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Everything posted by regionrumbler

  1. They had some long delays and exhibitions between All Star matches
  2. Davison Won by MD Parris Won by Fall Team score tied at 22
  3. Rader Loss by Dec Graber Loss by Maj Dec IL 22-12
  4. Graham Rooks Loss by Dec Lamore Win by Dec Mappes Loss by Dec Score IL 15-12
  5. Team Blue Results Flores Lost by Dec Diaz Lost by Fall McCartney Won by Dec Mejia Won by Dec Hunt Won by Dec 9-12 IL after 132
  6. I agree with Montymo that unfortunately some of the better Harrison kids didn't get a chance to prove their worthiness to be in FW. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Crider or Betourne wrestled anybody ranked and I know Betourne wrestled one or two backups. McCartney wrestled one state placer and lost 5-3, but then the next state placer he was scheduled to wrestle was replaced with a backup. I'm guessing those kids would've liked to prove themselves, after all the negative (but accurate) chatter about Harrison.
  7. Portage’s Peele also had a great day. 5-3 over McCartney 4-3 over #9 Rioux 3-1 over #5 Campbell 7-1 over #7 Egli
  8. That's too bad. Jim has done a lot for Indiana wrestling. Not enough loyalty anymore
  9. The North Central Conference Tournament is the weekend before Sectionals.
  10. There is only one person who could upgrade Harrison's schedule and make all this conjecture moot and it isn't Wrestling Scholar, On The Rise, Sportsfan or any of the wrestlers with gaudy records, who have been named on here. It's the Harrison Head Coach. As long as he wants to wrestle a weak schedule (rated around 150th) and pile up wins, the Harrison kids will have to be content with records, rather than competition. Harvest Classic Harrison?? Put up or ...
  11. Hobart and Harrison could compete very well with the final qualifier Penn. Penn has the name, but when you look at their returning wrestlers, weight by weight, they are not imposing.
  12. Scholar well rested and coming out of the gate strong this morning!
  13. Brick: Good projections, although 26 and 52 may be tossups. Regardless, bonus points would likely determine the outcome either way. Harrison has some pinners too.
  14. Don't mean any disrespect. Only stating the obvious. Harrison has had a kid with the most wins in the State, each of the last two years. Good, talented kids. Any coach who upgrades his schedule, knows they're getting better prep for February, but might take some losses in the process. It's a trade off. If Harrison gets in Harvest and team state, good chance they will suffer more losses than they normally do.
  15. I doubt he wants the competition. Ha. His guys might not get 50 wins if he upgrades his schedule.
  16. Sturdy limb (like a tree trunk) you're out there on. LOL Which makes it easy to understand why he took offense. He was using the strategy he thought was his kid's best chance and Fabio chided the strategy. Easy to understand both ways.
  17. What's keeping them from testing themselves against the Region schools? I can guess from looking at the gaudy records of their wrestlers, AND their inflated Dual record... it's because their coach doesn't want the better competition. What else could it be? Teams can schedule tougher in any sport, if they want to.
  18. MCKAJC: What did he say? Enquiring minds wanna know...Trash Talking a High Schooler? Say it ain't so Fabio! LOL
  19. Didn't do anything to my butt. I just think Jr. High is Jr. High and in a time when there's a lot of chest thumping and big egos...suggesting a 13 year old would place with 17-18 year olds, serves no good purpose. I know a few high schoolers who got their priorities screwed up by reading their rankings too often. Jr. High kids will have their day, but the less publicity at a young age, the better. I feel the same about comparing High School wrestlers to Big Ten wrestlers. Wait until they are in the college room and deserve/have earned that conversation. Just my opinion, since you asked.
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