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  1. Southern Wells
  2. Southern Wells
  3. Unfortunately I have not been able to attend this event, however it is nice to see on the message board that everyone is talking about wrestling and not how poor the venue was! I can only assume that means a lot was taken care of from last year? Pretty awesome to see some of the best wrestlers in the state going at it for their teams all in the same building.
  4. Southern Wells
  5. Southern Wells
  6. Great Summer Tournament! Anybody have results from the final rd?
  7. Never easy to hear something like this! Prayers headed ur way from the Southern Wells area.
  8. Garcia vs Murphy 106lbs. finals was great!! Didn't see a fall coming in that match! Kleimola vs Tonte 195lbs. finals was awesome as well! Love when a kid fights his way back after giving up a big lead.
  9. Watts from Jimtown has wrestled great last couple weeks...underdog but like you said anybody can win!
  10. Had a good day of wrestling beating Davis of Fort Wayne Wayne 6-1 in the finals...but i got to know is he a Cam Newton fan?? Entertaining warm up dance before his matches!! lol
  11. Bellmont came to wrestle!! Hard to argue that wrestling with the best in the state doesn't help come tournament time! Big wins at 160 170 182 and hwt. in the finals
  12. How about Will Bratcher from Eastbrook? Had a big win over Harrison from Oak Hill, now not in sectional brackets?
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