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  1. Sure brought back memories of the good old A.C. Sectional. The place was always packed and only the top 2 move on. A Regional Qualifier was a huge deal back then. Not that I am complaining about the format now, but man that was an intense atmosphere.
  2. First... Congrats to Bellmont and Yorktown for an awesome match last night! Second I did not hear the 171lbs. name from Yorktown last night, but I assume that it wasn't Brennon Burke. Does anyone have any information on why Burke didn't wrestle last night?
  3. Pretty sure his 2 losses are 1 to Van Horn from Franklin Community and 1 from a kid from Holt Michigan.
  4. Maybe... Just maybe, that Troy Fiechter might be a pretty good wrestler?
  5. unranked T. Fiechter (SW) m.d. #4 ranked W. Sheets (Bel) 11-1
  6. Bultemeier is going to the doctor to try to be cleared to wrestle this week. So I wouldn't totally count him out just yet.
  7. Very cool article! If i wasn't already excited for saturday, that article will get the nerves going. I really enjoy the articles that are wrote on the home page. Keep up the good work.
  8. Thanks! I think I finally got it!
  9. I like the way you think!
  10. This is the worst new feature ever!!
  11. I hear you Y2! I am a little slow but do agree am the best poster on the board.
  12. I am going to throw out the Fiechter brothers from Southern Wells. They push each other every day in the practice room.
  13. Southern Wells 36 South Adams 40 189 Melton (SW) pin Taylor (SA) 2:53 215 S. Biberstine (SW) m.d. Werst (SA) 13-5 285 West (SA) pin Huffman (SW) :46 103 Batt (SA) pin Haviland (SW) 1:47 112 Sprunger (SA) pin Mechling (SW) 1:21 119 Dailey (SA) pin Schortgen (SW) 5:38 125 T. Fiechter (SW) pin Ehr (SA) 4:57 130 D. Fiechter (SW) m.d. Striker (SA) 14-2 135 Morris (SW) pin Landers (SA) 3:40 140 Burnfield (SA) m.d K. Jones (SW) 12-1 145 L. Jones (SW) m.d. Hunt (SA) 11-2 152 Sprunger (SA) pin Grogg (SW) 1:35 160 Taylor (SA) pin Oswalt (SW) 4:29 171 B. Biberstine (SW) p
  14. Southern Wells 26 Leo 40 152 Friend (L) pin Grogg (SW) 1:38 160 Bussen (L) m.d. Oswalt (SW) 11-2 171 B. Biberstine (SW) pin Adams (L) :25 189 Meeks (L) dec Melton (SW) 7-2 215 S. Biberstine (SW) pin David (L) 3:50 285 McAbee (L) pin Huffman (SW) 1:47 103 Craft (L) pin Haviland (SW) 2:18 112 Budden (L) pin Mechling (SW) 3:24 119 Schortgen (SW) dec Gengler (L) 13-9 125 T. Fiechter (SW) m.d. Steury (L) 19-5 130 D. Fiechter (SW) m.d. Bussen (L) 15-3 135 Botts (L) dec Morris (SW) 6-3 140 Beck (L) pin K. Jones (SW) 4:42
  15. Chris Herring placed 5th at the Weston Close tournament. Troy Fiechter placed 1st. Downey (HN) dec. Herring (MA) 5-4 Fiechter (SW) pinned Downey (MA) 1:24 Fiechter and Lovejoy are very solid kids, but I wish they could have wrestled williams also.
  16. Anybody else think it was interesting how the pools were divided up? I just felt like Bishop Luers having a full lineup and not even getting to wrestle for a placement was kind of a raw deal. Besides Fairfield it sure looked like all the best teams were in one pool. If they wanted to stack the best teams together in one pool that would be fine but we shouldn't wrestle a placement match for 3rd and 4th and recieve 5 forfiets.
  17. Wabash Super Duals 1st Northridge 2nd Fairfield 3rd Southern Wells 4th North Miami 5th Heritage 6th Wabash 7th Tippicanoe Valley 8th Guerin Catholic Teams not Placing were Bishop Luers and Thomas Carr Howe Southern Wells Results Southern Wells 38 Heritage 31 103 Bennet (HE) pin Haviland (SW) 112 Richmond (HE) pin Mechling (SW) 119 Schortgen (SW) pin Sitko (HE) 125 T. Fiechter (SW) pin Strahm (HE) 130 D. Fiechter (SW) t.f. Schuler (HE) 21-5 135 Morris (SW) pin McClure (HE) 140 Berning (HE) pin Banter (SW) 145 Jones (SW) pin Reyna (HE) 152 Grogg
  18. That is correct. Kaufman pinned Scott. Nicely ran tournament by Huntington North. Congrats on winning the team title as well.
  19. 103 1st Hamm (PH) win by dec 4-2 2nd Marsh (WN) 3rd Flores (MAR) 4th Kaufman (RC) 5th Carlotto (NOB) 6th Skinner (EB) 7th Preston (LOG) 8th Haviland (SW) 112 1st Randle (HN) win by dec 3-2 2nd Gadient (NOB) 3rd Arenas (MAR) 4th Cataldo (LOG) 5th Grim (WN) 6th Hammon (WOD) 7th Jones (EB) 8th Mechling (SW) 119 1st Barroquillo (PH) win by pin 3:12 2nd Newsome (HN) 3rd Cataldo (LOG) 4th Ringen (RC) 5th Jacobs (WN) 6th Bail (NOB) 7th Marble (MAR) 8th Schortgen (SW) 125 1st T. Fiechter (SW) win by pin 1:34 2nd Downey (HN) 3rd Be
  20. Andrew Heistand from Yorktown looked like a beast at 130lbs. when I seen him wrestle. Now that he is down at 125lbs he is a name who could fill an empty spot.
  21. Teams : Huntington North, Logansport, Eastbrook, Rensselaer Central, Woodlan, Prairie Heights, Noblesville, Marion, West Noble, Southern Wells Anybody have some Team or Individual predictions? Anybody have the seeds for this tournament?
  22. Southern Wells Results Southern Wells 45 Woodlan 33 103 Buuck(W) pin Haviland (SW) :26 112 Hammon (W) FF (SW) 119 Green (SW) FF (W) 125 Schortgen (SW) FF (W) 130 T. Fiechter (SW) FF (W) 135 D.Fiechter (SW) pin Buuck (W) 140 K. Jones (SW) pin Conroy(W) 145 L. Jones (SW) dec. Brenneke(W) 5-0 152 Schwartz (W) pin Grogg (SW) 3:50 160 Sowles (W) pin Miller (SW) 2:37 171 B. Biberstine (SW) pin Salmon (W) pin 2:21 189 Hirschy(W) dec Melton (SW) 3-1 215 S. Biberstine(SW) pin Gessner (W) 4:47 285 Grueb (W) pin Huffman(SW) :28 Southern Wells 35 Adams Central
  23. Rough day for the Fiechters of Southern Wells Troy Fiechter lost to Bevans from Yorktown 13-2 Darin Fiechter lost to Heistand from Yorktown by pin :32 Yorktown has a lot of talented wrestlers
  24. Southern Wells 66 Knightstown 12 Southern Wells 54 Carroll (flora) 24 Southern Wells 52 Frankton 22 Southern Wells 45 Anderson 24 Southern Wells 72 Monroe Central 6 Indivdual Champs (5-0) 119 Austin Schortgen 125 Troy Fiechter 130 Darin Fiechter 135 Josh Morris 145 Levi Jones 152 Cain Grogg 215 Seth Biberstine
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