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Everything posted by sb25

  1. What about McClurg? I talked to some BG teachers at a conference this week. They said he still lives in Beech Grove.
  2. I'm pretty sure Jeffersonville practices a similar strength program.
  3. I couldn't agree more. It's becoming too easy to jump that fence to greener pastures. I was just curious about the former school signing off because I remember a similar story a year or so ago about the 160 or 171 from Decatur Central supposedly transferring to Perry. Once the DC AD refused to release him, he decided to remain a Hawk. Regardless, this should provide for some entertaining reading on here for a while!
  4. Does anyone know if Beech Grove has signed off on his eligibility? Three boys who wrestled for three different high schools,wow!
  5. I don't know why, but I would guess that it is better money, health benefits, and pension (if he is teaching too)....that is until Mitch dismantles and destroys public education.
  6. So he could be on a cool highlight video on flowrestling? Wouldn't our sport be better off, especially in Indiana, if our studs stayed at their community schools and tried to elevate them to the level of an Apple Valley rather than jumping ship in order to "do what's best for the kid" as a lot of people on this board tend to believe?
  7. Fair enough, since 1975, Iowa, who is in the Big 10, has been dominant in collegiate wrestling.
  8. Six Big 10 schools compared to five Big 12 schools in the top 20 at NCAA tournament is dominance?
  9. Maybe this year...the Big 12 is on a down year. Look for Okie St., Mizzou, and Oklahoma to be right back in the mix next year.
  10. I don't know how much validity there is to this, but I heard he is living with the Hall kid. Can anyone else confirm or deny this? I'm pretty sure his dad still works at Beech Grove.
  11. 1) Please use paragraphs if you are going to write this much. I seriously doubt anyone took the time to read all of this. It's absolutely brutal to try and do so. 2) Anyone on here remember wrestling at Arsenal Tech until 1 a.m. or later? You all should be applauding the ISWA. It sounds like they did a great job this weekend.
  12. That is awesome! Isn't it nice to see that public education still works? Congrats and good luck to Robert.
  13. Mark Whitehead, Wawasee, Northwestern Bud Palmer, Delta, Iowa John Ginther, Delta, Arizona State
  14. First, congrats to Boston. However, I agree with thepinner on some points. How many young kids truely know what they want to do with their lives? How many kids change their majors and schools accordingly or discover that they really don't fit in a particular program? Also, I remember a particular Indiana legend committing to IU only to have some promises not honored and some coaching changes being made. Pair that with an injury and his collegiate career was cut short. Don't get me wrong, this is a great compliment. But in the world of college wrestling, there are still a lot of variables invol
  15. Good point to an extent. Correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't LeCount now live in the district? Sorry, I don't know much about the others mentioned. Also, Harvey and Bernard have family ties with Cathedral. I can understand that, it is a good school. Willis? Not sure. I don't know much about his situation. I didn't even know he was from the west side until this thread. He definitely could have had a great football career at Ritter, wrestling might have been questionable. As for the Smiley boy, that's a heck of a commute from BG. The BG program may not be what it was in the past, but it is still pr
  16. So he will forego his 8th grade eligibility and enroll at LN as a freshman? How does one skip the 8th grade? Just curious, does LN have open enrollment? I know many Marion County schools do not accept out of district students.
  17. Public school near Minneapolis I believe. From what I understand, they have an open enrollment similar to Indy.
  18. Great place, been going there for years. However, maybe not the best place for out-of-towners. "Neighborhood pub" may be more like "da hood pub" these days. Don't get me wrong, great food and spirits inside, just be careful getting to your car late at night! One thing for sure, rdrodd1 is right, always a knowledgeable wrestling fan nearby in there. Looking forward to St. Patrick's Day!
  19. Time will tell. This year he was part time varsity 103 as a 7th grader at Apple Valley, Minnesota. I'm going out on a limb and guess that he does not attend either aforementioned schools in the future. Who knows, maybe Blair?
  20. This was mentioned a few weeks ago on another thread. Brock red shirted somewhere along the way. He is currently a 7th grader wrestling for Apple Valley in Minnesota.
  21. Yes I did watch the match. Why would you stall in OT to win the match? Does pushing constitute putting yourself in danger of attempting an attack? Also, building a base and not getting turned in not stalling. I am from Central Indiana and could care less about the outcome of the match. It sounds to me like you are a little bitter.
  22. I agree the call to send it into OT was terrible. However, to end the match on a stalling call in OT is terrible too. How can you call a kid for stalling in a tie match with a state championship on the line? Does pushing realling constitute being the aggressor? Was he putting himself in danger by attacking? NO! The kid wasn't fleeing the mat intentionally. How many times do you see a kid riding ankles in OT with no stalling called? What's the difference Bob? Let the kids decide in OT, not the officials.
  23. Congrats to both schools. I liked the Northside vs. Southside match up. One question, anyone know why LN ff'd the last match? Was he hurt? Just curious being they could have ff'd 71 and 89 too.
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