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  1. I agree. I was asked by numerous people about it though, so I am just passing along what I was told.
  2. The email from the IHSAA contained the following information on rule 50-4. Additionally, all requests for waivers due to COVID are due Friday, January 23, 2021. Those waivers must come from your Athletic Director to the IHSAA offices. The waiver request can be an email listing the reason for the waiver, dates of quarantine, and number of affected events. The waiver speaks to Rule 50-4 solely. Below is the rule 50-4 In order for a student to qualify for participation in the IHSAA tournament series in an Individual Sport (cross country, golf, tennis, swimming & diving, tr
  3. East Noble
  4. East Noble
  5. East Noble
  6. East Noble
  7. Has anyone heard this directly from Robert Faulken's mouth? He was pretty clear on his stance on the rumor mill at the officials/coaches meeting in Fort Wayne. Obviously there is a lot that is out of the IHSAA's control in this situation... it really seems like the situation depends on the color coding of the area, and the venues themselves as opposed to the IHSAA.
  8. East Noble
  9. ENoblewrestling


    Isaiah Brege
  10. East Noble, Jimtown, Northwood, Northridge, Prairie Heights and Busco are getting together the 22nd at Jimtown. It will be interesting to see all of the events that come from Mishawaka being cancelled. We were told no overnight trips, thus we had to drop from Connersville for the year. Will be interesting to see what takes place there as well.
  11. Curious as we are less than two weeks from the start of the season, are there any schools still open? If so is anyone aware of what the plans are for those teams?
  12. See attached 2020-2021 Fall Clinic Meeting Minutes.docx
  13. EI Sports/ Cliff Keen/ Brute are offering two really high end prizes for the clinic raffle this year. The IHSWCA Fall Clinic is a long-standing event on he Indiana HS wrestling calendar. E.I. Sports and Apparel is proud to announce that for the 20th consecutive year they will be able to step up and help support this great event. Jeff Schaefer and the team at E.I. Sports in Evansville have worked with two of the longest running manufactures in the wrestling world to provide two great raffle prizes for this years event. E.I. Sports will be donating a set of Cliff Keen B
  14. Just got word of our first big raffle prize! EZ Flex mats will be donating a 9X9 home mat to the raffle. https://www.ezflexmats.com/wrestling/
  15. I probably missed this somewhere, but does anyone know what time the athletes for session 3 are allowed to show up? I know they wrestle at 1:00, but what is the earliest they can arrive? Thanks!
  16. I see a few possible negatives. 1. A rule like this would cause the teams that are already dominating to dominate even more. I wouldn't think that some dominant teams back-up knocking a small school kid who would have otherwise been a regional qualifier out of the tournament would be good for the growth of the sport at the small school. I've seen a few small schools say it would be good because their backup would get into the tournament, but they would most likely be 2 and out, and your kid who could be a regional qualifier is going to have a much tougher road. 2. I have found that
  17. More curious than anything else... What high schools are still in session?
  18. I have been wondering the same... there is an elementary in Avon that has shut down for 2 weeks... that is a big time wrestling community obviously. https://fox59.com/news/education/hickory-elementary-school-in-avon-closed-2-weeks-after-student-tests-positive-for-covid-19-coronavirus-all-schools-closed-monday/
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