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  1. Do not agree with that call. Looked like excellent chain wrestling to a takedown by Willis. No way was that a slam.
  2. Ditto on Scotty's. I'll be there Friday before first round to loosen my vocal cords.
  3. One of two rules that I think need implemented on the high school level. That and 1 point inbounds constitutes a takedown (ie hand, toe, ect). Riding time awards the dominant wrestler and in my opinion makes a match more exciting to watch.
  4. Randy Baker. 4x Al Smith says everything you need to know. I have seen him dominate many state champions, including some by fall.
  5. SA got 2 through. Batt and Burnfield. That makes 12 for Adams County's 3 schools!
  6. IMO Greg Wagner Would beast everyone
  7. ok, thank you. I got CP with this one. Too much fire power
  8. Ya I am watching the matches on broadcastsport.net, but there a couple people that would love to listen to it on the road.
  9. Is there a radio broadcast of this match? If so what station?
  10. Although I agree with Decbell, the way he has carried himself through high school to that point in his career gives him a get out of jail free card in my book. Everyone is entitled to an undue display of emotion sometime in their life. Steven is a great kid and sportsman and I wish him the best of luck wrestling with the greyhounds. P.S. On the flip side, that was a sweet dance move
  11. Speaking from experience on the subject I HAVE wrestled with strep throat and it DOES affect your conditioning. Ended up getting my tonsils taken out to avoid that situation again. Although a select few of you say Eric is using it as an excuse, his comments in the paper contradict your words. Congratualtions Eric on an outstanding sophomore season and I look forward to watching you wrestle in the future.
  12. Congrats to Taylor March, what a tremendous kid and phenominal athlete. Although I could not be at the state finals this year (2nd one i've missed since 1995) I was particularly rooting for this young man. What a great way to end a senior campaign. A state championship and the mental attitude award!
  13. I agree, Norton at 130 is a beast. I have seen all the top 130's wrestle this year except Spencer and I would have to say that Norton is going to make a name for himself this weekend.
  14. Josh is a great kid, phenominal athlete, and a true sportsman. I frown upon anyone that boos him. How can you knock on a kid that has 3 state titles hanging up on his wall and now he is wrestling his entire senior season hurt? I think the entire state should be pulling for him imo. What tremendous heart from such a class act. Good luck at state Josh, I hope to see you on top of the podium for the 4th time.
  15. Drop the 4th placer and add in wrestlebacks
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