooters. I figured most of us who have ever been to a Perry Meridian ISWA tournament would know this one....not a bash to Perry, just an interesting cross sections of neighborhoods.
  10. Cat, Don't remember the names, but I believe it was the FC 152 and BG 215.
  11. Happened at the Warren Central Sectional. I don't know if this is a different violation but Franklin Central and Beech Grove both had wrestlers on the entry list but not their Alpha List. FC entered a back up, BG didn't have one so they had to forfeit that weight.
  12. Coach Snyder, I couldn't agree more. Bad things happen to good teams and/or individuals every year whether it be grades, injuries, etc. Go out and compete with what you have and hold your head up regardless of the outcome. When it's all said and done, it's just a sport. It's all about the journey. Nobody's life is going to be ruined over a high school dual meet. Maybe their team will be the topic of a future thread, "Best team to never win a regional."
  13. Not sure of the year, but Carmen Hurley from Jennings County was a 185lb state champ and either champ or runner-up in the shot put or discus. He was also all-state in football.
  14. That's kind of harsh coming from the geek squad.
  15. LPD should have film on their 103lber if you want to do a little scouting. ;D
  16. I wish the Indy Star still did things the way they did in the 80's. They used to print individual scores for dual meets as well as placement matches for tournaments. It's unfortunate that this board is the most recognition wrestlers receive. However, I don't see where posting detailed results on this site will help the sport grow. It is nice for those of us who are die hard fans but I doubt there are too many casual fans checking out indianamat.com to see who won the 152lb match between Garrett and South Adams or any others for that matter.
  17. UNI wrestler in the late 80's/early 90's, Bam Pustelnik.
  18. The old navy blue, Dan Gable Asic's split soles. I also had a pair of sweet looking Van's back in middle school. Anybody else old enough to remember those?
  19. Instead of getting your cyber feelings hurt, why don't you look at this as a positive? Maybe all of those years of posting about class wrestling has influenced people on these boards. Quit making all of the back handed, sarcastic remarks. It doesn't reflect positively on you as a coach or your program.
  20. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Pease win both styles as a Junior and Cadet? Not trying to trash Bedoy, just advocating Pease.
  21. I was listening a few years ago when Donnie called into Greg and asked him if he knew any of his old buddies who wrestled like Matt Puckett, Joe Emmert, or Dave Deerburg (or maybe Doug, I forget which one went to Franklin Central). I had to chuckle and wonder if anyone else listening knew who the heck he was talking about.
  22. Drooke, good response. I think the key word in your post is tradition. You mentioned Pribble. Personally, I have no idea what he is doing these days but I'm sure what he acomplished in the past still influences wrestling today, especially in the smaller programs. The same holds true for some of the old timers mentioned such as Chauncey, McNamara, Hurrle and countless others. Speaking of old timers, maybe I overlooked a few, but I'm surprised none of Delta guys were mentioned. I'd throw in Ginthers, Palmers, and Campbells...just for fun of course!
  23. Has there been anyone else mentioned that was a double Junior and Cadet National Champ ? If not, I'd say Pease wins this argument hands down.
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