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    Bash513 reacted to TeamGarcia in Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee   
    WRONG ! 
    WRONG ! 
    WRONG ! 
    Its Willie Saylor Indiana cousin Billie Saylor that lives in his backyard shed that is a Thumb Wrestling Champ . I know it , I can read between the lines . Billie is that you .... ?  
    The Notorious 
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    Bash513 reacted to maligned in Wrestling Little League outline   
    TripleB, I agree with the principle you're trying to communicate, but I agree with others that it doesn't apply here. You're talking about the noun form of a pejorative term versus the verb form of an originally non-offensive word that is still used commonly in certain contexts as that verb. It would be the same as asking my child not to say she "colored" a picture because that word is offensive as an adjective.
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    Bash513 got a reaction from piscis1956 in Kyle Todrank   
    I've watched the match a couple times now.  I loved how game he was and that he didn't stall out or lay down.  He was attacking the best wrestler in the country relentlessly and was smart to slow play the escapes (even though he got dinged a couple times for stalling) to avoid the cradles.  He wasn't ever going to win but that didn't stop him from trying like hell.
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    Bash513 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Most Physical Wrestlers in the State..?   
    I'd rather have a Penn State style... 
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    Bash513 reacted to ontherise219 in HOBART RTC   
    I will come by and broadcast the practice keeps my skills sharp 
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    Bash513 got a reaction from pjayroza in Darren Elkins this weekend   
    I feel like Miguel Torres has to be in this discussion as well, right?  I mean at the height of his career he was the WEC champion and largely considered a top 10 pound for pound fighter. 
    His career fell off FAST and I realize he fought at less "accomplished" weight but he was VERY good in his prime.
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    Bash513 got a reaction from MOWrestler in Nick Lee   
    I'd be willing to bet that very few of the PSU wrestlers have full ride scholarships JUST through wrestling.  Things like academic scholarships, grants, financial aid, allow the scholarships to be broken up but still give each kid a free education.
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    Bash513 got a reaction from Bulldog89 in Wabash   
    To take it a step further, for those that don't know, in addition to building a VERY successful program, Wabash also runs an amazing camp every year bringing in some of the best clinicians in the country to work with wrestlers.  Look it up if you haven't and see what a tiny men's college in the middle of Indiana has to offer...
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    Bash513 got a reaction from MOWrestler in Wabash   
    To take it a step further, for those that don't know, in addition to building a VERY successful program, Wabash also runs an amazing camp every year bringing in some of the best clinicians in the country to work with wrestlers.  Look it up if you haven't and see what a tiny men's college in the middle of Indiana has to offer...
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    Bash513 reacted to Bulldog89 in Wabash   
    As  you all know Riley is pretty good at wrestling.  But I have to tell you all of something i witnessed after the the event was over that tells more about this MAN!!.  After the event was over and the parents, coaches, & team were all celebrating with the 3rd Place team trophy at a near by restaurant.  I walked back to where I had been sitting with my youngest son Easton (Owen's brother).  As i approach the table, here is Easton (age 10) and Riley in a full conversation.  What other 4X NCAA champ sits with a 10 year old after he just made NCAA Wrestling history and talks about how Easton has been doing in his matches and asking how proud he was of his older brother being an All-American?  This man is truly one of a kind not only on the mat but in his everyday life.  Every event that we had went to this year to watch Owen and the Wabash team, Easton was in constant wrestling mode with one of the Lefever boys, wrestling around and fending for his life.  It is a year that Easton or the whole Doster family will never forget.  Wabash wrestling is about academics & team!!  Wabash was the best decision our son made and the state of Indiana has a GEM in Wabash College.  #WAF #onevision
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    Bash513 reacted to Fabio Jr. in International folk style competition   
    No....If anything we should switch the us to freestyle...Typical American stance
    Also you are mostly going to get roasted
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    Bash513 reacted to brickfor6 in HOBART RTC   
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    Bash513 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Anyone know who's hosting RTC in NWI ?   
    Things easier than setting up an ISWA RTC
    1. Buying a house with bad credit
    2. Getting a visa to Iran
    3. Climbing Mount Everest
    4. Winning the lottery
    5. Counting to infinity
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    Bash513 got a reaction from warsawwrestling in Upsets / Big Matches   
    Certainly not upset related, but I was really impressed with Hatch today. I know he's a good wrestler, but it's rare to see a kid constantly attacking from the top position. I felt like there wasn't one second that he wasn't working for a turn or a fall. He was never "just riding". It was really awesome to see.
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    Bash513 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Boycott Freestyle State   
    A little copy and paste and some countifs and vlookups make it a simple task.
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    Bash513 reacted to brodygrant in Balance between Football and Wrestling   
    Update:  We had a sit down discussion last night between the two of us and felt a lot of good came from the talk.  He mentioned one of the biggest reasons he doesn't want to focus on wrestling too much after the season is he doesn't want to worry about trying to control his weight.  He wrestled 182lb during the season, but currently is up to 197lbs, my response to this was to just wrestle up in weight and use these tournaments as getting better, which he agreed.  The second reason, is that football is his main sport and one that he would like to play at the next level if given the chance, he mentioned that wrestling is his "fun" sport and doesn't ever want it to be anything other than that. 
    Great feedback from the board.  This is the reason I love wrestling so much, is the "family" feel you get from the majority of the people you come across in this sport. 
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    Bash513 reacted to MattM in If this guy wins at freestyle OTTs, it means we have the best chance at a medal...POST-MORTEM   
    They usually wont just give wrestlers a special wrestle off for being injured.  In most cases it has to be a special case like you being a previous world team member or you are asked to attend a Olympic qualifying event which is near the time of the trials. 
    If I recall the events correctly:
    Bunch was allowed to sit out the Olympic Trials because he was our top healthy guy available to attend the Olympic qualifier which was held soon after the trials.  Since the weight hadn't been qualified they needed didn't want him to risk injury and have to make weight twice by participating in the Olympic Trials too.  He was told he would get a wrestle off for the spot if he was able to qualify the weight.  (For a few trials winners this year whose weight isn't qualified yet its a decently quick turn around to attend the qualifier tournament coming up, so I'm sure they played around with the idea of a similar scenario before this years trials.)
    Humphrey's had an injury before the trials.  He was given an exemption from competing and allowed a special wrestle off due to being the previous World Team member.     
    Scott won the Olympic Trials.  He was told he would be sent to the last qualifier event if Bunch qualify the weight.
    When Bunch qualified the weight class for the Olympics it created the three person tournament to be held at the Beat the Streets event in Time Square. Whoever qualified the weight was told they would be allowed to sit out the first match, which turned out to be Bunch.  Scott beat Humphrey's under the old freestyle system of best of three periods where it basically keep coming down to a ball grab to determine who would get the hold advantage.  In the finals Scott beat Bunch to claims the Olympic spot and eventually go on to win the Bronze medal.  
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    Bash513 reacted to vito pepperelli in IHSWCA Team State Duals - Initial Invitations Sent Out   
    Your Region jokes are played. 
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    Bash513 reacted to gogoplata89 in 132 super bracket from the past 15 years   
    I bet Freshman Andrew Howe gives Nick Lee all he can handle. 
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    Bash513 reacted to maligned in Ian Miller   
    He would still be eligible for an at-large berth, no matter what place he got at MAC's, as long as he's cleared to go by the time of final selections.
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    Bash513 got a reaction from Y2CJ41 in Who are the most annoying fans   
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    Bash513 got a reaction from Bulldog89 in 2016 NCAA D3 Midwest Regional Hosted By Wabash College   
    Some Little Giants!!
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    Bash513 reacted to ontherise219 in Region Finalist!   
    I always thought old region was the mill communities. I always looked at the region as the NWI times paper area. The wrestlers that would be selected to the old northeast Illinois and northwest Indiana bragging rights
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    Bash513 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Region Finalist!   
    Once Fort Wayne rises again it will then be considered the region too.
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    Bash513 reacted to sportsfangms in Top Eleven Ways To Identify a "Region" Fan at State   
    If you're going to call someone out for making a mistake in their post, the least you can do is use the correct word to describe the feelings people from Chicago have toward those from NWI. I believe the word you were looking for was disdain not detain. Lived at 3750 N. Racine in Wrigleyville and grew up on the south side of the city, trust me when I tell you, the Region is a lot more Chicago than the rest of the state. Going to Purdue made the difference between the Region and the rest of the state abundantly clear. You can make fun of it, but it's home and I'm proud to live here.
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