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  1. Penn has had a state champion but it may seem like a lifetime to some because it was back in 1971.. Here is the article from the South Bend Tribune about it. http://www.sportszonemichiana.com/article/20110218/SPORTS11/102180308/1001/Sports
  2. Here ya go.. Just click the link and you should find what you need.. http://www.nwcaonline.com/nwcaonline/results/scorebook/CompetitionResult.aspx?SchoolYear=2010&ID=745371&ID2=99220&ResultID=-1&Mode=Live
  3. All scores will be updated in the very first post. That way people don't have to keep scrolling down to see all the updates. Easier to just look at one post.
  4. Thanks but I'm at work and can't bring up broadcastsport.net. Already tried and it's blocked. So I'm stuck doing it this way. haha.
  5. Yorktown 12-0 over Roncalli Mishawaka 17-0 over CP Cathedral up on PM 6-3 Castle up 29-6 over Harrison
  6. So I don't know what weight they started at or who has or has not wrestled but I did get the scores.. Got my info from the NWCA site off of IHSAA.org Castle 54-15 over Harrison ... Castle moves on to the Semi finals. Yorktown 31-24 over Roncalli Yorktown moves on to the Semi finals. Perry Meridian 39 Cathedral 20 Perry Meridian moves on to the semi finals Mishawaka 45-19 over CP Mishawaka moves on to the Semi Finals Sorry I didn't get the matches updated and such. Work computers are the worst. If someone else would like to keep this going or start a new thread that's cool with me. I should probably get some work done now.
  7. Gotta add Alcatraz and Rock Bottom to this list. Both have reasonable beer selections and are micro breweries. Food at both are pretty decent also. Scotty's is my favorite though. Make my own burger with Bison meat, pepper jack cheese, Mofo bbq sauce, jalapenos, on sour dough bread. Throw in some waffle fries with cheese and ya got yourself a meal. They also have about 25-30 beers on tap. I get Fat Tire. It compliments my burger famously. Howl at the moon is pretty fun with the right crowd. My wife was actually kicked out of there during her bachelorette party for showing the piano guys her chest. She was slightly intoxicated but having a good time up to that point. Hahaha. Kinda confused why she was kicked out though!? Haha We like Nicki Blaines too. A little pricey but good place for a cigar (maybe victory cigar) and martini after a long day at Conseco. We usually go there after Pacers game when we need a stiff drink.
  8. That's a good question. Not entirely sure how it would work. Head to head, results against common opponents are the only two ways I can think of that would be somewhat fair. Then again not everyone agrees with that. Good thing I don't have to make that decision.. Haha
  9. Yorktown lost to South Bend Clay. So they are not undefeated. Which would make Misahawaka the #1 seed if it were by records with a 27-0 record. I do not believe that their is another undefeated team at State.
  10. Not to take away from your post but do you know how Mishawaka is doing? I'm at work and have to use my blackberry to get in here for updates. Broadcastsport.net doesn't seem to like my blackberry right now. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Lakeshore is highly ranked in Michigan as was Lowell, Michigan. Both were in the top 3 for their divisions I believe. Nice win for the Cavemen last night. The Lakeshore coach just won his 735th dual meet or something like that a few weeks back. He's been at Lakeshore for 40 years or something around that. Here is an article about Lakeshore's coach.. http://www.chicagotribune.com/topic/all-s-bittenbender.7129512jan04,0,1247499.story?track=rss-topicgallery
  12. So... Wrestlers/Coaches from the Al Smith coaching tree did pretty well this weekend. Snyder from Mishawaka dominated the Triacoff and Harper(Penn) dominated the Charger Invite. Not entirely sure of the other coaches/wrestlers from Mishawaka that did well today but it seems to have been a good day/weekend for the guys that came from Mishawaka. Are these guys becoming the dominating forces in Indiana wrestling and is the NIC going to be an interesting conference this year? I know that Harper has his work cut out for himself but he has the kids from Penn believing again. Congrats to Coach Snyder and Coach Harper on impressive wins this weekend. I hope they continue their winning ways to make things more interesting in months/years to come. Dan Anderson Mishawaka Class of 1999. Good Luck Brad and Darrick..
  13. Did the Cavemen of Mishawaka prove themselves today or is their schedule still cupcakes?? Just curious because they did very well today. Not saying they will do this well later on in the season but I think they earned "it" today.. Agreed??
  14. 119 LN pin WC; 6-0 LN 125 WC pin LN; 6-6 130 WC dec LN; 9-3 WC 135 WC dec LN; 12-6 WC 140 LN pin WC; 12-12 145 WC pin LN; 18-12 WC 152 WC dec LN; 21-12 WC 160 LN Maj Dec WC 21-16 WC 171 LN pin WC; 22-22 LN 189 WC pin LN; 27-22 WC 215 LN dec WC; 27-25 WC 285 LN dec WC; 28-27 LN 103 WC pin LN; 33-27 WC 112 LN pin WC; 34-33 LN My question is how WC only got 5 points for the pin at 189 when LN got 6 points for their pin at 171. LN also got 7 points for their pin at 112 according to this scoring. Just wondering where the extra and houdini point went..
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