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Everything posted by snoopy

  1. Congratulations andre. Good luck. Gin and Sam
  2. Good job Chad! Going to be some good matches.
  3. Is there an event schedule listed somewhere?
  4. Harvick should say at UNC as in North Carolina not ufc. Spell check, grr
  5. Ihsaa champion champion Steve Kinser. Histories greatest sprint car racer. NASCAR Kevin Harwick on you tube in UFC wrestling room. David Letterman, wrestler even helped a ISWA culture exchange trip. Remember Mike Golic at ND when they had a program.
  6. We should draw all weights for duals. This would add excitement.. The draw rotated pressure always on one kid. Let's go all the way with variety
  7. Is it too late to change spring clinic to mad max. I need to learn how to make the the 1A school compete with the 3A. Probably need a lot of Q &A. Or maybe he should just come to all our schools and evaluate then give us a report card. P.S. When I watch Iowa state finals it's been split screen.
  8. We used to have a parade at conference. Each wrestler and coach was announced. Most teams Carried track team camp flags. Had mat maids carry American and Indiana flags leading. It was a neat deal Sorry Karl it was before you. Lol
  9. More fire! Seems like I've heard of states going two classes. Public and private (parochial and charter). Not that I want it, but curious.
  10. I confess leaving the semis at state. To get in line for good final round seats.
  11. Jimtown & Rochester I've heard Merrillville, but I can't look that quick!
  12. I'm sure Bill Sharpe, who I really respect, will be glad to know the talent pool is as deep at Jimtown as Penn. Who tells my parents that their son must skip church to go iswa to be good. If I tell the kids no football or baseball. Most kids will not wrestle. How does encouraging schools with small enrollments or no wrestling room to drop the sport. That would really help. Remember there are ihsaa a a board members from 1A schools. Another silly thought a wrestler might choose a DII or DIII for educational values.
  13. Don't know about winning. Back in history there was a wt. class with no champion due to double dq for stalling. Maybe around 85
  14. One point nobody has mentioned. I've had guys go to rtc, camps, trips, but then summer ends. I've watched technique and skills slip away during the season due to quality of work out partners in the room. Let us work together during the tournament series. Yea right. With nothing in it. I will say a neighboring school has won both girls and boys basketball and I have never heard a word about it only being a 1A title. I've seen good athletes be a reserve bb player rather than a good wrestler cause he's got a good chance to go to state.
  15. Sorry folks, I made a joke about driving home. I commend Rypel. We have to return with the team after an activity.
  16. Hoping not to start anything but 2 negatives Forfeits at state The finger spin- injury time outs. Love funk- Funk is great entertainment as well as effective
  17. I tell my kids to not leave it to doubt. Take it out of the refs hands. Life would be easy with replay and jumbotron. Good job refs.
  18. Nutter: lol means that I was laughing about getting my kids home after 2am. It is called sarcasm. After a very expensive weekend and no sleep it was not going to be a positive experience. They will be wrestling next weekend. It really had nothing too.do with the Blake . Please let it drop and be happy for the Rypel. The moron
  19. He probably didn't have a 2.5 hour trip home last night. Lol Nothing wrong just a fact.
  20. Rypel vs Chambers. Totally different styles.
  21. That should be unfortunately and GPA. Spell check, grr.
  22. Everybody standing in line to get in people talking about their particular favorite. Where several smaller schools are located. A lot of did you see stories. What could be an uptight situation is usually light and almost fun. The green vested employees. They usually have a few hour events talking a full.day. Most were polite and asked politely for whatever was needed it a very tough atmosphere. unfit on it'll a lot of the blue shirts yelled and demanded rather than ask. Nice to hear the PGA of the athletes. Hopefully this dispels the old "dumb jock" perception.
  23. When you get up every Saturday at some stupid hour. Lock yourself in a yellow box. Yell all day. Maybe get a sloppy joe. Lock yourself in the yellow box again. AND You enjoy it.
  24. MSA Many years ago with went to an ##//** high school, the gym was a metal quanset hut. I wore my winter coat to coach, no body showered. OH that's not what cool means!
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