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    snoopy reacted to combatspeed06 in Mishawaka RTC   
    Be there, TONIGHT at 6:00 for what looks to be a great room! Let's see how packed we can get it!!!
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    snoopy reacted to Silvertone1696 in Merrillville needs a new announcer   
    While I realize Merrillville isn't a "centralized" location, it is at least conviently located a few blocks from I 65. East Chicago would be quite a drive for everyone. Valpo U would be fantastic but owning the ARC on a Saturday this time of year would be difficult.
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    snoopy reacted to The Fine Print in Plymouth Sectional   
    It's finally fun to go to the meets!  We have a chance to advance 6-7 wrestlers and have 3-4 champions.  Not bad for a little 1A!  We will also be one of only 3 teams to have a full line-up!  Coach Brown and Coach Arveson have done a fantastic job of building this program over the last four years!  And assistants Shaun Belin and Jason Thompson are great with the kids!  
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    snoopy reacted to M109R in Merrillville Semi State Rankings   
    I think they look good. We will find out more as the season progresses . One matchup I'm looking forward to is Mammolenti vs Sopko at the Harvest classic. It could change the SS rankings right away if Joey wins .
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