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  1. Ha! I've given both sides of this equation for this pre-meet talk.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phagxOal7_A The Rodney Dangerfield of Team State?
  3. Carmel is in the Mooresville Holiday Classic this year
  4. The Stone Quarry is now going to be packed tonight for a "We hate Carmel" meeting. Thank Mike. I'm glad I don't have to seed this. Dual results vs tourney results, guys missing/replaced/backups/lineup changes/etc. This one would be tough.
  5. Lots of broken hearts and crushed dreams in the past World Championships of the World! haha We were impressed with all 4 heavys at McCutcheon this past weekend. 6 heavy matches in a triple dual...and all 6 were fun to watch.
  6. Carmel Notable matches: 106: Chundi WBF Stall (McCutcheon) 113 Chundi WBF Hein (Harrison), Simone (HSE) dec Hooper 5-3 120 Gunn dec Brubaker (McCutcheon) 15-3 132 Holman over Betourne (Harrison), but Betourne inj def very, very early in match. Debated on posting this or not. 160 Hiner (HSE) over Sharp 8-6 285 Williams over Kunkleman (HSE) 2-1ot, Crider (Harrison) dec Williams 2-0,
  7. Ed Pendoski

    Carmel vs. Fishers

  8. Carmel notable matches last week. We will get one of our footballers back this week and hopefully have all 4 back in in two weeks. vs LN 106 Hooper over Carrender 7-5 132 Holman over Pettiford 9-0 220 Helt over Pettiford 5-4 vs Crown Point 106 Chundi over #7 Robertson 5-1 vs Roncalli 113 Githrow (ss #6) over Hooper 4-0 152 Davin over Page 14-8 160 Johnson over Smith 4-0 182 Hart over #1 Mahan 11-4 220 Heldt over Spears 3-0 285 Harris (ss #6) over Williams 5-3
  9. I can't believe this is happening. Let's go over a couple of facts here. Welchs leave Purdue with stubble for hair. They join the most attractive coaching staff in the Midwest at Carmel. They leave and are now bald. Humm? Our new staff has bald, hillbilly bowl, Clooney salt and pepper, afro, ginger and mullet. Can anyone really even try to top that?
  10. CHS has a mat that we're looking to get rid of. It's older and has had it's share of use. Please conact me asap if you have a new home for this bad boy! Eddie Pendoski 317.701.1512 ependosk@ccs.k12.in.us
  11. IU Coaches Mike Dixon and Isaac Jordan are both coming to our club practice tonight. 6:45-8:15 at CHS! We will open this practice up to the public for anyone with a current USA Card. Please enter door 21 and the wrestling room is upstairs behind the Freshman gym.
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