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  1. It looks to me like Trine is doing by far the best with the recruiting in this off season, anybody know why, what do you guys think?
  2. http://indianamat.com/messageboard/index.php/topic,3935.msg41462.html#msg41462 Here is your data Bear
  3. What about New Jersey, they have classed team duals and a one class individual tournament. That seems like what many in Indiana want so why couldn't we do that?
  4. But what if we could class the team system and not have classed individuals, I think if you polled most of the people in wrestling and on the site you would find out that most people are for classd team but not individual. It makes sence. The team tournament is dependent on 14 people, the individual just one. Classing the individual does not make sense to me, while classing the team makes perfect sence because team success does depend on numbers, and a school with 2000 students will surely have a better chance at having a good team than one with 500. With that being said obviously a school with more kids will have a better chance of producing better wrestlers, but that does not make the tournament unfair. Bigger schools should have more wrestlers at state, they have more people , but that does not make it unfair, it is fair that is statistically speaking how it should work out. With all of this being said I do not understand how people cannot understand the difference between the fact that team success takes numbers and individual is one person, so thus team needs class, individual does not.
  5. I believe that the best situation for Indiana wrestling would be a classed team tournament, and a one class individual. Many though have the belief that the IHSAA would not be willing to let that happen, and would be more apt for a one class like we have now, or both sides classed. From what I have read you seem, like many others on the site to agree with a classed team tournament, and a one class individual. With that being said I want to know which you have more conviction toward? Would you want a classed team tournament no matter if we had to class the individual side, or do you feel that keeping individual one class is more important than having a classed team tourny. Or do you think we could have it the way that I have mentioned above? Thanks, and if anyone has any info that I am mistaken on here please let me know.
  6. Im not sure, but Im pretty confident that most of these staffs have at least four coaches who they could send to the different semi-states. I will agree on your point about out of state coaches, but for the most part are D2 and D3 sports and there programs not extremely regional in who they recruit anyhow? I mean dont the atheletes who play sports at say manchester generall come from Northeast and North Central Indiana? Other than the top ten D2 or 3 programs I'd bet that about 80% of the schools atheletes are from the same general area as the school.
  7. I agree that there would be an oppurtunity for some to be seen at a classed state, but cant these same kids currently be seen at our semi-states? I know at Fort Wayne there were several college coaches there. And if the arguement here is something along the lines that some kids from small schools dont make it to semi-state in our current system, wouldn't these same kids really not be college level wrestlers? I mean if you cant make it to our current semi-state where kids do get noticed then what chances at success do you really have at the college level?
  8. I coach at a small school, and this is my first year but I have not seen any problem with my wrestlers being recruited. Of my group of 4 seniors each were looked at by D2 and D3 schools, and of them only made it to state. This is the part that confuses me about the class wrestling argument. I mean are we trying to fool the colleges into thinking that the wrestlers at the small schools are better than they are? Dont you guys think that a college coach will be able to pick through who is ligit, and who isn't? On that same token if the big schools are so superior to the small schools that we need to class the competition to have the wrestlers compete wouldn't a college coach just go after a wrestler who placed in the "big" tournament. I dont see how placing in a inferior tournament would help small school wrestlers to get looked at by colleges, they are the same wrestlers that we had before just with "trumped" up statistics.
  9. Im not saying no one else wanted it, but if someone wanted to nominated someone else they could have. I would agree that it may not have been the most inviting oppurtunity to run for it as everyone was joking around about how "no one else wants the postion" but at the same time I dont think they would have said that no one else can run against him.
  10. At the fall clinic they offered up nomintations for sec/ tres. It was one of those kind of laughing no one else would want to do all of that work kind of nominations at the end, but it was stated. I coached with J.D. last year so I remember listening because I didn't know if anyone would run for it. As far as the team state I agree it would be awsome to have it classed, but fear it would lead to classed individual as well, do any of you think that McCormick's stance on class wreslting will have an affect on him being voted in?
  11. sorry you have to scrol down the videos to find it. It is called "Team U.S.A. visits Iran"
  12. http://www.cnn.com/video/ I hope this link works, it is a video about the U.S.A wrestling team competing in Iran. Its pretty good, I used it for a current event in my social studies classes today
  13. Does anybody know what the highest an Indiana team has ever been ranked? I think that some of the EVMD teams got up to like 11th but I may be mistaken.
  14. I think that Baker V Chalfant would be a better match than what people would think. Baker is a big kid as well, more agile, and I think more technically sound. I think that the size and strength of Chalfant would eventually do him in, but I think that Baker would make it a pretty close match.
  15. Usually someone figures up the best semi-state by number of placers and champs things like that, has anyone done anything like that yet this year? If so what thread is it under, thanks
  16. Does anyone have a list of who the new additons to the hall of fame were yesterday?
  17. As a small school coach I have not noticed any problems with my kids being recruited. I had a couple of good guys who lost in the semi-state and even the regional and I had the smaller colleges (Wabash, Mancester...) asking about them all day. These schools know the wrestlers that are good regaurdless of if they make it to state or not. I dont think that having a class system would have effected our kids being recruited that much. I dont think that I.U. or Purdue would start coming after us because we made it to state in the small division as oppossed to semi-state in one class. And either way we were being sought after by the schools that would be coming after us no matter what the system. This is just what I have noticed from my short coaching career.
  18. Do you know if the combine is open to the public?
  19. Jarred Hill- Busco Football, Wrestling Corey Richards Busco Football, Wrestling, Baseball
  20. Sorry I hadn't seen it, just saw the thread with all of the arguing thought that I would see what kind of results we would get.
  21. Which do you think would be best for Indiana. Lets see what we all think
  22. The attendencs at last years semi-states were as follows Evansville ? 8,562 Merrillville ? 5,990 New Castle ? 7,171 Fort Wayne ? 8,111
  23. I agree that Merrieville)(sp) is probably the best, but one argument that I would have against them is the fact that Mishawaka got 13 to semi-state, and Crown Point 14. It does show the dominance of those teams but doesn't it also show the weakness of the rest of their reginals? I mean if from top to bottom all of these teams in this area were all really good and if this is the best semi-state by far then how do two teams dominate it that much?
  24. Last year Tyler Haslim from North Mont. wrestled against his brother Travis Haslem from Southmont, that is something that i'll bett dosn't happen very offten.
  25. As a Norwell grad I remember that place being nutz. If you can get your hands ona 1998 or 1999 IHSAA yearbook you would see that the old sectional had like 800-900 more people in attendence then any other sectional in the state.
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