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  1. That's right, I forgot about that with Eric. Was it Jr or Sophomore year? I believe it may have been sophomore after placing 3rd as a freshman. And I was trying to think of Josh's name...I think he may have been one too. Thanks!
  2. Alex Tsirtsis Griffith Angel Escobedo Griffith Andrew Howe Hanover Central Jason Tsirtsis Crown Point (not 100% sure here, I know he had a loss to the Merrillville kid at some point) Leroy Vega Portage? Stevan Micic Hanover Central? Eric McGill Munster? Eric Galka Hobart? Brad Harper Mishawaka (I know he won his freshman year, just not sure if he swept the rest) Billy Maldonado??? Region schools that come to mind that may have had a Semi-State 4 timer...Portage, Merrillville, Chesterton, Hobart, Crown Point, Calumet
  3. 106 Hollis ​112 Cavanaugh 120 Triana ​126 DeLaPena 132 Reitz ​138 Black 145 McIntosh ​152 Hatch ​160 Kasch 170 Swank ​182 Davison 195 Davison ​220 Akers HWT McWilliams ​Not necessarily from this group, but 4 possible champs...5 on a great day.
  4. #42 Ways to identify someone from Da Region... We do not pretend, nor do we use Carl SandBURG (not berg) quotes Loosen up Francis, you have 12 years in the Big City under your belt...act like it
  5. Hahahaha, omg...lol I love when a country bunkin' backwards ass hilljack sister's cousin's sister's brother's sister who you call mom or wife or honey or whatever makes a funny...cracks me up. I like how you can watch a few episodes of The Sopranos and read a few of the Rat's posts and think you know us...come live a day in our shoes, Da Region would eat you up and spit you back to Mama's tat. Great post though, funny stuff...all in good fun, you know, funny like a clown. The strange thing is, it was as if you were describing the rest of the state with several of them...hmmm. And oh yeah...Indy's not a big city, not even close. And going to IU for the weekend doesn't make you a world traveler. Really though, I love you guys...and your sister/wife Da Region is what it is...we can handle the poking fun and even the harsh criticisms...we're the land of big shoulders, bring it. As for our ego, it's called a survival tool. We are products of the steel mills, the refineries, the South Side of Chicago, the Big 3 of Hammond, Gary, and East Chicago...drugs, murder, and organized crime are "normal" to us. We root for Chicago sports and family is everything to us...even if we don't share the same blood. This is fun, I love you guys! Even though I'm a product of Da Region, born and raised in Hammond one block from the State Line, I love the whole state I live in. We have diversity and pride...and in this case we have the greatest sport on the planet that brings us all together. Looking forward to a great weekend as always...safe travels to all the wrestlers and their families as well as all the fans. One last thing...does somebody have the individual numbers of State Champs/Place Winners from Da Region as opposed to the rest of the state??? Just curious...or maybe it's my ego that's curious, lol
  6. Possible... 113~Johnson over Wright 113~Mosconi over White 120~Hunt over Langeloh 126~Dilbeck over Mejia 126~Loos over Torres 132~Elpers over Black 152~Lehman over Pruitt 160~Bublick over Garman 170~Davis over Samuels 182~Hankenson over Damler 195~Davis over Kleimola 195~Vakalahi over Maddox 285~McWilliams over Perkins
  7. 106~Murphy, Garcia, Mills, Cavanaugh 113~Cummings, White, Slivka, Poynter 120~Hildebrandt, Mulkey, Reitz, Rooks 126~Bailey, Hudkins, DeLaPena, Torres 132~Lee, Red, Molloy, Welliever 138~Lee, Coy, Eldred, Schurg 145~Lee, Eicher, B. Laughlin, Vaughn 152~Lawrence, Pruitt, McCormick, Herrin 160~Covaciu, Warren, Whitaker, Garman 170~Hughes, Samuels, Walton, Baumgartner 182~Rypel, Jones, Davison, Damler 195~Wilderman, Stewart, Tonte, Fox 220~Parris, Woods, Hipple, Ellis 285~Streck, Galligar, Samuels, York Team Champs~Brownsburg Runner-up~EMD
  8. Growing up a Region guy and a product of the old Indiana Lake Shore Conference, I was happy to see the Semi State not leave the Region and for selfish reasons move closer to home for me. However, I am and always will be in favor of doing what's best for the sport and well as the fans. This being said, I had a few concerns with moving it to East Chicago. I too had some fond memories of Merrillvillle, but believe the tournament had grown to large for the facility. Kudos to Merrillville for the the years of service to our sport and for doing the best they could with what they had. Going into yesterday, here were a few of my concerns... 1.) Overall organization 2.) Location not being close to hotels and more obvious eateries 3.) Spectator view of mats 4.) Length of tournament I'm a realist and open-minded, but there aren't many times I'm as impressed as I was yesterday from the second I walked in the doors. The immediate smiles and service we received at the door made a positive impact and set the mood for the day. They did not over complicate things nor did I get the sense every step I took was being monitored and controlled. I'm a firm believer of having structure and direction, but they combined that with lots of friendly smiles and a very relaxed atmosphere...I felt the positive energy throughout the whole facility all day. Second, they kept the focus on the goal at hand...run the tournament effectively and efficiently with as few mishaps as possible. I thought it ran as smoothly as I've seen a large scale tournament run in years. With limited break time and a short lunch, this kept people from having to worry about where to go to eat. I thought concessions did the best they could...this combined with wrestlers and families having plenty of experience not going hungry, I'm sure everyone survived. For those needing hotels, I'm sure they figured that out. The set up was accommodating to all...plenty of room for wrestlers, coaches, and officials on the floor and more room than was actually needed upstairs for the fans. All four mats were visible for every available seat in the house, and if you wanted a different view there was plenty of space and freedom to move around to satisfy that. For their first year and length of tournament being a major issue in the past...East Chicago handled this particular concern perfectly. Mad props to the host school, the coordinators, the volunteers, and everyone in attendance for exceeding all expectations in this area. Impressive. Overall, the only glitch was the presentation of the finals...an easy fix. Some things are just trial and error, and I'm positive this will be corrected. Scale 1-10...I'm giving East Chicago an 8.5. And as always, I'm giving the quality of wresting in the Northwest corner a 10. Thanks for a great overall experience East Chicago...I'm already excited for next year
  9. Casa Blanca is a mile south of East Chicago Central...
  10. 106~Cavanaugh, Moran, Diaz, McCartney 113~Cummings, Uribe, Slates, Poynter 120~Reitz, Hildebrandt, Moran, Anderson 126~Torres, DeLaPena, Porter, Goering 132~Black, Rumph, Tolin, Strawsma 138~Hatch, Schurg, Crary, Lukaszka 145~Rodriguez, McIntosh, Laughlin, Jones 152~Lawrence, Prentice, Lemley, Widner 160~Covaciu, Kasch, Swank, Malone 170~Hughes, Mote, Goering, Cornejo 182~Davison, James, Cao, Mutuwa 195~Davison, Larsen, Vakalahi, Embrey 220~Woods, Kukurugya, Crider, Streck 285~Streck, McWilliams, Clark, Murillo
  11. I guess Dark Horse may have been the wrong choice of words now that I look at it...thanks for posing that question. I believe Streck is a lock and Covaciu is as close to being a lock as he can get. I'm a Bam fan, but I'm not convinced he's a sure thing...that weight class tends to always have some surprises, especially in the early rounds. I'm excited to see him prove me wrong.
  12. Wow, it's been awhile...what's going on everyone!?!? Been busy working so I can afford private school tuition and breedin' me another one. So yes, that's means I got some...for a second time. This time the lil critter came out with a singlet on and little more than I got down below...so, we'll see what happens. Well, I thought I'd chime in on this one... Looking Calumet/CP Regionals and EC Semi-State... Once again, some strong individuals with multiple state placers coming out of all of them However, I haven't been too impressed with the overall competitiveness of The Region this year as far as depth goes. The usual suspects will shine through and a couple dark horses may make some noise, but I wouldn't bet on anymore than 6 Champs max coming out of the EC Semi-State. Two from Calumet, Two from CP, and one for sure, maybe two from Penn's Regional. There are a few others I feel strongly about, but that lack of competitiveness may hurt them in those deep weights. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm Region tried and true...but I'm also a realist. Here's my predictions... Calumet Regional: 2 Champs, 2/3 Dark Horses CP Regional: 2 Champs, 1 Dark Horse EC Semi-State Totals: 6 Champs, 4/5 Dark Horses Good luck to all the wrestlers and coaches...looking forward to the next two weeks! npb
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