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  1. Ed Pendoski


  2. Ed Pendoski

    CUSAWC Dan Nelson Jan. 8th

    Another great Dan Nelson Folkstyle tourney this weekend. We had 400+ and were out of the fieldhouse by 2:30!
  3. Ed Pendoski

    CUSAWC Dan Nelson Jan. 8th

    CUSAWC will be hosting our Dan Neson Folkstyle Tournament this Sunday. Reminder that we will be using madison block weights. We will weigh the kids in between 7:30-8:30 and put them in blocks of 4, so doesn't matter if Billy weighs 79.8 or 80.2, because wrestlers will be put in 4 man round robins with guys closest to their weights. Registration is on Trackwrestling here: http://s200.trackwrestling.com/tw/opentournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&sport=wrestling&TIM=1483449961065&pageName=&ie=false&frameSize=963 This tournrament is a part of the Gladiator Series and there is some good wrestling going on in the fieldhouse! Contact us if you have any questions! Ed Pendoski 317.701.1512 ependosk@ccs.k12.in.us
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    North Montgomery
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  7. Ed Pendoski

    CUSAWC Dan Nelson Jan. 8th

    The numbers are picking up nicely for our folkstyle tourney on Sunday. Reminder that we are using Madison Block weights. Wrestlers will step on the scale at registration in the wrestling room. We will enter their weights into trackwrestling and they will be placed into 4 man round robin by closest in weight. Let us know if you have any questions before then!
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  9. Ed Pendoski

    Team Rankings: IndianaMat 3A Dual Ranking

    Carmel vs Warren Central on Jan 4th at 6:30 @ CHS Carmel Duals on Jan. 7th has Carmel, Merrillville, North Montgomery and Lawrenceburg
  10. Ed Pendoski

    Team Rankings: IndianaMat Power Poll

    So nice to see Clownbaby is back from his Aboriginese training.....I think
  11. Ed Pendoski

    CUSAWC Winter Break Camp

    Carmel USA Wrestling Club is hosting a small 2 day camp over break on Dec. 20-21 at Carmel HS Blue Room. We will have elementary age group from 9:00-10:30am and middle school from 10:30-12:00am Enter door 21 and fee is $30. We're exciting about opening this to the public. Come spend a couple hours with Coach Welch and Coach Pendoski. It's 80 and humid where we work! Here's a link to the camp: http://carmelusawrestling.org/winterclinic.aspx Contact us if you have any questions: Coach Pendoski ed.pendoski@carmelusawrestling.org Coach Welch doug.welch@carmelusawrestling.org
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    Oak Park River Forest(IL)
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  17. Come spend the weekend with us at Carmel High School and get the chance to meet and learn from the Purdue University Wrestling Staff. Head Coach Tony Ersland, Assistant Coach Tyrell Todd (Big 10 Champ, 3x NCAA AA), and NEW Assistant Coach Jake Sueflohn (4 X NCAAA Qualifier) will all be in attendance to showcase the techniques that they show at the Big 10 level, and the essential skills that they believe are necessary to succeed at the highest levels of wrestling. Come be seen by the Purdue Wrestling staff, it’s going to be a great camp! Under the direction of head coach Tony Ersland and assistant coaches Jake Sueflohn and Tyrel Todd, the Purdue wrestling program turned a new corner. Last year we had Purdue come in and they put on a heck of a camp. We had 50 campers from all around the state getting better and looking to be seen by our own instate Division 1 BIG 10 school, the Purdue Boilermakers! This is a great opportunity if you are looking to get some training in for preparation of any preseason national tournaments or if you are just gearing up for November when High School Season officially begins. Cost: $100, $70 CUSAWC member, $70 team rate (2 people or more) Location and Time: CHS Wrestling Room, Enter through Door 21, arrive as early as 11:00am Saturday, and 7:30am on Sunday SATURDAY, September 17th *Lunch will not be provided. Session 1: 12:00pm-2:00pm Session 2: 3:00pm-4:30pm Session 3: 5:00pm-6:30pm SUNDAY, September 18th *Lunch will not be provided. Session 4: 8:00am-10:00am Session 5: 10:30am-12:00pm ​Here is a link to register: https://goo.gl/forms/gSiYMjL9VjpSQA9u2 Contact Coach Pendoski if you have questions: 317.701.1512 ed.pendoski@carmelusawrestling.org
  18. Ed Pendoski

    Elementary Dual Team Questions

    Dual meets for the elementary guys is an awesome experience and has done wonders for programs I've been involved with...but it has also been nightmarish at times. I think the issue with dual leagues is that you have to start putting rules in place. After you set the rules, then you have to trust that people follow the integrity of the rules. Jim Watkins is the head coach at Calumet High School and has always been a mentor of mine. I've repeated his phrase often, "It's always right to do the right thing. It's not always easy to do the right thing....but it's always right" For example, as we look at the history of elementary dual tourneys in Indiana, there's been situations where Team A might have not have had enough kids in their club to compete, so they picked up a couple local kids from surrounding schools to help complete their lineups. Then Team B would do the same, but would pick up a couple kids to 'complete their lineup' that accidentally were multiple time state champions. Now here's the tough part....how do you set the rules or guidelines for these situations? If Team A is a couple kids short of filling a lineup and the kids on Team A have a couple friends in neighbor schools that don't have a dual team, I think it's great that they're growing the sport by including others to fill their team. If Team B has enough kids (or even if they don't!) and they go searching for elementary killers so they can pound other local teams, then I think that shows a lack of integrity. There are many examples of things like this when dealing with elementary wrestling. One person says in this thread, "What do you do with 6th graders and 3rd graders that weigh 80?" I've been lucky enough to run some rooms that have had some tough hombres in them. Kyle Ayresman, Stevan Micic, Sean McMurray, Jason Tsitrsis, Eric Roach, Mitch Sliga, Cody LeCount could all wrestle the guy 3 yrs older than them, or 20 lbs bigger when they were in elementary school. In fact, it was probably better for them if they did to that. (I think there's 19 IHSAA State Championships in that group of elementary guys!). That doesn't mean everyone is supposed to wrestle older bigger. Carmel USA ran a freestyle duals tourney last spring. I was asked by all 5 teams that entered the tourney, "do we have to have a team made up of only kids from our schools?". My answer was, "we're trying to put a competition together so kids can wrestle freestyle in a dual format. If you come with an all star team of killers, you will murder every team there. You'll get a $2 medal and I will publicly taunt you in front of many people." (ha!) We intentionally reached out to schools that we know have integrity and it was an amazing event. CUSAWC is currently in their third year of our Youth Wrestling League. We split all of the kids into 4 teams (we have about 80 this year). We have practices on Mon/Wed and in November, we have 'competitions' on Monday nights. There are no weigh ins and zero parent coaches. On days of competition we have coaches match kids up from both teams so there is as quality of wrestling as we can try to get. Our goal of YWL is to provide a place for all elementary guys to learn about the sport, improve they physical skills, and have a great time. We have put together an elementary team from guys in our YWL. We are hosting small triple dual elementary meets once a month. I believe that they are full for Nov/Dec. Ed Pendoski CUSAWC Coach ISWA Kids Director
  19. Ed Pendoski

    Carmel USA Wrestling Club Camp 4/26 & 4/27

    With our short notice on this camp, we've got a nice group of kids signed up for this weekend. The first session will be technique with Mitch showing his elbow pass to single and then how to transition that to a turn (or breakdown for folkstylers). The second session on Saturday will be a lot of live wrestling. We'd like to wrestle matches in freestyle and talk about scoring and strategy. The third session will be finishing takedowns and starting turns, with live situations at the end. Please contact us if you would like to attend of if you have any questions. ependosk@ccs.k12.in.us 317.701.1512
  20. Ed Pendoski

    Carmel Freestyle Duals

    Because of lack of numbers in the k-7 group we have shut it down for that age group. We now have 6 teams in the 7-12 age group and are opening it up for 4 more teams. It's honor system on weigh ins this year. We hope this makes it easier for everyone and not taken advantage of. We are excited about what this could grow into. We think we can run 5 duals on complete mats and be done by 1:00. Please contact me as soon as possible if you can get a 10 man team. ependosk@ccs.k12.in.us 317.701.1512
  21. Ed Pendoski

    Carmel Freestyle Duals

    We are accepting applications to our Freestyle Dual tourney on Apr. 13th. Our goal is to give a team setting while wrestling freestyle. We have created modified age/weights for it easier for local clubs to fill a team. We are setting the limit of 6 teams in both age groups. We will get 5 duals in and we expect to finish quickly with smaller team sizes, so we hope to get some exhibition matches. There are only a couple spots left in both divisions. Here is the link to the event: http://www.iswa.com/wp-content/uploads/Carmel-Freestyle-Duals.pdf There is a typo on the website. Weight classes are as follows: Grades K-7 50, 66, 68, 76, 84, 92, 100, 110, 120 175 Grades 7-12 105, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 180, 200, 285 Also, CUSA Wrestling Club is starting is Spring sessions. Our club is open to anyone. We currently have wrestlers from 7 different school systems. While we believe that RTCs are a great place wrestle live, we also believe in the importance of developing a system. Our offseason workouts are open to anyone looking to improve there offense/defense, strategy, training habits. Our staff at CUSA has helped supplement the training of over 30 IHSAA Champions. We understand the development from elementary to middle school to high school and eventually college. Please contact us if you have any questions. Ed Pendoski ependosk@ccs.k12.in.us
  22. Ed Pendoski

    CIA Satellite Sessions at Zionsville and Ben Davis

    Reminder that our new schedule starts this week. We're also looking forward to both satellites starting. There looks like a good crew at Ben Davis on Tuesdays 6:00-7:30. Thursday sessions at Zionsville are also 6:00-7:30. This is a great place to supplement your training before the middle school seasons start. Give us a call if you have any questions.
  23. We are excited to announce our winter satellites sessions for 2010-2011. We will hold workout sessions at Zionsville HS on Thursday evenings in the high school's wrestling room. Starting November 4th sessions will be 6:00-7:30 for all middle school and under wrestlers. There will be a workout on October 28th from 5:00-6:30 for all wrestlers. We will also start sessions at Ben Davis HS on Tuesdays starting November 2nd. Workouts will be from 6:00-7:30. Reminder that all wrestlers that attend must have a current USA wrestling card. Dues for the satellite sessions are $50 per month. All full time members at CIA's main site can attend the satellite sessions free of charge. We think this is a great opportunity for Indy wrestlers to get more mat time with some of the best kids in the city. Contact us if you have any questions. Ed Pendoski ependoski@wrestlingcia.com 317.701.1512 Brady Eppert bveppert@gmail.com 765.760.5421
  24. Ed Pendoski

    CIA's weekend

    We had a great time with Andrew Howe in the room this weekend. There was a great room a partners and technique was top notch. Also thanks to our career pathologist, Coach Truitt. Coach gave us some great insight on picking colleges and what some of the requirements to get into schools could be. He's a great resource for the kids that train with us.
  25. Ed Pendoski

    CIA Fall Newsletter

    Seriously? That's what I get? I will again reiterate...I am a Michigan football fan first and a Big 10 fan second. I can't hate on any Big 10 team during bowl season (now the Irish is a totally different story). I don't even watch the Michigan/ohio state game because of Tulsa Kickoff. After I moved to Indy and got a little closer to Columbus, I have found out that there's not much difference between the yuckeye fans as the irish fans. Michigan Football 2011 BCS Champions, 2012 NCAA probation. That's my prediction. Rich Rod for President!

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