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Posts posted by ENoblewrestling

  1. 18 hours ago, Galagore said:

    You make a good point, and I am willing to concede it on grounds of talent. There is still a numbers crisis at many schools, and until that is fixed it’s hard for me to feel good about where we’re going. 

    Haven't forfeits always been a part of wrestling? I have no clue on the overall trend or anything like that, but it doesn't seem to me that it is horrendously worse now than it was when I wrestled, or when I began coaching.  All of this stuff ebbs and flows too.  This will be my 11th year as a head coach, and I can say that in the last decade alone I have seen teams that had literally 3 wrestlers on the team at one point, go on to be at team state, and win regionals.  I have also seen it go the other way, teams with a lot of kids go down to a few.  

    I think A LOT of it is about the "culture" of the sport at the school.  For whatever reason it seems like some schools have it, others don't.  Again this can change with a class, or with various coaches...

    I also don't see this as an issue that is small school vs big school.  I spent my first 9 years at a small school, and we very rarely forfeited, not that it never happened, but it seemed easier to get a kid to try it out, or come out to fill a spot.  I now coach at a much larger school, and had two forfeits all year.  I've found communication to be much more difficult at a larger school, and I am in the building. I imagine that getting things "going" is much more difficult no matter  the school if your not in the building.  

    With this being said once a team culture is established with-in a program it is something that can last for a long period of time.  It is just difficult to get going.  I would also say in my opinion getting the culture right is just as important to a program as having a coach who knows all of the moves in the world.

  2. Just finalized with wrestling mindset.  The guys from wrestling mindset will be in attendance and speaking as an option at the breakout sessions.  Wrestling Mindset has a very large social media following, and will make for a great breakout session.





    Team State Committee

    April 18th, 2019

    Greg Ratliff-Edgewood High School/IHSWCA President
    Josh Holden- Greenfield-Central High School/ IHSWCA Vice-President Elect

    Sam Riesen- East Noble High School/ IHSWCA Secretary
    Tyson Skinner- Madison High School/ IHSWCA Former President
    Eric Myers- Jay County High School
    Alex Johns- New Palestine High School
    Dane Fueling- Indianamat Team Rankings coordinator*

    Mike Reiser- Indianamat Individual Rankings Coordinator*
    * Voting member, unavailable for debate/discussion



    Vote-In #1 Prairie Heights

    Vote-In #2 Eastern (Greentown)

    Alternative- Bluffton



    Vote-in #1 Bellmont

    Vote-in #2 Garrett

    Alternative- Edgewood

    *Greg Ratliff and Dane Fueling abstained from voting due to their teams being involved in the voting.



    Vote-In #1 Avon

    Vote-In #2 Mishawaka

    Alternative- Hobart

    Discussion (2020-2021 Tournament)

    Classes and Number of teams- discussed possibility of change from current 12 team/ 3 Class event to 8 team/4 class

    Division of classes- Would classes be divided evenly? Would a 32 team superclass be used for class 4A? Other options

    Format- Use of pools, brackets format was discussed.

    Location/ Number of mats- discussion of number of mats and location of the event took place.

    Final decisions were tabled until a later date.

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