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  1. It's pretty obvious that over the last 20 years the best program in the state has ben Mater Dei, so it doesn't make for a good discussion, but who is the next best does. So who do you think? Also let me know if you think that somebody else should have been on here.
  2. Bluffton's Randy Pursley and Ben Sprunger, both state champs. 119 and 125 I think. Pursley won his a year before Sprunger.
  3. Hey I just wanted to make sure. If there is no school the day before a tournament there is an extra pound weight allowance. So 140 tommarrow will effectivily be 143, could someone clarify this for me.
  4. As a coach of a small school I was just wondering who people think would be the best in a hypothetical situation. So does anyone else have any schools that they think would be considered for the best small school teams in the state?
  5. Just for fun, I know that alot of us have different opions about class wrestling, but if it were classed who do you guys think would win each class in the team tournament. I used the football classes and assuming that year-in and year out powerhouses like Catheral, Bellmont, and EVMD chose to wrestle in the biggest class here is what I think using a 5 class system. 1a South Adams 2a Garret or Delphi 3a Yorktown 4a EV. Reitz 5A Mishawaka who do you guys think would win a classed team tourny
  6. Oh my bad, it said Indiana in the book
  7. I was reading through the most recent U.S.A Wrestler magazine and saw that a wrestler named Ethan Ball was a Cadet folkstyle national champ at 145. I may be missing something but I havent seen his name in the rankings or on the board. Just wondering where he goes to school, grade info how he's doing stuff like that. I just found it suprising that there is a wrestler with such great credentials that I hadnt heard much about.
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