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Posts posted by ENoblewrestling

  1. 14 hours ago, Silence Dogood said:


    I was thinking of something along these lines, but broader.


    If a successful team state tournament can be organized without the IHSAA, and a succesful girls state tournament can be organized without the IHSAA, and there are frustrations with what the IHSAA won't allow (wrestlebacks, out-of-state-travel), etc. - why does wrestling need the IHSAA? 


    I am sure there are reasons it might not work, but thought it was worth at least posing the question. Could wrestling operate as a non-IHSAA sport? 

    I would admit that there are some things that are difficult with having the IHSAA as our sports sanctioning body, but I think it would be a horrible detriment to the sport if we did not have them.

    Without the IHSAA the sport at the high school level would resemble the sport at the youth level. So teams would become all-star travel teams with-in a few years.  Not to mention that schools would not put the same funding and care into their programs... Why would a school keep and maintain a wrestling room for a club team that isn't IHSAA sanctioned?

    I also think that overall numbers would take a huge hit.  Think of how many kids come out for wrestling to just be a part of the team you would lose all of those kids.  Busing, uniforms,  gym schedules all would play a role as well.

    Finally no IHSAA no state tourney like we have now.  There would be no semi-states in great facilities, no state finals at Banker's Life.  

    This isn't to say that the say that wrestling would die if we went this route, it would just look much different and be much worse imo.

  2. You don't get a question about the Golden Globes everyday but I was watching last night and saw Adam Driver a lot.  He is from Mishawaka, and was a marine so I was just curious if anyone knew if he had ever tried wrestling, or even wrestled in middle or high school.  With the strong tradition at Mishawaka its just something I have been curious about.

  3. Head coaches make sure you are getting this done.  It was new last year, I completed it last night.  Anyhow one thing that stood out to me was the following rule.

    50-4 and 101-4

    (Individual Sports)


    In order for a student to qualify for participation ins the IHSAA tournament series in an Individual Sport (cross country, golf, tennis, swimming and diving, track and field, and wresting) the student must have participated, during the preceding regular season in a minimum of (i) seventy-five present (75%) of the Season Contests in which the students school participated, and (ii) Twenty-five percent (25 %) of the maximum number of authorized Season Contests in that sport.


     I personally was not aware of this rule. So I sent an email to Commissioner Faulkens.  I had three questions.

    1. Is this new?
    2. What exactly is this saying?  Most are reading this as the athlete needs to participate in 75% of the meets, tourneys, duals?  Is this correct?
    3. It states a waiver is needed, where do we get this waiver?


    He responded 


    1. No
    2. Your wrestlers have to compete in 75 percent of your scheduled matches.
    3. Your AD requests the waiver.  If the wrestler was injured, academically ineligible, or just plain could not beat someone out at the weight class until late in the season.


    Just an FYI


  4. 1 hour ago, Galagore said:

    At the top, yes. We are rocking and rolling at the top. Bottom third? Not so much.

    I don't know what you are basing this on?  Last season I was shocked at how good the 5th-6th places matches were at most tournaments.  I really think that the depth of the overall talent pool is what stands out to me the most in our state at local tournaments.  I think back to when I wrestled you would have kids that had no clue what was going on out there.  You don't see that much anymore. Saturday I am going to spend my day at a JV meet, I guarantee there will be some solid wrestling there.

    Now if your talking forfeits, that is a different beast, but the kids for the kids that are out there wrestling I don't think the talent has ever been higher.

  5. 18 hours ago, Galagore said:

    You make a good point, and I am willing to concede it on grounds of talent. There is still a numbers crisis at many schools, and until that is fixed it’s hard for me to feel good about where we’re going. 

    Haven't forfeits always been a part of wrestling? I have no clue on the overall trend or anything like that, but it doesn't seem to me that it is horrendously worse now than it was when I wrestled, or when I began coaching.  All of this stuff ebbs and flows too.  This will be my 11th year as a head coach, and I can say that in the last decade alone I have seen teams that had literally 3 wrestlers on the team at one point, go on to be at team state, and win regionals.  I have also seen it go the other way, teams with a lot of kids go down to a few.  

    I think A LOT of it is about the "culture" of the sport at the school.  For whatever reason it seems like some schools have it, others don't.  Again this can change with a class, or with various coaches...

    I also don't see this as an issue that is small school vs big school.  I spent my first 9 years at a small school, and we very rarely forfeited, not that it never happened, but it seemed easier to get a kid to try it out, or come out to fill a spot.  I now coach at a much larger school, and had two forfeits all year.  I've found communication to be much more difficult at a larger school, and I am in the building. I imagine that getting things "going" is much more difficult no matter  the school if your not in the building.  

    With this being said once a team culture is established with-in a program it is something that can last for a long period of time.  It is just difficult to get going.  I would also say in my opinion getting the culture right is just as important to a program as having a coach who knows all of the moves in the world.

  6. Just finalized with wrestling mindset.  The guys from wrestling mindset will be in attendance and speaking as an option at the breakout sessions.  Wrestling Mindset has a very large social media following, and will make for a great breakout session.



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