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Posts posted by Ed Pendoski

  1. We have just finished Coach Warman's summer sessions of Strength and Conditioning, and the numbers are impressive of guys getting faster and stronger.  

    The next program will train on Tues/Thurs from 5:30-6:30 in the weight room at CHS beginning August 27th.  This workout is made for wrestlers in pre-season training mode and it's open to any wrestler middle school or older!

    More info can be found here:  https://www.carmelusawrestling.org/strength-and-conditioning

    Contact us if you have questions.

    Ed Pendoski 


    Nate Warman


  2. Next week we will begin Coach Warman's next Strength and Condition Session at CHS and this program is open to anyone with a current USA card.

    Coach Warman just finished his first year with CUSAWC after earning his BA in Exercise Science while his program has been tremendous asset for the guys in our club.  Coach Warman's bio can be found here: https://www.carmelusawrestling.org/staff

    Speed and Strength workouts will be held at Carmen High School weight room:

    Tuesdays/Thursdays 5:00-6:30PM

    Fridays  8:00-10:00AM

    These workouts will be tailored  with speed/power/agility that is needed in our sport.  Fee for these Strength and Conditioning workouts is under $4 a session! More information and registration can be found here: https://www.carmelusawrestling.org/strength-and-conditioning

    Besides our normal club workouts on Tues/Thurs from 6:45-8:15 we are also running Middle School and Elementary camps Monday-Thursday of June 3-6 and June 10-13.  Info on our summer camps can be found here: https://www.carmelusawrestling.org/summercamps

  3. Starting today, Sunday May 19th we will host a girls only workout from 5:00-6:30.


    The goal of our workout it to create a place to help grow the sport of girls wrestling.  With the IHSAA starting to have discussions about adding girls wrestling we believe that we need to help start grow the sport now!


    Any girl with a current USA Wrestling card is encouraged to attend (and bring a friend!).  There is no cost for this workout so please feel free to come train with other from across the city!


    Please enter door 21 in the back of the school and follow the signs up to the wrestling room!


    Any questions, please contact us

    Ed Pendoski



  4. 46 minutes ago, Kyle Ayersman said:

    All I know is that Brownsburg was first in the state in ISTEP testing (Standarized tests). They also had all schools in the corporation be rated an A, for like the 6th year in a row. Top notch schools.

    Brownsburg Community School Corp 513 658 78.0% 427 662 64.5% 398 654


    Carmel High School 1068 1244 85.9% 924 1250 73.9% 872 1241



    10th grade ISTEP Info copy/paste from Indiana Dept. of Education.  This is sophomore ISTEP results.  Not saying either is bad.  Just a bad stat coach.  

  5. Carmel had 9 Academic All State this season.

    8 of them were Semi State Qualifiers.

    182 Cameron Bacon, GPA 3.87, SAT 1420

    195 Jackk Heldt, GPA 4.31, SAT 1440

    106 Suhas Chundi  GPA 4.41, 1590 SAT (Yep, he missed one.  We remind him often of it!)

    152 Gabe Davin  GPA 3.42

    126 Joey Langeman, GPA 3.65

    160 Garrett Sharp GPA 4.13

    220 Haakon VanBeynen GPA 3.60

    285 Jon Williams GPA 3.35

    Brendan Mattingly GPA 3.85


    It's quite impressive what they Greyhounds do in the classroom.  

  6. I had to share this.


    We have a young guy in our club who is deaf.  I remind our guys often that RJ probably is the toughest guy in our room.  Last year was his first practice ever. First time in a wrestling room.  He was in first grade and cannot hear or speak.  I could only imagine how difficult that had to be for him as we watched him go through his first couple of practices.


    One year later, RJ is always the first guy in the room at practice.  He is usually the last guy to leave.  You can see that wrestling is something that RJ and his dad truly enjoy.  


    Yesterday dad was sending us pictures of him and RJ watching the finals on TV.  This morning he sent the collage of RJ in front of the TV with guys that have been in our room this past year.  At some of our camps, we let dad know which guys have great resumes and should do quite well in the upcoming HS Season.  RJ and his dad were excited to get pictures with the, and all the guys were great with RJ, even though it's not the easiest to communicate with him.


    After I saw the picture it made me think of Spiderman's phrase.  With great power comes great responsibilities.  


    Congrats to all of this year's state champs.  I do want to thank the guys that were in our room and took just a few minutes to interact with RJ.  To be honest, I had forgot all about those champs that were around in the past year.......but RJ and his father didn't!  They will remember forever!


  7. On 1/1/2019 at 2:14 PM, Wrestling Scholar said:

    Looks like some good bulletin board material to motivate the team.   Use it Ed.  No Respect!!!!

    Ha!  I've given both sides of this equation for this pre-meet talk.  



  8. 17 hours ago, Indysportsfan said:
    • #7 Carmel: State ranking --  1 wrestler in top 4 (106), and 4 more ranked between 5th -15th (132, 170, 182, 195); 1 ranked in Semi-State only (285) -- 6 TOTAL

    Individual State Finals experience:   None //  The 'Rodney Dangerfield' of Team State.  Personally I believe Carmel to be very dangerous with enough athletes to make it difficult for any team to beat them.  Outside of their only loss this season (29-27), they have decimated their competition with the closest dual being a 25 point victory.  Extremely well coached and intelligent wrestlers, they typically will not 'beat themselves'.  They are better than the individual rankings indicate, look for them to pull off an upset along the way.



    The Rodney Dangerfield of Team State?  

  9. Carmel Notable matches:

    106: Chundi WBF Stall (McCutcheon)

    113 Chundi WBF Hein (Harrison), Simone (HSE) dec Hooper 5-3

    120 Gunn dec Brubaker (McCutcheon) 15-3

    132 Holman over Betourne (Harrison), but Betourne inj def very, very early in match.  Debated on posting this or not.

    160 Hiner (HSE) over Sharp 8-6

    285 Williams over Kunkleman (HSE) 2-1ot, Crider (Harrison) dec Williams 2-0, 

  10. Carmel notable matches last week.  We will get one of our footballers back this week and hopefully have all 4 back in in two weeks.  

    vs LN

    106 Hooper over Carrender 7-5

    132 Holman over Pettiford 9-0

    220 Helt over Pettiford 5-4

    vs Crown Point

    106 Chundi over #7 Robertson 5-1

    vs Roncalli

    113 Githrow (ss #6) over Hooper 4-0

    152 Davin over Page 14-8

    160 Johnson over Smith 4-0

    182 Hart over #1 Mahan 11-4

    220 Heldt over Spears 3-0

    285 Harris (ss #6) over Williams 5-3

  11. I can't believe this is happening.  

    Let's go over a couple of facts here.  

    Welchs leave Purdue with stubble for hair. 

    They join the most attractive coaching staff in the Midwest at Carmel. 

    They leave and are now bald. Humm?

    Our new staff has bald, hillbilly bowl, Clooney salt and pepper, afro, ginger and mullet.  Can anyone really even try to top that? 

  12. We are excited to have Indiana Native and new IU Coach Mike Dixon at our practice room tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 6th 6:45-8:15.

    Carmel High School

    520 E Main St.

    Carmel, IN 46033

    Please enter door 21 and wrestling room is upstairs behind the Freshman Gym.


    We'd like to invite anyone with a current USA Card to come workout with us!


    Please contact us if you have any questions.


  13. 3 hours ago, Wrestling Scholar said:

    The Cornerstone of Ed's argument is the Sliga workout partner legacy which resulted in Riley's state success. 

    This is exactly what I'm saying.  


    3 hours ago, Riley McClurg said:

    I believe that Mitch was the catalyst that brought them to Ed, which in return significantly helped strengthen your program for that time period. Do you agree?

    And so did Riley.


    But if we look at the top 10 teams in the state tourney last year.  Then look at the number of transfers to those programs.  

    If those guys all stayed in their home school district.  Can we agree that there's a better chance of them recruiting a 'Seth Riley' to continue/join our sport? 



  14. 23 hours ago, Riley McClurg said:

    As for the names listed on the thread, I can tell you I see them wrestling on a consistent basis in the off-season with teams that are not their HS - whether its Disney Duals, VB Duals, etc. They are seizing opportunities provided to them by other schools or clubs (Outlaws or someone like Penn or B. South taking wildcards to Disney). I am sure they are expanding their training environment.

    My old Polish brain is still confused.  

    We both admit Sliga stayed in his home school (this one is measurable, his transcripts prove us right). 

    We both agree that the guys in his room benefit from him not transferring to a power program (this on is not quite as measurable, but I'm assuming you don't think it hurt Riley by having Sliga say "come wrestle and you can come to an academy with me if you want). 

    I'm assuming we both agree he had a successful high school career. 

    We both agree that he supplemented his training while staying in his home school.  Is that correct?

    But we also agree that most (if not all) of the guys on the thread about big transfers supplement their training somewhere else besides they home school, correct?

    Here's my opinion about the schools you mentioned (definitely not measurable).  Because Bratcher and Duckworth and Cody Phillips did not leave and go to a power program they helped their small schools do this:

    • 3rd Place Match - Ben Stewart (Cathedral) 41-2 won by decision over Luke Elliott (Eastbrook) 40-4 (Dec 7-4)


    • 3rd Place Match - Jack Eiteljorge (Carmel) 40-3 won by fall over Tucker Coffman (Union County) 43-8 (Fall 1:51)

    I'm confused on what you're saying because I read you say that Sliga had success and he included others with his success (in his home school).  You said that he is a bad example because he supplemented his training elsewhere.  But you also said that most (if not all) of the guys on the big transfers thread already supplements their training elsewhere?  They why do they need to transfer at all when they would help the sport as a whole by increasing the popularity of wrestling in a small/weaker program and they can still be successful because they can supplement their training.

    My real question that comes from the start of this thread is that does having the strongest kids from small/weak programs transferring to power programs have a long term effect on our sport as a whole.

  15. 11 hours ago, brickfor6 said:

    At the end, there really isn't a good answer for Coach Ps thought.

    There might be answers if we first had consensus that this is truly an issue that if not address, will have a negative impact on the future of our sport in our state.

    I'm the Lorax.  I speak for the trees!


    One suggestion that I've brought up with the coaches association is starting an Ethic Committee.  We should probably have a different name for it.  If there was a committee inside the coaches association that people could bring up situations happening.  The committee could then investigate.  If it's nothing, then nothing is done.  If it finds out misdoings then it can make it public.  Another big benefit of having an Ethics Committee could be to promote great things happening in our sport.  In the Carmel vs Warren dual a couple years ago we had a match on the JV mat.  Both kids had autism.  Might have been one of the greatest matches I've ever seen (with a score of like 19-17 and 8 lead changes.  It was pretty special).

  16. 16 hours ago, Riley McClurg said:

    I’m saying that it did not matter in Sliga’s case. It would not have mattered if he went to Spring Valley Community High School. He supplemented the vast majority of his training under your watch at CIA. His family was able to afford that monthly fee to get elite training. You were able to provide him with wrestlers like Michael Duckworth, Jackson Bratcher, Austin Neibarger, and let’s not forgot the bazillion private workouts that you were able to provide him with as a separate entity from Fishers HS. So, what I am saying is that Sliga is a bad example. Seth Riley attended the right school at the right time, and he followed Mitch’s footsteps to your academy. Did he benefit from Sliga? Heck yeah. So would have the other kids at any other high school he attended because of the time, effort, and money he spent to be under your training. 

    I'm still confused, because to me it sounds like you're using examples that top kids transfering to 'power programs' is not good for the future of Indiana wrestling as a whole.

    It didn't matter that Sliga stayed at Fishers.  If he would have transferred to a power school, he would have had a similar career.  And by staying at Fishers, he brought another Fishers kid's level up.  

    I think that says two things.  It says that you can still be successful without transfering to a power school.  It also says that staying within your feeder program increases the chance of another athlete's development/enjoyment of the sport that might not happen otherwise.

    You also brought up 3 other guys that did the exact same thing.  They stayed in their feeder system, helped grow their home school, and still had very successful careers.  Not sure if you could say HSE was not a power program.   They were quite competitive in Austin's years.

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