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    ENoblewrestling reacted to nkraus in Brennen Cernus Transfer   
    Well...I don’t know the stories, but I do know the school was called CMA for the longest time, which stands for Culver Military Academy.  I’ve only got a quarter of a brain...sorry...and you just bashed (PUBLICLY) on a head coach and a program.  Not cool.  Do that in a garage somewhere with your  buddies...not publicly.  
    I am sorry that I’ve edited this post multiple times, but I want to to be classy.  I hope your son does extremely well and wins some huge titles, but I just don’t think public bashing is appropriate towards a coach, or his program.  Best of luck in the future endeavors!
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from Steven Sandefer in IHSWCA Team State Vote -In   
    Team State Committee
    April 18th, 2019
    Greg Ratliff-Edgewood High School/IHSWCA President
    Josh Holden- Greenfield-Central High School/ IHSWCA Vice-President Elect
    Sam Riesen- East Noble High School/ IHSWCA Secretary
    Tyson Skinner- Madison High School/ IHSWCA Former President
    Eric Myers- Jay County High School
    Alex Johns- New Palestine High School
    Dane Fueling- Indianamat Team Rankings coordinator*
    Mike Reiser- Indianamat Individual Rankings Coordinator*
    * Voting member, unavailable for debate/discussion
    Vote-In #1 Prairie Heights
    Vote-In #2 Eastern (Greentown)
    Alternative- Bluffton
    Vote-in #1 Bellmont
    Vote-in #2 Garrett
    Alternative- Edgewood
    *Greg Ratliff and Dane Fueling abstained from voting due to their teams being involved in the voting.
    Vote-In #1 Avon
    Vote-In #2 Mishawaka
    Alternative- Hobart

    Discussion (2020-2021 Tournament)
    Classes and Number of teams- discussed possibility of change from current 12 team/ 3 Class event to 8 team/4 class
    Division of classes- Would classes be divided evenly? Would a 32 team superclass be used for class 4A? Other options
    Format- Use of pools, brackets format was discussed.
    Location/ Number of mats- discussion of number of mats and location of the event took place.
    Final decisions were tabled until a later date.
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    ENoblewrestling reacted to nkraus in Manchester University/Indiana Tech RTC   
    Kids/parents/coaches/ don’t miss out.  FWSS needs to get better.  Fielden went in tonight and said the room was packed at Tech and Colin Crume was showing awesome technique.  Most Tech kids were on the mat.  If you’re serious about getting a medal then prove it !!! Get in there.  Coach Pompei, Coach Lake, and Crew know their stuff and they’re giving back to our community!
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from Coach Brobst in Let's shake things up--new rules ideas   
    Why would a coach recruit 14 guys when you could win a dual with just 3 hammers? Counting FF's as points force teams to recruit a full 14 if they want to be competitive.
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from Matthew Nelson in Let's shake things up--new rules ideas   
    Coach I think that is a really interesting take on riding time.  I've seen people bring up riding time before, and have always felt that it would be too much of a pain with the clocks and all of that.  This is a simple solution that would reward a skill in our sport that is currently not scored.  This is a really good idea imo.  
    I think it would produce more scoring too.  Getting away on bottom would be huge if this were the case.  I also think you would see more people choose neutral if this were implemented. This would really have a big effect on strategy.
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from doctorWrestling in Let's shake things up--new rules ideas   
    If I could change anything I would add a weight in back in the middle.  Those weights always seem to be loaded with both talent, and numbers.  I think you would actually see the % of FF go down as most teams could fill another middle spot. Also the 15th weight would make a difference for tie-breakers and things like that.
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from Kookie953 in Congratulations forum for making it through the season withoug a major class post on class wrestling   
    I took a kid to a school in Michigan who told me our one class system was awesome, because you could really get an idea of the level of our kids. 
    Eric Guerrero said similar things at our fall clinic a few years back.
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from piscis1956 in Congratulations forum for making it through the season withoug a major class post on class wrestling   
    The % of qualifiers and placers hold pretty well with the percent of population with the exception of placing top 4, wouldn’t you agree? 
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from UncleJimmy in Congratulations forum for making it through the season withoug a major class post on class wrestling   
    The % of qualifiers and placers hold pretty well with the percent of population with the exception of placing top 4, wouldn’t you agree? 
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from Coach Coop in Something needs to change   
    There was a committee a few years back that the IHSAA formed to look into this changing the sectionals, I think it had around16-20 guys on it.  The IHSAA didn't really listen to the committee at all.  I went there as a Fort Wayne Semi-state representative fully expecting something like this to come from the recommendations, but that was not the direction the  IHSAA seemed to want to go at that time.
    What I mean by that is there wasn't a push to make big changes like what your proposing above.  Its hard to explain with out a map, but there would need to be a lot of shuffling to send those Northern Indy schools to Fort Wayne.  I think some proposed Penn head to Fort Wayne, but again the IHSAA didn't listen to the committee very much.
    I thought there might be discussion of sending whole sectionals to different semi-states, but that was not on the table at all at that time. It was literally just a team or two, that might move to a neighboring sectional that was recommended.
    Another thing on this topic, has anyone done the numbers on placers by semi-state?  We did a quick count on Saturday and I had more placers coming from Fort Wayne than East Chicago (Again I could be wrong on this).  Those two have been the worst in terms of placers most years recently, so I'm not sure if taking a better team from there is really the best option to change Fort Wayne's results.
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in The illustrious Spartan classic..   
    Benton Central 568 Beech Grove 945 Columbus North 2022 Daleville 276 Bishop Chatard 717 East Noble 1201 Eastern(Pekin) 462 Charlestown 688 Fishers 3520 Hagerstown 386 Connersville 1021 FW Snider 1898 Knightstown 359 Danville 804 Greenfield-Central 1472 Lapel 470 Franklin County 748 New Palestine 1179 Northeastern 388 Greensburg 737 Richmond 1278 Shenandoah 456 Lebanon 975 Roncalli 1192 Southern Wells 261 Mississinewa 817 Shelbyville 1170 Triton Central 474 Rushville 707 Valparaiso 2062 Union County 424         Western Boone 528        
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    ENoblewrestling reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: #MondayMatness: Marion’s Lee sets sights high in final prep mat season   
    Strength, speed and strategy have helped Victor Lee achieve success inside the wrestling circle.
    Creativity and drive have allowed him to excel away from it.
    The Marion grappler is hoping for even more mat achievements in his last high school go-round and a future filled with wrestling and film.
    A state qualifier at 195 pounds in 2017-18, Lee is currently ranked among the top competitors at 220.
    “I’m a naturally strong guy,” says Lee. “Speed is something I rely on most. I usually try to attack below the knee.”
    Giants head coach Lonnie Johnson likes the way the 5-foot-11 Lee moves on the mat.
    “He’s really mobile for a bigger guy,” says Johnson. “I want him to be a go-go-go guy and wear guys down. He’s in pretty good shape. I want him to pick up the pace a little.”
    Lee has been working hard on his stance since last season. If he has a signature maneuver it would be his high crotch.
    It’s what Ohio State University’s Kollin Moore used against University of Missouri’s J’den Cox.
    “It’s a move to be feared,” says Lee, who started his wrestling career in sixth grade, grappled in the 215 class as a middle schooler and was at 195 his first three seasons of high school.
    Gabe Watkins (285) and Corey Horne (152) have served as practice partners for Lee, each giving him a different look.
    Lee has studied the methods of Cox, who was a bronze medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
    “He has a very strategic way of practicing and coming from different angles,” says Lee of Cox. “He tries to keep his attack percentage really high. He’s not real aggressive like (Arizona State’s Zahid) Valencia.
    “He’s very technical. I try to emulate that. I use hand fighting to tire the other guy out and keep his head down so all he’s looking at is the mat.”
    Johnson is a 1995 Marion graduate. He wrestled at 189 his first three seasons and 215 as a senior. He has coached in the Giants system for two decades and is in his third season as head coach.
    The coach has offered advice that has stuck with Lee.
    “He says to always be confident in my shots, be persistent and always finish through them,” says Lee of Johnson. “Last year, he sometimes got himself in a bind with 30 seconds to go. I want him to get up on guys 10-3 or 10-4 and then stick them.
    “He reminds me of Darryn Scott (who was a two-time state qualifier and placed sixth in the 2010 State Finals at 189) with his strength and his speed. (Scott) would go at you. (Lee) sits back and tries to pick you apart.”
    Lee won his first sectional title and qualified for his third regional in 2018. After reigning at the Oak Hill Sectional and qualifying for his third regional. He placed second to Maconaquah’s Aaron Sedwick at the Peru Regional then third at the Fort Wayne Semistate, his first appearance there.
    “I was always trying to prove myself, says Lee, who lost 6-3 to West Noble’s Draven Rasler in the semistate semifinals. Rasler then was pinned by New Haven’s Jaxson Savieo in the finals.
    Lee was pinned by New Albany’s Jaden Sonner in the first round at the State Finals, but got a taste of that big stage in Indianapolis.
    “I won’t be blinded by all those fans,” says Lee, who plans to be back at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in February 2019. “I’ll be going to State with better confidence in my abilities.”

    Besides his wrestling prowess, Lee is also a solid student.
    “I’ve never had a teacher complain about him,” says Johnson. “I don’t have to worry about the attitude.
    “When it comes to that he’s maintenance-free.”
    Lee plans to major in drama and film and cinematography at Indiana University and hopes wrestling will also be a part of his college experience.
    It’s the behind-the-scenes side of the arts that Lee appreciates most.
    “I don’t do acting,” says Lee, who intends to take theater and drama classes at IU next summer. “I mostly direct and writing scripts for plays. I hope one day I can make movies.”
    Lee has made a few small films on his own and has started an Instagram account with a friend that he can see leading to film production company.
    Why the interest in film.
    “Me and mom watched movies a lot together and it just stuck with me,” says Lee, who is the oldest of four adopted by single mother Rosalind Lee. Victor is 18, Zella 17, Levi 16 and Diamond 15.
    Foster children at first, the four youngsters were allowed to choose their new first and middle names at the time of the adoption.
    During his freshmen year, Javion Mack became Victor Lee.
    “We try to make it easier on her,” says Victor of what he and his siblings do for their mother. “We do our chores and we all try to stay
    out of the house so it’s not so cluttered.”
    Levi is a 220-pound sophomore who came out for wrestling for the first time last season.
    “He’s getting pretty decent at it,” says Victor of Levi. “I spar with him sometime then give him another partner so he can speed up.”

    View full article
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    ENoblewrestling reacted to Steven Sandefer in Qualifying weighins for kids under 7%   
    Thanks for the clarification on the two forms.
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from 84headhunter in IHSAA Weight Managment Discussion   
    I have emailed him about this and hadn't heard back. I thought I would see if anyone else has had this issue this year.
    In terms of the "loophole in seeding criteria." I asked for clarification on a question about seeding, I was provided with clarification.  Not sure what loophole your referencing?
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    ENoblewrestling reacted to Y2CJ41 in IHSAA Weight Managment Discussion   
    You'll email Faulkens to find a loophole in seeding criteria, but you won't on something like this?
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    ENoblewrestling reacted to No One Famous in Weight Classes, just for discussion   
    I like the idea of 15, but adding it to the middle of the lineup.
    106, 113, 119, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, 170,182, 195, 220, 285
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    ENoblewrestling reacted to SamDad in Best looking coaching staff in the state   
    No one can compare to this, you are all battling for second place

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    ENoblewrestling reacted to TripleB in Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach   
    Well if Trump believes him then case closed, Trump is a beaming beacon of morality.
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    ENoblewrestling reacted to Y2CJ41 in Joe Leazier of Churubusco commits to   
    Congratulations to Joe Leazier from Churubusco for signing with Manchester. He is projected to wrestle 149.

    View full signing
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from dstruck in Spring Clinic- Logan Stieber!   
    Reminder this clinic is this Friday!
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from nkraus in Team State Bid Acceptance List   
    I don't get why you guys get so mad about this?  The only thing these ratings are used for is to try to make the qualification process more accurate for smaller schools.  Do you feel that the wrong teams are being invited to team state?  If not then this really isn't as big of an issue as your making it out to be. 
    Also it seems like the Jay County regional has had really good representation over the years at team state, that is all these are used for so I don't understand why this is brought up all the time on here.
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from backtothemat in Mason Parris at 11   
    I thought this was pretty cool. My students were asking me about state and I was telling them about Mason, so I looked up "Mason Parris" on youtube and this came up. Pretty cool.
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from rookie78 in Mason Parris at 11   
    I thought this was pretty cool. My students were asking me about state and I was telling them about Mason, so I looked up "Mason Parris" on youtube and this came up. Pretty cool.
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    ENoblewrestling got a reaction from SWINfan in Mason Parris at 11   
    I thought this was pretty cool. My students were asking me about state and I was telling them about Mason, so I looked up "Mason Parris" on youtube and this came up. Pretty cool.
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    ENoblewrestling reacted to SWINfan in Mason Parris at 11   
    Cool!    I'll add the video of Mason's only HS loss here.  It starts around the 1:49:00 mark.  A great match in the State Semi-Finals against undefeated Chase Osborn of Penn.  The video also shows Drew Hildebrandt's win over Paul Konrath, Chad Red and Nick Lee's semi final wins and Joe Lee's dramatic defeat of Perry Meridian's Brandon James.  Lots of good stuff!
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