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  1. We will be again someday as long as we can keep the teams with lots of forfeits in the selection process!!!!
  2. Foiled my master plans again!!!!! Your getting good at making stuff up in your head and throwing it out there. It’s not possible that I vote the way on this issue because of the reasons I stated earlier, and have stated every time this comes up. You guys always ask why people don’t explain themselves on the forum. It might be because every time we do people make up things in their mind and throw random accusations at you.
  3. All I can say I’d look at Randall’s post. You might feel he is wasting his time, I don’t. I don’t think exclusion of any team is good for the growth of our sport. Again I think if we feel that the classes need changed going with a cap on number of kids per school to determine the class is a more efficient, and inclusive way to determine the classes.
  4. Couldn’t you say the same for the teams in the bottom let’s say 50 (it’s probably closer to teams not in the top 30)? They really don’t stand a chance of making it, why count them? I’m sure they don’t care about their score.
  5. I don’t disagree with what you said. You’ve studied the data a lot more than me, would you predict there to be an uptick in forfeits if a weight was added in the middle? I would think it could lower the total average if almost all the teams had the weight covered...
  6. I’m against dropping weight classes but wish the survey would have asked about adding a class in the middle. 106, 113, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, 170, 182, 195, 220, 285 15 classes would solve the criteria thing too. More opportunity, and if bet most schools could cover that middle class.
  7. So when you talk about the community, I think that is really interesting. How many hours a day, days a week, months a year are you talking? What age do you recommend kids starting?
  8. I agree that obviously the coaches at these are doing great things, but what sets the coaches apart?
  9. I cannot speak for any voting member except for myself on this. Again I am only one vote on the committee. When it comes to the issue of “all in” vs 7 or more. I vote for the “all-in” idea. Conceptually I have a problem with having an all-in tournament and then not counting all teams. Each team had an opportunity to have 14 wrestlers so in my mind if you have a team you should count. If a team is 1-20 and had 8 wrestlers, they would count, I don't get why that team should be in, and a team that is 1-20 with 5 wrestlers shouldn't be. What if we said only teams with winning records should count? The tournament would be more difficult in that case, but it wouldn't accomplish what we are trying to accomplish with the tournemant. To add to this, if we don’t count teams and start artificially creating the classes then we might get better teams to the team state, but is that the point? We are trying to find the best team in three classes. I feel that counting all the teams helps to give more of an identity to the class structure. I totally understand a team like Oak Hill for example feeling that they would do really well in the 1A bracket, which without question they would. Someone unfortunately will be on the wrong side of the line when you have classes. Just because we feel like a team is “small” or “1A” doesn’t make it so, someone will always be on the wrong side. It might be a good team, it might be a bad team, but there is going to be a line put in there at some point. If a team drops down, they are potentially taking the spot of another team at the bottom of the qualification. Is our tournament more difficult if a school drops down and is added in? Yes. Is it better in terms of finding the best team in a class? I would say no because you have a team that would otherwise be 2A wrestling in the 1A class. If we think it is better to have teams we “feel” should be in a certain class we would be better-off scrapping the way we decide classes and just saying 550 and less is 1A, 551-1500 is 2A, everyone else is 3A, or something along those lines. In terms of goals for the tournament I think it currently is to find the best team in three classes. At one time I think the idea was that the IHSAA will see this tournament as a success, and may consider bringing back an all-in team state dual, that are classed. There was never a thought that they would accept some sort of points system if they were to adopt this concept. We don’t really have any other option but to use a point system, if scheduling allowed I am sure that the IHSWCA would adopt an all-in system with sectionals, regionals, then state to determine the champ, but it’s not realistic at this time.
  10. I have been reading a lot about the success of different academies around the state and am curious about what sets these academies apart. Can anyone share the history, practice structure, coaching ideas of the top academies in the state? What about how they grew numbers, locations, number of practices a week? Pretty much any information about what sets different academies apart from others is of interest to me. On this same topic Fort Wayne lacks any top level academy right now… what do you guys see as hurdles to one being succesful in the Fort?
  11. I think he is pointing out they would be the auto invite from East Chicago...
  12. Do you have an approximate point range for the vote in teams at this point?
  13. My plan of having him play hooky at the 5 way and then missing school Monday (so no one would be on to us) in order to get the seed was foiled!
  14. Just recieved this. Thought it sounded pretty cool. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/news media/2017-18/020518.pdf
  15. Ok here’s the rules. 1. Everyone gets 4 picks and a wildcard per weight. 2. Wildcard has to be ranked 9, 10, or unranked in the current semi-state rankings 3. Correct qualifiers are 1 point. 2 points if you get a wildcard. Alright let’s see some picks or I’m eating snow cones by myself lol.
  16. You thinking a kid outside of the semi-state rankings at each weight?
  17. I thought this could be a fun topic. Without knowing the draw who would you put as your final four at each weight pre-sectionals? I'll make it interesting and put a snow-cone at state on the line for the winner. Get your picks in before the opening rounds at sectionals. Fort Wayne semi-state only.
  18. What about just adding a middle weight and having 15 varsity spots? Would solve a lot of issues with tied dual meets. Maybe- 106, 113, 120,125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, 170, 182, 195, 220, 285
  19. The date is Tuesday the 30th. Sorry about any confusion.
  20. Coaches just a couple of items to keep in mind. Please remind the coaches of this at the sectional meetings tonight. Tuesday January 30th is the deadline to submit athletes for academic all-state. Please direct coaches to ihswca.org if they are interested in joining the association to get athletes on the list. Join the IHSWCA below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf54zwIymiVzGVWoc0fF7JQ7mdwYvVaZRDUrx-VhW74vFfhFA/viewform Academic All-State Senior Academic All-State Criteria: 1. Must be a senior 2. Must have a 3.25 average on a 4.0 scale for 7 semesters (please convert to 4.0 scale when submitting) 3. Must be a Sectional participant 4. Must be nominated by a member of the IHSWCA To Nominate a Senior, Email Mark Line: markaline65@gmail.com - Include senior's name, school, sectional weight class & site, GPA, and attach transcripts Junior Academic All-State Criteria: 1. Must be a junior 2. Must have a 3.25 average on a 4.0 scale for 5 semesters (please convert to 4.0 scale when submitting) 3. Must be a Sectional participant 4. Must be nominated by a member of the IHSWCA To Nominate a Junior, Email JD Minch: jsaminch123@sbcglobal.net - Include junior's name, school, sectional weight class & site, GPA, and attach transcripts
  21. I have a kid who wears ones similar to the Merrillville ones you describe. Will those be allowed this weekend? I am just trying to tell my kid if not...
  22. The IHSWCA is looking into making some changes to the 2019 middle school state tournament and are looking for some members to serve on a committee to make sure the event is heading in the right direction. If this interests, you please contact your regional representative or an officer. If you are not a member and would be interested, please follow the link below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf54zwIymiVzGVWoc0fF7JQ7mdwYvVaZRDUrx-VhW74vFfhFA/viewform
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