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  1. The attendencs at last years semi-states were as follows Evansville ? 8,562 Merrillville ? 5,990 New Castle ? 7,171 Fort Wayne ? 8,111
  2. I agree that Merrieville)(sp) is probably the best, but one argument that I would have against them is the fact that Mishawaka got 13 to semi-state, and Crown Point 14. It does show the dominance of those teams but doesn't it also show the weakness of the rest of their reginals? I mean if from top to bottom all of these teams in this area were all really good and if this is the best semi-state by far then how do two teams dominate it that much?
  3. Last year Tyler Haslim from North Mont. wrestled against his brother Travis Haslem from Southmont, that is something that i'll bett dosn't happen very offten.
  4. As a Norwell grad I remember that place being nutz. If you can get your hands ona 1998 or 1999 IHSAA yearbook you would see that the old sectional had like 800-900 more people in attendence then any other sectional in the state.
  5. Just out of curiosity if you win the first round tonight are you then considered a team regional champ, and then the second match is for the semi-state? I know it may seem pointless but several schools have never won a team "regional" before and would probably want that title even if they were to loose the final match. Just wondering what you guys think.
  6. What time to the team regionals start tonight?
  7. Carrol Sectional 103 Vore Bishop Dwenger 130 Norton Carroll 145 Friend Leo 215 Allen Northside I think that is all of them
  8. If you forfiet a weight class at sectionals, and win the sectional as a team can you later have someone wrestle in that weight for the team regional. For example if your 215 has a skin rash and cannot compete in the individual tournament, but is cleared to wrestle before the team regional that Wed. is he aloud to wrestle or is it a forfiet for the entire tournament. I may be crazy but I thought that I had heard a rule like this before?
  9. Could someone please tell me the Middle School weight classes
  10. This wasn't funny at the time, but at the conference seeding meeting this year we had a kid who was undefeated in every conference dual.He did lose to a kid later in the year at a tournament. So he had an 11-1 record in the confernce, and he recieved a FOUR seed because we hadn't seen a couple of the kids, we had beat the kid they wrestled against us, but not the kid they were wrestling, and we had lost that one match. The sad part was that by criteria he got seeded fairly correctly. I dont know about you but to me that seems like something that is pretty rare.
  11. I saw the results on the results page, but just wanted to make sure they were correct. They said Guaranteed results so I just wanted to make sure that they were the correct placings and not predictions. Starsaw or Y2 want to help me out here?
  12. Should be a tight team battle who do you think will win
  13. The NHC, it may not have the top teams, but 7 of the eight teams where in the team regionals last year.
  14. As I look at the semi-state rankings it is really interesting because in a lot of situations it doesn't matter how good the 3rd or 4th ranked guy is because he may get a draw where he gets the second best guy in the Semi-state in the ticket round. Its obvious each year that some of the best guys dont make it to state because of the draw that they get, so which is more important?
  15. I always heard that Talamentes cut to 89 because his teamate, Alex Tone, who was a stud couldn't make it to 189, so he cut for the team. Not for sure, but what I have always heard. By the way where did Radnovic or how ever you spell it go to school?
  16. Is this an online form, or what we send to the sectional seeding meetings?
  17. Do you know where you can purchase one of these at?
  18. It's pretty obvious that over the last 20 years the best program in the state has ben Mater Dei, so it doesn't make for a good discussion, but who is the next best does. So who do you think? Also let me know if you think that somebody else should have been on here.
  19. Bluffton's Randy Pursley and Ben Sprunger, both state champs. 119 and 125 I think. Pursley won his a year before Sprunger.
  20. Hey I just wanted to make sure. If there is no school the day before a tournament there is an extra pound weight allowance. So 140 tommarrow will effectivily be 143, could someone clarify this for me.
  21. As a coach of a small school I was just wondering who people think would be the best in a hypothetical situation. So does anyone else have any schools that they think would be considered for the best small school teams in the state?
  22. Just for fun, I know that alot of us have different opions about class wrestling, but if it were classed who do you guys think would win each class in the team tournament. I used the football classes and assuming that year-in and year out powerhouses like Catheral, Bellmont, and EVMD chose to wrestle in the biggest class here is what I think using a 5 class system. 1a South Adams 2a Garret or Delphi 3a Yorktown 4a EV. Reitz 5A Mishawaka who do you guys think would win a classed team tourny
  23. Oh my bad, it said Indiana in the book
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