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  1. no what happened in the wilson match in the state finals is that wilson took lance down they went off the mat the crowd erupted lance started smiling he got set in the down position stood up immediately hooked up his famous lateral and launched wilson for the fall. this is factual as i was in the chair on the floor for his state finals match. lance was truly tremendous and one of the nicest kids youd ever want to meet.
  2. i was assistant coach at cathedral when lance was wrestling and he and billy terry always put on some great shows.
  3. i believe coach carmen hurrle went 18-0 with 18 fall and a state championship i also believe he bumped up to heavweight for a match and pinned the eventual heavweight champion 18 wins 18 pins.
  4. coming into the tourney with a losing record then avenged himself by winning the whole thing?
  5. 1 what school has produced the most state qualifiers in the last 20 yrs? 2 has any school ever had the whole team make it to state?has any team ever placed the whole team up to 6th place?4 what school has ever had the most state champs in one year?
  6. won the state and then quit wrestling for reasons outside of grades and injuries never to return to the mat? kinda like saying" once was enough"
  7. i believe deron phillips at 119, in i believe 87-88 wrestled the same opponent all the way thru to the state finals and won it( after a hell of a semi finals match with phillips coming back for the fall as he was being handled pretty good by billy terry of cathedral,) however his name escapes me. youd have to check out the ancient elders book of wrestling history.
  8. didnt get out of the sectionals or regionals the next year?
  9. either or it doesnt matter.just curious as to how many state champs have kept their title at the same weight they won it at.
  10. that defended their title at the weight they won it at and won again at the same weight?
  11. whats the most any state champ has ever grew into a larger weight class than his state title win.? ie say someone wins it as a frosh or soph and wrestled 103 then as a junior senior grew into a 145 or 52 lber and won the state.thats a heck of an accomplishment.
  12. thanks charlie appreciate it. good luck.
  13. ive tried to see it on trackwrestling. com but cant get to it. could you or anyone else please post it?
  14. does anyone have the LC seeds that they could post? thanks good luck to all.
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