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    Crown Point vs. Carmel

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    Carmel vs. Whiteland

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    Carmel vs. Noblesville

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    Carmel vs. Zionsville

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    Carmel vs. Lebanon

  6. I noticed this also and asked my AD This was brought up because of soccer player joining cross country team after they were eliminated from state tourney series (or vise versa). I was told that it is not about competing but more about being on the roster from day 1.
  7. We had our first duals tourney of the weekend and it was awesome. We got all the matches a kid could want in 2.5 hours. Thanks to Avon and Frankton for bringing their crew. It's always great when all the teams are their for the same reason. Can't wait to do it again on Dec. 15thl (and I'm still apologizing for Curry for all the mean things I thought in my brain before they showed up! haha)
  8. Here's an example of numbers from a junior wrestler that lifted with us all summer: Body Weight: 150lbs Squat: 315lbs Bench: 195lbs Deadlift: 365lbs Pullups: 25 Box Jump: 54"
  9. We have just finished Coach Warman's summer sessions of Strength and Conditioning, and the numbers are impressive of guys getting faster and stronger. The next program will train on Tues/Thurs from 5:30-6:30 in the weight room at CHS beginning August 27th. This workout is made for wrestlers in pre-season training mode and it's open to any wrestler middle school or older! More info can be found here: https://www.carmelusawrestling.org/strength-and-conditioning Contact us if you have questions. Ed Pendoski 317.701.1512 Nate Warman nathan.warman@carmelusawrestling.org
  10. Please notice the schedule change for the Summer Strength Training
  11. Next week we will begin Coach Warman's next Strength and Condition Session at CHS and this program is open to anyone with a current USA card. Coach Warman just finished his first year with CUSAWC after earning his BA in Exercise Science while his program has been tremendous asset for the guys in our club. Coach Warman's bio can be found here: https://www.carmelusawrestling.org/staff Speed and Strength workouts will be held at Carmen High School weight room: Tuesdays/Thursdays 5:00-6:30PM Fridays 8:00-10:00AM These workouts will be tailored with speed/power/agility that is needed in our sport. Fee for these Strength and Conditioning workouts is under $4 a session! More information and registration can be found here: https://www.carmelusawrestling.org/strength-and-conditioning Besides our normal club workouts on Tues/Thurs from 6:45-8:15 we are also running Middle School and Elementary camps Monday-Thursday of June 3-6 and June 10-13. Info on our summer camps can be found here: https://www.carmelusawrestling.org/summercamps
  12. Starting today, Sunday May 19th we will host a girls only workout from 5:00-6:30. The goal of our workout it to create a place to help grow the sport of girls wrestling. With the IHSAA starting to have discussions about adding girls wrestling we believe that we need to help start grow the sport now! Any girl with a current USA Wrestling card is encouraged to attend (and bring a friend!). There is no cost for this workout so please feel free to come train with other from across the city! Please enter door 21 in the back of the school and follow the signs up to the wrestling room! Any questions, please contact us Ed Pendoski ed.pendoski@carmelusawrestling.org 317.701.1512
  13. Brownsburg Community School Corp 513 658 78.0% 427 662 64.5% 398 654 60.9% Carmel High School 1068 1244 85.9% 924 1250 73.9% 872 1241 70.3% 10th grade ISTEP Info copy/paste from Indiana Dept. of Education. This is sophomore ISTEP results. Not saying either is bad. Just a bad stat coach.
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