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Posts posted by ENoblewrestling



    Team State Committee

    April 18th, 2019

    Greg Ratliff-Edgewood High School/IHSWCA President
    Josh Holden- Greenfield-Central High School/ IHSWCA Vice-President Elect

    Sam Riesen- East Noble High School/ IHSWCA Secretary
    Tyson Skinner- Madison High School/ IHSWCA Former President
    Eric Myers- Jay County High School
    Alex Johns- New Palestine High School
    Dane Fueling- Indianamat Team Rankings coordinator*

    Mike Reiser- Indianamat Individual Rankings Coordinator*
    * Voting member, unavailable for debate/discussion



    Vote-In #1 Prairie Heights

    Vote-In #2 Eastern (Greentown)

    Alternative- Bluffton



    Vote-in #1 Bellmont

    Vote-in #2 Garrett

    Alternative- Edgewood

    *Greg Ratliff and Dane Fueling abstained from voting due to their teams being involved in the voting.



    Vote-In #1 Avon

    Vote-In #2 Mishawaka

    Alternative- Hobart

    Discussion (2020-2021 Tournament)

    Classes and Number of teams- discussed possibility of change from current 12 team/ 3 Class event to 8 team/4 class

    Division of classes- Would classes be divided evenly? Would a 32 team superclass be used for class 4A? Other options

    Format- Use of pools, brackets format was discussed.

    Location/ Number of mats- discussion of number of mats and location of the event took place.

    Final decisions were tabled until a later date.

  2. Anybody see a big issue with hands to the face this year?  I know its already in the rules, but I think it should be a point of emphasis next season.  I saw a few matches that one kid would pretty well be open handed punching a kids forehead and nothing would get called.  I've heard we are soft in Fort Wayne though, so maybe this won't be as popular of an idea as I think.

  3. 31 minutes ago, bulldog145 said:

    But this could also turn a program around instantly.  Going from losing most of its duals to winning several which would gain interest of more kids and ultimately fill all 14 classes the following year eliminating the FF issue all together.  There are pro's and cons to every change but just my thoughts. 

    Why would a coach recruit 14 guys when you could win a dual with just 3 hammers? Counting FF's as points force teams to recruit a full 14 if they want to be competitive.

  4. 23 minutes ago, Coach Seltzer said:

    I would like to see a riding point. 

    If you ride a wrestler out for an entire period, 1pt will be added. You can only earn 1pt in a match. No need for riding time clock. 

    A wrestler should be rewarded for a ride out. Most of the time the are called for stalling at some point. 


    Coach I think that is a really interesting take on riding time.  I've seen people bring up riding time before, and have always felt that it would be too much of a pain with the clocks and all of that.  This is a simple solution that would reward a skill in our sport that is currently not scored.  This is a really good idea imo.  

    I think it would produce more scoring too.  Getting away on bottom would be huge if this were the case.  I also think you would see more people choose neutral if this were implemented. This would really have a big effect on strategy.

  5. If I could change anything I would add a weight in back in the middle.  Those weights always seem to be loaded with both talent, and numbers.  I think you would actually see the % of FF go down as most teams could fill another middle spot. Also the 15th weight would make a difference for tie-breakers and things like that.


  6. 3 minutes ago, Bigyusm said:

    Here’s the thing I have gathered as my son was looking to wreslte in college.  He originally wanted to wreslte in warm weather and we reached out to many schools. Most of them don’t even realize the way Indiana is set up if they are not recruiting here.  He took a visit at UNC Pembroke and the coach and I had a long conversation about it. He basically told me he needs more accolades. He was a Semi State qualifier at that point and a part time wrestler.  It didn’t matter he had wrestled a NC 3rd place finisher in the summer to a 2-1 loss and beat another NC placer 3-1.  Or took a loss to a NJ placer 4-2. He was just a semi state qualifier. Now he is a State Qualifier - I would venture to say in the class system he might have placed and the “accolades” would be there with his name.  


    I like the oh oh we are tough to get to state machismo - but when coaches from outsid our recruiting area don’t see placers they aren’t as interested. 

    I took a kid to a school in Michigan who told me our one class system was awesome, because you could really get an idea of the level of our kids. 

    Eric Guerrero said similar things at our fall clinic a few years back.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Y2CJ41 said:

    If we kept the 16 man bracket for 2A and just had an 8 man bracket for 1A, 1A teams would literally DOUBLE their state qualifiers. 

    Here is a little more info based on percentages

      Student % Placer % Qual % Top 4 %
    1A 22.10% 22.32% 24.55% 17.86%
    2A 77.90% 77.68% 75.45% 82.14%
    1A 12.14% 10.71% 13.84% 5.36%
    2A 24.14% 25.00% 23.66% 23.21%
    3A 63.72% 64.29% 62.50% 71.43%

    The % of qualifiers and placers hold pretty well with the percent of population with the exception of placing top 4, wouldn’t you agree? 

  8. 1 hour ago, Coach Coop said:

    The area is not going to be built up overnight but there is plenty of good being done and some programs on the rise.  Getting kids and coaches to commit to the off season is the key like the other posters have said.  I don't see the issue with re working the  sectional-semi state every few years.  I am not from the ft wayne area but from an outside perspective it looks like ft. wayne snyder which was once a power in the state is back on the rise, starting to see those kids at off season events which is great.


    Ill propose a short term solution to even things out.... Why not send a team like Brownsburg and a few others that are competitive north to Ft. Wayne?  It would be a slight inconvenience for the sectional and regional but its a closer trip to semi state than their drive to Evansville.  IHSAA already makes Tell City drive 1hr 15 minutes to Jeff for sectionals and regionals and they make Floyd Central and New Albany Drive almost 2 hours to Bloomington for regionals. All of the Marion,Johnson,Hendricks etc have a 2-3 hour drive to semi state as well.  We should not use travel time as a reason this is not possible. This will give the Ft. Wayne area the opportunity to wrestle better competition and then have a reason to schedule more teams in the central part of the state, thus getting better. 


    The Mooresville regional had 7 state finalist and 19 place winners this past weekend and the area is only getting better schools like CG are loaded at the MS level, Franklin Community returns all 14 starters, Plainfield is on the rise and Brownsburg and Avon are clearly not going anywhere. Why not distribute the wealth of talented wrestlers and re-evaluate and realign every few years.  I am not hating on the Ft. Wayne semi state here but we should not have a regional out scoring a semi state at the state tournament.

    There was a committee a few years back that the IHSAA formed to look into this changing the sectionals, I think it had around16-20 guys on it.  The IHSAA didn't really listen to the committee at all.  I went there as a Fort Wayne Semi-state representative fully expecting something like this to come from the recommendations, but that was not the direction the  IHSAA seemed to want to go at that time.

    What I mean by that is there wasn't a push to make big changes like what your proposing above.  Its hard to explain with out a map, but there would need to be a lot of shuffling to send those Northern Indy schools to Fort Wayne.  I think some proposed Penn head to Fort Wayne, but again the IHSAA didn't listen to the committee very much.

    I thought there might be discussion of sending whole sectionals to different semi-states, but that was not on the table at all at that time. It was literally just a team or two, that might move to a neighboring sectional that was recommended.

    Another thing on this topic, has anyone done the numbers on placers by semi-state?  We did a quick count on Saturday and I had more placers coming from Fort Wayne than East Chicago (Again I could be wrong on this).  Those two have been the worst in terms of placers most years recently, so I'm not sure if taking a better team from there is really the best option to change Fort Wayne's results.

  9. 10 minutes ago, LionsFan said:

    According to the rules, if all teams practice Friday, no additional weight allowance will be given..seems kinda silly if you miss practice all week but practice Friday not to have additional allowances though

    Thanks.  I knew the part about teams practicing Friday. I just am wondering if there is a weight exemption somewhere if it would apply everywhere because it is all one tournament.

  10. Tough week for weather.  Just curious who all hasn't been able to practice this week?  There is a legit possibility that we don't get on the mats until Friday of this week.  What about the other way anybody been able to practice all week? 

  11. Is there a maximum on the number of missed practices/ pounds you get?  I thought it was two, but I may be mistaken.  We haven't been able to have practice the last two days, lets say that continues through Friday. Would that be a 4 pound allowance this weekend, or just two, possibly just the one?

  12. The head to head and common opponent criteria come first.  If neither of those criteria are met I believe the semi-state criteria would be next.  In this situation you would be giving a seed to a wrestler who has proved in the past that they are a quality wrestler.  If we went just by record you are not taking into account the strength of schedule of the wrestlers.  Wouldn't the system be just as broken if we rewarded teams for having easy schedules?

  13. Benton Central 568 Beech Grove 945 Columbus North 2022
    Daleville 276 Bishop Chatard 717 East Noble 1201
    Eastern(Pekin) 462 Charlestown 688 Fishers 3520
    Hagerstown 386 Connersville 1021 FW Snider 1898
    Knightstown 359 Danville 804 Greenfield-Central 1472
    Lapel 470 Franklin County 748 New Palestine 1179
    Northeastern 388 Greensburg 737 Richmond 1278
    Shenandoah 456 Lebanon 975 Roncalli 1192
    Southern Wells 261 Mississinewa 817 Shelbyville 1170
    Triton Central 474 Rushville 707 Valparaiso 2062
    Union County 424        
    Western Boone 528        

  14. 4 minutes ago, Steven Sandefer said:

    After they have completed the (sub-7%) "physicians clearance" and "parental permission" forms and it is mailed by the school to the IHSAA, your AD should be able to check off that the form has been completed and the weigh-ins below 7% are then approved. 

    You can't use both the "physicians clearance" and "parental permission".  If they are below 7% to start they cannot use the parent permission. If they are above 7% they do not need the physicians clearance.


  15. We had a similar situation, but for ours it said that the athletes minimum weight would be what his weight was at 7%. This was after putting in the doctor note. I would double check this because if it is like ours it will say alpha weight 112.6 minimum weight class 120 minimum weight 113.1 or whatever his weight would be at 7%. 




  16. 3 minutes ago, nkraus said:

    If that's the case then you just need the doctors note, and your kid will not have much wiggle room in order to get his 6 quality weigh ins.  

    I don't know if they changed it, but we have two kids under 7. With Dr. notes.  It has their minimum weight and minimum weight class listed as what it would be if they were at 7%. This is after we put the Dr. note in.

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