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  1. notapillowbiter

    Eric Martinez

    i got nothin'
  2. notapillowbiter

    How did you get your screenname?

    d-train...that's some funny ass shi...stuff.
  3. notapillowbiter

    How did you get your screenname?

    well, here goes...without stating the obvious and trying to stay politically correct (i don't want to offend those who wish to lock their teeth on a nice soft pillow after a night of scrabble with their "partner")...i will first give you the origin of the pillowbiter; then and only then will you truly understand the man known as "NOTapillowbiter". it all started on a dark and cold night after a exciting friday session of the state finals...in which a group of us strapping region studs...let me repeat that...strapping region studs were parched and in need of a cold beverage...and what better to go along with that then some T&A if you know what i mean...so we made our way into the "old point" tavern. to the blind eye it looked to be the perfect spot to achieve both goals...but there was something lurking amongst us that would soon show it's scary head. after ordering a round or four, we started to get a lil rowdy...remember, strapping region studs...and letting a few inadvertant slurs fly...and before ya knew it, we had a group of very well dressed, well manicured, wine drinkin' clean shavin' MEN giving us the evil eye...AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! it was the most terrifying moment of my life...and then after a quick overview of the whole place...they were all well dressed, well manicured, wine drinkin', clean shavin MEN!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! and then, in his innocent way...my lifelong regionite union pipefitter father said..."oh my god...they're all queer!!! in a sudden burst of laughter, we all yelled "RUN!!!" it was a close call gentlemen...one that i would not wish on packer fan. so, from that day forward...that bar and all who occupied in on that darkest of nights would forever be know as "THE PILLOWBITER". hence me being forever known as "NOTapillowbiter"

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