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Posts posted by ENoblewrestling

  1. The email from the IHSAA contained the following information on rule 50-4. 

    Additionally, all requests for waivers due to COVID are due Friday, January 23, 2021.  Those waivers must come from your Athletic Director to the IHSAA offices.  The waiver request can be an email listing the reason for the waiver, dates of quarantine, and number of affected events.  The waiver speaks to Rule 50-4 solely. 

    Below is the rule

    50-4 In order for a student to qualify for participation in the IHSAA tournament series in an Individual Sport (cross country, golf, tennis, swimming & diving, track & fi eld and wrestling) the student must have participated, during the preceding regular season in a minimum of (i) Seventy-fi ve percent (75%) of the Season Contests in which the student’s school participated, and (ii) Twenty-fi ve percent (25%) of the maximum number of authorized Season Contests in that sport. a. This requirement by the Commissioner can be waived provided the student can demonstrate that the reason the student did not participate in the minimum number of Season Contests was because of illness, injury, ineligibility or because of circumstances beyond the control of the student, such as illness, injury, the cancellation of a Contest(s) or the student’s failure to qualify for a spot on the roster. b. A waiver will not be available for students failing to participate in the minimum number of Season Contests because of the Virtual Education School rule (rule 12-6), because of the Academic rule (rule 18), because of the Transfer rule (rule 19), because of the Undue Influence rule (rule 20) or because of volunt


    I reached out to Mr. Faulkens, below was his response


    Does it (rule 50-4) apply to single sport athletes or just those doing 2 in a season?

    -          Yes it applies to all individual sport athletes.

    Does an athlete with 6 qualifying weigh-ins need a waiver?

    -          Yes.  If they do not meet the 75%/25% requirements

    What does the general waiver request need to include?

    -          The name of the wrestler, the grade, the events missed and the reason for missing the events.


    Is this new for wrestling?  Essentially does it apply to us?

    -          No, this rule is not new.  Every season it is needed for kids who are injured, sick, ineligible, or due to weather cancellations, etc.


  2. East Noble, Jimtown, Northwood, Northridge, Prairie Heights and Busco are getting together the 22nd at Jimtown.  It will be interesting to see all of the events that come from Mishawaka being cancelled. 

    We were told no overnight trips, thus we had to drop from Connersville for the year. Will be interesting to see what takes place there as well.

  3. EI Sports/ Cliff Keen/ Brute are offering two really high end prizes for the clinic raffle this year.


    The IHSWCA Fall Clinic is a long-standing event on he Indiana HS wrestling calendar.  E.I. Sports and Apparel is proud to announce that for the 20th consecutive year they will be able to step up and help support this great event.  Jeff Schaefer and the team at E.I. Sports in Evansville have worked with two of the longest running manufactures in the wrestling world to provide two great raffle prizes for this years event.


    E.I. Sports will be donating a set of Cliff Keen Beast gear bags valued at $1350.00 and a set of Brute team singlets valued at $1150.00.


    They will also be sponsoring Lunch for the clinic attendees on Thursday!!





  4. On 4/23/2020 at 5:47 PM, Galagore said:

    Is there a downside to the 15/13 or 16/14 rule?


    Some of you are making the argument that it wouldn't have impact, and I disagree, but am not looking for that argument here...just curious if anyone sees going this direction as a negative?

    I see a few possible negatives.

    1. A rule like this would cause the teams that are already dominating to dominate even more.  I wouldn't think that some dominant teams back-up knocking a small school kid who would have otherwise been a regional qualifier out of the tournament would be good for the growth of the sport at the small school.  I've seen a few small schools say it would be good because their backup would get into the tournament, but they would most likely be 2 and out, and your kid who could be a regional qualifier is going to have a much tougher road.

    2. I have found that the toughest kid to keep out for the team is the above average wrestler who gets frustrated they don't make it to semi-state or out of sectionals.  That group would be even harder to keep out under this proposal.  The "I suck I didn't get out of sectional" kid becomes the "I suck I get beat by Carroll's JV Kid".


    With that said I am not saying this proposal is the worst thing I have ever seen, but I do think it would have a much larger effect on the dominant teams than your smaller schools.  

  5. 30 minutes ago, Mattyb said:

    IHPO 3rd. I was just talking about this this weekend with one of our state runner up boys. On the national scale, I would call this a 2nd tier event. Right behind events like Super 32, Flo, NHSCA nationals, and Fargo. I consider IHPO to be equal to events like the Fall Grappler Classic or the Ohio Tournament of Champions. 

    Indy Nationals and Frosh/Soph state should be on that list too. 

    How would you rank them?  I have never been to Indy Nationals, but would agree that Frosh/Soph state should pry bump the Spartan Classic lol.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Y2CJ41 said:

    I think I counted 16 DI qualifiers that wrestled at IHPO.

    Yeah that was what made the list kind of fun.  I had/think the IHPO could be as high as 3 or 4 on this list.  I kind of thought about what I would like my kids to win the most... I think that winning an ISWA state title is a bigger deal than winning the IHPO, even though the IHPO may have better talent if that makes sense.

  7. In terms of prestige, talent, the event, what would you consider the top 10 events in Indiana Wrestling?  It was the ISWA Folkstyle State finals that got me thinking about this.  So anyhow here is my list with about 5 minutes of thought put into it.


    1. IHSAA State Finals
    2. IHSAA Semi-State
    3. IHSWCA Team State
    4. ISWA Folkstyle State
    5. Al Smith

    6. ISWA Freestyle/Greco State

    7. IHPO

    8. Mater Dei Holiday Classic

    9. Middle School State

    10. Connersville Spartan Classic- We go there so this maybe a bit of a homer pick! 

  8. 4 minutes ago, AJ said:

    8 schools this year produces 56 qualifiers, 25% of all the wrestlers at state:

    Brownsburg, Crown Point, EMD, Cathedral, Chesterton, Carmel, Warren Central and Mishawaka...


    Would this show that a problem we have is how a few schools are dominating the sport.  It is not like the big schools as a whole are dominating but a few that really throw the data out of whack.




    I was going to look this up, I am glad you did.  I think the whole "one sport athlete" idea isn't really as prevalent at most schools as people believe, and really you just see those few really elite teams that have situations in which you have large groups of kids focus only on wrestling.  

    Having coached at a small school for a number of years, and for the past few at the biggest school in the area I can tell you from my experience coaching at both is really similar.  Most of the kids play multiple sports. The big school has more athletes available, but not all of them choose to wrestle.  The kids who choose to find time to wrestle in the off-season,  tend to do better, the others choose not to, and tend to stay at that semi-state level.  They have the opportunity to go to pretty good clubs in this area if they choose to, most around here don't for whatever reason.  

    A lot of it is about the culture at the school too. I actually found it easier to get kids to try the sport out and fill a spot for the team at the smaller school than it has been at the bigger one.  It takes time to build all of that up though.


  9. 9 hours ago, jetwrestling said:

    ACAC has 7 member schools. 
    5 have participated recently. 
    Adams Central, South Adams, and Jay County this year. 
    Southern Wells last year. 
    Bluffton next season. 

    NECC has had great representation in 1A and 2A over the years. I believe they have had at least 6 of their schools participate. 

    I always thought that it was pretty cool that the NECC has had a team wrestle in the championship match every year that the team state has been around, I am pretty sure it is the only conference in the state that can say that.

    In terms of representation- Heights, Garrett, Busco, CN, Eastside, Fremont, and Westview have all been there.

  10. 23 hours ago, Y2CJ41 said:

    Congrats to all!


    I really wish the IHSWCA would promote this event more. It seems like a secret society that gets the information about it every year.


    23 hours ago, Coach Humble said:

    I don’t think it is a secret society but you do make a valid point. I will suggest to Secretary Sam Riesen, up your way, to get the info to you to help us promote the event. Thanks 

    Joe I completely agree with your sentiment on this.  It is a very busy time of year for us coaches, and Scott Schwarz does a fantastic job running it.  I will work in the future to promote it more during the year and before the finals.  

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