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  1. Insanoflex


    Nick, Where can one get tickets if I dare show my maize and blue face in Columbus?
  2. Insanoflex

    Open Mat at Highland

    Coach, Y0u might want to check into IHSAA regulations. Unless you're an ISWA Regional Training Center, you can only open up your room to the wrestlers who attend Highland. This was instituted a couple of years ago and was not a big hit among numerous coaches.
  3. Insanoflex

    Merrillville semistate prayer

    Rat, That's the head of the cooler patrol at MHS dontcha know.
  4. Insanoflex

    Merrillville semistate prayer

    You have the ARC on your wish list, you'll get green mats. I know you get plenty of the color green on your plate at the Bremen Super Dual, but Valpo would be the host school. But this is a pipe dream. Like it's been said before in this thread and numerous times, the Purple Matriarchs aren't letting go of that semistate until it's pried from their cold, dead hands.
  5. Insanoflex

    Favorite Round of the IHSAA Tourney

    The first round at the local watering hole after a loong day at semistate.
  6. Insanoflex

    Merrillville semistate prayer

    Good luck transporting those one-peice resilite mats over from VHS.
  7. Insanoflex

    Ethical concerns

    I bet Hungus has some good stories on this topic.
  8. I've been following this thread with great interest, and as a former coach, I'd like to chip in my two cents (1.9 cents in Canada--check the current exchange rates) on the "renegade programs" and ethical issues. There was a school that we used to wrestle in a dual, and the match was more akin to a street fight than a sport (initiated by the other team, but I won't say my guys were choir boys and didn't retaliate, which didn't sit well with me). So I took action as I saw fit: we stopped scheduling them. Think about it: if your AD hires a wrestling official who (sorry Chuck, just a hypothetical) consistently misses calls (and I know a lot of the interpretations are subjective), would you schedule that official again? No coach in his right mind would, granted I realize the AD does this hiring, but I would let him/her know that I don't want to see that official on our mat again. The same can be done for schools who continually "play the edge" with coaching ethics. I do realize this would not be the easiest undertaking, but think what sort of message you send to a team when no other school wants to wrestle them? The smart money says changes will be made in the violating program if this were to happen. Granted I know conference affiliations and current contracts might make this tougher than what I've outlined, but it could happen and Indiana wrestling as an entity could police itself. Or I could be tilting at windmills with this idea. It was just a thought that crossed my mind when the sanctioning issue came up in a post. Upon rereading this, I realize I'm quite paranthetical, so I apologize if that bothers anyone.
  9. Then I guess you get cut some slack.
  10. Um, Joe, you're looking a little gangster with the spatial orientation of your chapeau.
  11. Insanoflex

    Things coaches say...

    "That kid could screw up a wet dream!"
  12. Insanoflex

    Billy Maldonado

  13. Insanoflex

    NIC Super Duals

    He used to go by "Mike", BTW. And I have Zsa Zsa Gabor lined up for the first of many celebrity interviews.
  14. Insanoflex

    NIC Super Duals

    You do realize they're giving me a microphone on Saturday and a captive audience? Hmmm, do internet broadcasts come with a 6 second delay?? Darrell-calm down, that's just a joke.
  15. Insanoflex

    NIC Super Duals

    I honestly don't know why Darrell didn't use my real name. . . . Mr. Insanoflex

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