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  1. First and foremost, the IP address has been explained previously. Second, why does it even matter? Third, there's probably quite a few people who share my opinion. Sadly, some are possibly afraid you are going to belittle them, which is an all too familiar action when you feel threatened by someone who has an opposing viewpoint. I stand by my earlier comment, you and others are on an ego trip and all it does is hurt opportunities for kids. If knowing who I am bothers you (or your man crush ontherise219) so much, feel free to send me a PM. Lastly, the smart move on my part is to simply quit this forum since every time I respond I likely put advertising dollars in your pocket. And the reality is I think your current actions are doing more harm than good to Indiana wrestling.
  2. How ironic. Because all I've read through multiple posts is adults expressing the supposed opinions of the kids. When one group back stabs the other and vice versa, how do you expect kids to respond? This whole affair has become an ego trip for the adults.
  3. Wrestling is a tough sport, mentally and physically. If the majority of the kids prefer hanging with their friends, getting cool gear, not cutting weight, etc. over all the studs being on one team, I think you have to listen to them. I just don't like the bashing of people or organizations who are trying to better Indiana wrestling - even if viewpoints are different.
  4. Actually, shouldn't you be thanking me since views = $$ ?
  5. Y2's a big boy, you don't have to speak for him.
  6. I don't know how Indiana wrestling survived before you, Y2.
  7. Y2, From my perspective, the offer of a coaching position looks like an extending of an olive branch? Obviously you see it different. You don't have to recruit kids to your team. When "Mr. IndianaMat" consistently bashes the other teams/organizers the damage is done.
  8. I love that this is being handled via social media. Maybe some of the involved parties should "unfriend" each other? That will really prove a point.
  9. Sarcasm? They're not. Your statement is an over-generalization....
  10. This post is age discrimination! Good wrestling existed before 2009. Just sayin.
  11. Sorta my point, albeit underhandedly. Open enrollment "solves" the problem - if you can't beat them, join them. But in the class wrestling scenario here come the kids from the big school down to the small school chasing titles and taking away spots from kids who actually live in the small town. In my opinion, class wrestling is not the best solution to increasing participation. There will always be kids/programs caught in the numbers game (e.g. the school who just squeaks into 3A competing with schools 4 times its size). Go to Illinois' forum and they are arguing for going back to a 2 class or 1 class system.
  12. I am referring to individual titles. I'll provide you an example: If I'm an incoming freshman and I know that a returning champ is going to be at my weight for potentially the next 1-2 years at 3A, I will enroll prior to my freshman year at a 1A or 2A school to enhance my chances of winning 1 or more titles.
  13. Class wrestling + Open enrollment = Title chasing?
  14. Joe Lee? I agree with RegionRoyalty's list, but it's a tough call between Davison and the field when the field includes Stewart and Tonte.
  15. MattM, the post clearly asked for a definition, not a picture. Please follow directions and make sure to write in complete sentences.
  16. If placing a friendly wager and your only options were one wrestler or "the field." If you're willing to take the one wrestler over the 15, that's a lock IMO. Would enjoy reading other thoughts on what their definition of a lock is and who their locks are this weekend.
  17. East Chicago - 5 Evansville - 6 Fort Wayne - 1 New Castle - 2 Could be a big year for Evansville.
  18. Gassed bad in the finals vs Swank. Looked great 1st period then faded quickly
  19. Ignorant? Are you kidding? Do we need to review your posts from the last few years? #potcallingthekettleblack
  20. Rat, feel free to go by some scratch-offs at the gas station outside the mill if you're in a gambling mood, but Parris is a lock
  21. Brayton isn't a lock by virtue of the 5-3 match against McIntosh. Don't know about an advantage, but Leroy and the rest of the Portage staff had those boys dialed in at state last year.
  22. Are we talking "Region" or ECC semi-state? If it's semi state don't count out the 285 from SBW. I think 5 is a reasonable over/under for ECC. In my opinion, there are only 2 locks this year: J. Lee and Parris. If Cummings would have went 120 (which I was told was very possible), I think he would have been a lock as well. Should be an exciting tournament this year.
  23. Did Haskins and Cruz really have a 28-19 match??
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