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  1. 05 finals-LN v AVON The match was pretty close heading into the lighter weights, when LN just went on a roll pinning 5 or 6 matches in a row to lock up their second consecutive title.
  2. David Gans and Mo Gunn from lawrence north. I thought they were both going to win it their senior year.
  3. I think phillips is the clear cut favorite at 112, but brooks, todd, and petrov are all right there and could give him a run for his money. Other than that top 4 who is in contention to make some noise in the postseason?
  4. Starting Sunday March 22nd from 3-5pm Red Cobra wrestling club will open its room to any high school aged wrestler looking for another opportunity to train during the week. We will have workouts every sunday until Freestlye state. This is an outstanding opportunity to get some intense drilling and live wrestling with some great wrestlers from around the indy area, and perfect your technique. If you have any questions please contact Thomas Johnson at 317-408-3042.
  5. The 02-03 mater dei team was ridiculous, but i wonder what a dual between that team and the 04-05 LN team would look like.
  6. Royce Deckard is one of the best coaches i've ever had the pleasure to wrestle for and learn from. He really knew how to get the best out of his guys, and he is successful wherever he goes.
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