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  1. Do schools give out rings for a 2nd place finish at the individual state meet? One thread I always thought would be cool is if people took pictures of their state championship rings and posted it on here. I've seen a few but none more "bling" than Lawrence North's from their back-to-back years. I'm assuming it's up to the school on how much to spend. Anyone with more info, please post.
  2. So are you saying the boost in state champions, placers, qualifiers, etc. is attributed to Vlink's coaching? I don't want to put words in your mouth but you didn't answer Rankings Guy's question when he asked why CP's accolades have gone through the roof since Tsirtsis and Roach moved there a few years ago.
  3. There is nothing wrong with changing schools even though I think we all know wrestling played a part in those families decision to move to CP or M'ville. As long as it was done by the books, there should be no debate about it. CP hit the jack pot with Tsirtsis & Roach a few years ago with those two being the main reason they were able to get past Cathedral and PM at team state. Now you have the Fuqua brothers taking them from a good team to a great team. Personally, I would rather win with kids from my feeder program but that's just my opinion. CP wins handily on Wednesday night...20
  4. I thought Hawkins and Tsirtsis started their own wrestling school? Is this what you were referring to or are they specifically working with the CP feeder program?
  5. I believe his closest match was against Southmont's 112lber...5-2 last Saturday at the Traicoff.
  6. I think "da region" has gotten plenty of love on this site. Numerous ranked teams and wrestlers so I'm not sure where the "non-love" comes from. As for CP, they are pretty stacked this year. I bet a lot of coaches would love to have the move-ins they have had the past few years (i.e. Tsirtsis, Roach, Fuqua bros.) They take the Dogs from a good team to a great team.
  7. Didn't Cook get beat 20-5 by Young? Doesn't sound like he was state caliber getting beat that bad. These schools out in Timbuktu come into semi state with great records but more times than not, end up buying their ticket to Conseco.
  8. Interesting to see many of the CP wrestlers are products of Vega wrestling. Pretty impressive!
  9. Jumping from 112 to 119 is a big jump competition wise.
  10. Vlink has been coaching for 30+ years and didn't get his first individual champ until last year. Does that mean he's not a good coach? Of course not so let's afford Maldonado the same fairness who, by the way, has 3 or 4 individual champs in less than 10 years at m'ville. Going by DuneFan's logic, Vlink would not be a "great" coach without last year's trophy which wouldn't have happened if it not for Roach and Tsirtsis moving into the district. Bottom line, I don't think you can gauge the "greatness" of a coach on just state championships (individual or team).
  11. Hot shot lawyer-to-be! I know I'm impressed.
  12. Ruggeri (sp?) at HWT could have easily made the list as well. Overall, great list maligned.
  13. thatguy, Excuses are like buttholes...everyone has them and they all stink. For some reason, you can't help yourself when it comes to making excuses for why Hawkins lost. He got beat fair and square and no excuse is going to change that. Some other comments I disagree with: "...this weekend meant nothing." I doubt Bradley feels the same way. "...because he really had nothin to gain by winning the Carnahan..." Ridiculous comment! Is Hawkins now a professional boxer? Does he choose which matches are worthy of his ability? In the words of former Jets coach Herm Edwards, "YOU PLAY
  14. Maybe my eyes are deceiving me but is he not ranked in the pre season rankings?
  15. Boot, great post. The other saying I love is, "Wrestling is what MEN do during BOYS basketball season."
  16. I'm not arguing with you but look at any baseball historian's "top ballparks to see a game" and Wrigley is right up there with Fenway and the old Yankee Stadium. I would be surprised if you've seen a game outside of the ghetto where U.S. Cellular lies. So if Cubs fans can go to all those day games because they don't work (your words), how are they yuppies? Contradiction anybody???? About the only factual statement you made was the one about 2005 being before 1908. I won't argue with you there but you need to turn down "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen and return to 2009. I'v
  17. Talent wise the Sox aren't second class but from a fan's point of view, there is no comparison. Wrigley Field is ten times the ballpark of U.S. Cellular. Any REAL baseball fan knows that. Btw, 2005 was four years ago. Let it go. When the Cubbies finally win one, the celebration will make 2005 look like your grandpa's birthday party. Do you know why 10,000 Sox fans were able to go to the parade back in 2005? Because only 12 had to call off work!
  18. Y2 and Karl, what's wrong with keeping the individual tournament how it is and changing the team tournament to a class system?
  19. Both guys could have been more composed. In my opinion, Metcalf came away looking worse. Not only did Caldwell wipe the mat with him but he acted like a sore loser after he lost. There is no real reason to debate this though because neither wrestler conducted themselves like they should have. If you think they did then you're drinking either the Metcalf Kool Aid or the Caldwell Kool Aid. If I were a coach, I would show this to my team and point out to them that this is not how you win or lose. Personally, I'd rather discuss why Metcalf dominated almost everyone he wrestled this year b
  20. Did I hear the ESPN commentator correctly? Donahoe left Nebraska because his picture showed up on a gay website? Anybody that can fill us in on this story, please share.
  21. Since the implementation of a team state tournament in 1995, who are your top 5 teams of all time (all 14 years)? I'll start things off... 1. Mater Dei 2003 2. Mater Dei 2001 3. Crown Point 2009 4. Mater Dei 1998 5. Lawrence North 2004
  22. Unlike some people on this forum, especially its founder, I can see both sides of the coin in this argument. I always have my wrestlers shake the opposing coaches hand after a match. Do I feel disrespected if the opposing wrestler doesn't shake my hand? Absolutely not. Sasquatch made a valid observation about CP. I don't believe he has a personal vendetta against them or their wrestlers.
  23. All I know is that I wouldn't want to be the cellmate of Chalfant...that SOB is HUGE!!!
  24. It matters because your commentary about the match was biased. I couldn't care less who won that match but your "blaming the ref" excuse was the only thing that is ridiculous. As for my Kool Aid comments, they're called jokes...nothing personal. It would be awesome to see one school have that much success at the state meet but to predict 5 champs for CP shows your wreckless bias. I'll go with 2 champs for CP...Roach and Shrewsbury. Still not bad for one school.
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