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Posts posted by sb25

  1. Y2 Perry has several ringers but they all go to Perry.  Tonte does not use outside wrestlers or let any graduating seniors attend.  It is strictly for the experience of next years team.

    What about McClurg? I talked to some BG teachers at a conference this week. They said he still lives in Beech Grove.

  2. It will be interesting to see if people start attacking PM like they did Yorktown and Mishawaka in the past. With the new rules Daniels/Bennet have pushed through this will just keep happening more and more. Say goodbye to loyalty and hello to recruiting starting at the Jr./Sr. High school rather than college.


    I couldn't agree more. It's becoming too easy to jump that fence to greener pastures.


    I was just curious about the former school signing off because I remember a similar story a year or so ago about the 160 or 171 from Decatur Central supposedly transferring to Perry. Once the DC AD refused to release him, he decided to remain a Hawk.


    Regardless, this should provide for some entertaining reading on here for a while!

  3. I think this is more of a congrats to Portage than Coach Vega. Anyone know why he made the move down to high school? Less stress? Teaching? More passion for building at the high school level?

    I don't know why, but I would guess that it is better money, health benefits, and pension (if he is teaching too)....that is until Mitch dismantles and destroys public education.

  4. This is why he goes to Apple Valley 


    So he could be on a cool highlight video on flowrestling? Wouldn't our sport be better off, especially in Indiana, if our studs stayed at their community schools and tried to elevate them to the level of an Apple Valley rather than jumping ship in order to "do what's best for the kid" as a lot of people on this board tend to believe?

  5. Since 1975, a Big 10 School has won the Nationl Championship 27 times or 75% of the time.  I'd call that dominance, yes, albeit Iowa is the 500 pound gorilla during t his time period.  And you're losing one of your schools to the Big 10 so you will be at four next year and it will be even more lopsided.  Sorry, but this isn't even an argument.  The Big 10 is the NFL of folkstyle wrestling.  The Big 12 can be to NCAA wrestling what the SEC is to NCAA football.  How's that?  Pretty good, just not at the level of the Big 10.

    Fair enough, since 1975, Iowa, who is in the Big 10, has been dominant in collegiate wrestling.

  6. Sorry, but a conference that fields 4 teams can't hold a candle to the Big 10's dominance in wrestling. 

    Six Big 10 schools compared to five Big 12 schools in the top 20 at NCAA tournament is dominance?

  7. notice the video starts with the big 10 tourney, all other conferences are inferior when it comes to wrestling!!

    Maybe this year...the Big 12 is on a down year. Look for Okie St., Mizzou, and Oklahoma to be right back in the mix next year.

  8. Since no one has clarified this yet I guess I'll ask.  Is he living with relatives or something while attending school there and then living in Indiana during the summer break?  Or did the family permanently move from Indiana to Minnesota and his name is being brought up as a former Indiana wrestler?  

    I don't know how much validity there is to this, but I heard he is living with the Hall kid. Can anyone else confirm or deny this? I'm pretty sure his dad still works at Beech Grove.

  9. I agree 5 hours is way to long. The 1st ISWA tournament I took my son to many many moons ago was at the purdue fieldhouse. It was just a small open tourney we arrived there at 8am his first bout was supposed to be at 9am the other kid was a no show he never wrestled his first match until 1pm. He had a 8 man double elimination bracket.  I saw empty mats with no action for long periods of time. Like Walt Harris I became a little disgruntled with ISWA wrestling.I still however took my son to every ISWA tournament that we could make including all the state series from that point on.Some were bad and some were a little better.I have volunteered and so has my wife and other folks from our community.I have made suggestions to people to run these tourneys just like the Ohio tournament of champions several times and I get short little snippity answers I even suggested it to the ISWA tournament director once and his response was we can't do that.No well why don't you tell me more about it or maybe we will look into it or anything just no! I made this suggestion on the old forum one time and people started bashing me and the Tof C which in my honest opinion is one of the most efficent and organized tourneys that my son ever wrestled in..O.K. so now I am going to explain again how it works and also tell you some of the negative feedback I got and try to shoot down some of those arguments here and please remember I am just trying to help.1st off the kids wrestled on the same mat all day.Everything for that group of kids is done right there at that table.If you have a 1000 kids and 16 mats that is about 63 kids per mat now you say that there was on average about 20 kids per bracket. I am sure that some had less and some had more none the less you divid them up as evenly as possible.Each mat then might have on average 3 weight and age groups. You  tell the wrestlers and/or right on their bracket sheet in the hallway what mat that they are assigned to all day.You hang a sign at each table that says their age and wght.A i.e. would be like pee-wee 40 bantam 95 novice115.Now by doing this we also make it more spectator friendly as well because now we can camp out by the same mat all day and we don't have to wait around to see what mat little johnny is wrestling on.Now instead of running from mat to mat or gym to gym everytime he is up we stay put and relax until he is up.Thus eliminating some of the hustle and bustle and probably saving some time in the process not to mention eliminating the bout number announcers who are probably hoarse by the end of the day.Now you keep track of the bout numbers at each table and you already have it lined out on the bracket sheets in the hallway so that we already know that the semi-final match is bout 80 or the first consi is bout 95.Now if the tourney is folkstyle line brackets like this past weekends I know this will work.Line bracketing I am not so sure about but with the powers to be I'm sure you could make it work there as well as to where when the novices are wrestling you could be busy pairing the bantams at the time and so forth. How many pairers are there at a typical ISWA state tourney? If you had enough to put one at each table it would work.Now the responses that I got in the past were."Well we just don't have the money to buy the expensive electric scorers to keep bout numbers on like the T of C has" My answer is keep a 100 page spiral note pad taped to the table with the bout numbers wrote on it with magic marker you can write 1-99 on one side and 100-199 on the other and if it comes down to it you can write a 2 in front of the 1st set of numbers when those bouts are over and you could wrestle 300 bouts at one table with a 2 dollar pad of notebook paper." The T of C pays there help and we just get volunteers."My answer is my son has wrestled at both and I see the same thing 1 adult and 3 to 4 12 to 16 yr olds at each table whether they are getting paid or not.IT IS THE SAME PEOPLE.You would need probably 1 compentent person at each mat to run things at that mat someone who knows wrestling and how the brackets work and keep things running smoothly at that mat. Again 16 mats = 16 people I'm sure you could find 16 compentent people to do the job."We went to the T of C years ago and it was a mess they were calling my son to wrestle and he was wrestling at the time and it was utter chaos"My answer is that may well have been but I started taking my son there in 2000 so it must of been before that. We went all the way up to 2010 and we never experienced any of those things Like I said in the beginning it has been the best ran tourney that I have ever been to.But do you think They got it right the very first time? Probably not it was through trial and error and trying new things.That is the one thing that the ISWA does not do too much of is trying new things that I have seen in my 11 + years of involvement with them.How does the old quote go Ignorance is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.They rather take your idea as a threat and shoot it down before you ever get it out of your mouth just like I said I talked to the Director.Maybe sometimes you should listen to others ideas with an open mind instead of looking down your nose at them thinking you're smarter then them."Isn't the T of C  modified to a one period 3 min long with no referees position and lack of activity or out of bounds results in a neutral start"My answer is yes it is and this is about the only thing that I see that would make their tourney faster than ours.But I still think that the wrestle on one mat with bout numbers at that mat is the way to go.Try it work the bugs out and I think it will make alot more people happier than not. You are not going to make everyone happy anyways.Just a suggestion Hope this helps!


    1) Please use paragraphs if you are going to write this much. I seriously doubt anyone took the time to read all of this. It's absolutely brutal to try and do so.


    2) Anyone on here remember wrestling at Arsenal Tech until 1 a.m. or later? You all should be applauding the ISWA. It sounds like they did a great job this weekend.

  10. First, congrats to Boston. However, I agree with thepinner on some points. How many young kids truely know what they want to do with their lives? How many kids change their majors and schools accordingly or discover that they really don't fit in a particular program? Also, I remember a particular Indiana legend committing to IU only to have some promises not honored and some coaching changes being made. Pair that with an injury and his collegiate career was cut short. Don't get me wrong, this is a great compliment. But in the world of college wrestling, there are still a lot of variables involved over the next three years.

  11. This thread mentions 3 kids maybe going to Perry from out of district, they already have LeCount, and you want to dog Cathedral? Try to pocket the envy, sissy.

    Good point to an extent. Correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't LeCount now live in the district? Sorry, I don't know much about the others mentioned. Also, Harvey and Bernard have family ties with Cathedral. I can understand that, it is a good school. Willis? Not sure. I don't know much about his situation. I didn't even know he was from the west side until this thread. He definitely could have had a great football career at Ritter, wrestling might have been questionable. As for the Smiley boy, that's a heck of a commute from BG. The BG program may not be what it was in the past, but it is still pretty respectable. If he wanted to go to a more elite program, he wouldn't have had to travel too far to go to Roncalli or Perry. Regardless, this topic may lose it's steam when Mitch and Tony get their way. Any of these kids could get vouchers to go to private schools or attend a charter school. Who knows, we may end up with a Bowman Academy of Gary type school that starts kicking everyone's butts with an enrollment of a few hundred kids.

  12. McGinleys' Golden Ace Inn.  Just a short drive from downtown at 2533 E. Washington St. on the southside of the the street.  It is a neighborhood pub but if you want to get a cold one and some good food and talk about wrestling you will be in the right place since it is a McGinley family owned joint.




    Great place, been going there for years. However, maybe not the best place for out-of-towners. "Neighborhood pub" may be more like "da hood pub" these days. Don't get me wrong, great food and spirits inside, just be careful getting to your car late at night! One thing for sure, rdrodd1 is right, always a knowledgeable wrestling fan nearby in there.  Looking forward to St. Patrick's Day!

  13. Also, Brock Morgan son of former state placer and head coach of BGMS Steve Morgan.  I know for a while it was hoped that he would attend Beech Grove as well but I am almost 100% certain that he will be attending Fishers next year.  Brock has had a great youth wrestling career winning most tournaments he enters.  


    Would've been nice for Beech Grove to inherit both Brock Morgan and Evan Smiley in the same freshmen class but that doest look like it is going to happen.  It kind of reminds me of Danny Coyne and Ethan Harris.  Both amazing middle school and high school wrestlers.  


    This was mentioned a few weeks ago on another thread. Brock red shirted somewhere along the way. He is currently a 7th grader wrestling for Apple Valley in Minnesota.

  14. i thought it was pretty obvious in BOTH cases that the kid from CP was not "wrestling" but stalling.   Do you honestly think when he was on bottom in the 3rd period he was working for an escape or reversal?  it looked like a freestyle match where he was just trying to keep a base and not move.


    same in OT...he did nothing but back up the whole OT, did you even watch the match?

    Yes I did watch the match. Why would you stall in OT to win the match? Does pushing constitute putting yourself in danger of attempting an attack? Also, building a base and not getting turned in not stalling.  I am from Central Indiana and could care less about the outcome of the match.  It sounds  to me like you are a little bitter.

  15. The stall call to send it to OT was terrible, I guess the offical thought the kid should have just gone to his back, lol! The call in overtime had to be called, he had been warned and just had his head buried in his chest blocking and backing up without attempting to quater turn he just kept backing up.

    No dog in the fight....

    I agree the call to send it into OT was terrible. However, to end the match on a stalling call in OT is terrible too. How can you call a kid for stalling in a tie match with a state championship on the line? Does pushing realling constitute being the aggressor? Was he putting himself in danger by attacking? NO!  The kid wasn't fleeing the mat intentionally. How many times do you see a kid riding ankles in OT with no stalling called? What's the difference Bob? Let the kids decide in OT, not the officials.

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