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  1. So this is a fun topic...here would be Southern Wells. First Varsity team was in 1997 so don't have as many names as some to go with but here you go...


    106 J.D. Morris 2005 (103lb. SSQ)


    113 Troy Fiechter 2008 (112lb. SSQ)


    120 Bill Frauhiger 2006 (119lb. SSQ)


    126 Vince Fiechter 2004 (125lb. 4th place )


    132 Darin Fiechter 2010 (130lb State Qualifier)


    138 Benjamin Fiechter 2013 (132lb. State Qualifier)


    145 William Fiechter 2020 (145lb. 8th place)


    152 Josh Beeks 2020 (152lb. Regional Champ, SSQ)


    160 Jed Perry 2020 (160lb. 6th place)

           T.C. Perry 2016 (160lb. State Qualifier)


    170 Jacob Duncan 2020 (170lb. State Qualifier)


    182 Brandon Biberstine 2009 (171lbs. SSQ)


    195 Jacob Stout 2015 (195lb. ACAC Champ)


    220 Seth Biberstine 2012 (220lb. Semi State Champ, 6th place)


    285 Ethan Potter 2011 (215lb. ACAC Champ)

  2. So I have coached at Southern Wells for 16 years. We have an enrollment of around 250 students. Obviously I am for classing the team side of the tournament because I feel like that is a no brainer. However when it comes to the Individual tournament I love the one class. We have had success sending multiple guys down to the State Tournament but Semi-State Qualifiers are a big deal for our school and our wrestling team as well. We have had a wrestler at the Semi-State tournament for each of the past 16 years and that is a streak we are extremely proud of. Are the expectations different being a wrestler from Southern Wells or a wrestler from Indianapolis Cathedral, well yeah I guess. But when you have a special group like we did at Southern Wells this year and take 3 guys down to the State Finals and wrestle against Crown Point, Penn, and Cathedral on Friday night, what else is better than that! These 3 guys deserved to wrestle on the biggest stage against the biggest schools and best wrestlers in the State. 

  3. The SW coaching staff was not informed that Hardcastle was on recovery time by the officials. Yes I seen the caution signaled by the referee and didn't realize the importance of that call. We were focused on keeping Josh's head clear and ready to wrestle. Didn't want to approach the bench in respect of giving Hardcastle and Oak Hill coaches there appropriate injury/recovery time. I knew the rule but in the heat of the battle didn't put it together until Hardcastle hand was raised. After a brief conversation with officials I agreed with the rule interpretation but obviously was sick with the situation. 

  4. 15 hours ago, bigballerb said:

    I was going to keep my mouth shut about the topic. Here is our side. Whether or not Beeks hit the shot on the whistle or not, we thought during the time he was legitimately hurt. I think everyone can tell from the video the leg buckled. The trainer could not tell during the 1 min 30 seconds of injury time if something was wrong with the knee. We didn’t know that Aidan won the match till after the injury time was already out. I’m truly sorry for Josh that his career had to end like that. I wish it didn’t have to be like this and the match could of been wrestled. I was truly worried for my brothers leg at the time. After the match the trainer said nothing was torn in the knee and that he couldn’t hurt it anymore than it was. Sorry he didn’t show more “signs” of being hurt. We have the upmost respect for the beeks family and Southern Wells. Injury defaulting was definitely thought about and our decision to give it ago was not decided till the match before Aidan’s semifinals. I had my brothers back in whatever decision he made. 

    Brody Hardcastle 

    The referee is obligated to tell you if you are using injury time or recovery time. You may have not known but your head coach was fully aware of what time was being used.

  5. 7 minutes ago, boomer said:

    I didn't see the match other then the video but it seams everyone is going on the assumption that Beeks would have won the match. Either way Hardcastle was good enough to win the tournament. So if Beeks would have won that means that the 2nd best wrestler would have went home. This is another great example of needing wrestle backs. As far as wrestling after getting hit in the knee, it could defantly affect you in that match but after some ice and ibuprofen you could be good to go after that. Sucks either way for one that a good kid won't make it.

    Nope not assuming the outcome of the match...just wanted the opportunity for Josh to earn it, that's my point. A caution for a false start ended a wrestlers career! 

  6. 22 minutes ago, Manimal2001 said:

    You don’t think Hardcastle has dreams of becoming a star qualifier too? He worked hard to get to that point too. What if Beeks would have had his knee injured like what happened in that situation. And don’t be saying subtle comments about the coaching staff, I heard you yesterday talking crap about the coaching staff. Just low. 

    I know and understand that Hardcastle has dreams of being a State Qualifier and that is why I said nothing negative about him. What I was frustrated with was that Josh wasn't given the opportunity because of a "Caution" and a questionable one at that. I was not impressed with the Oak Hill coaching staff and how they handled the situation and am pretty sure they are aware of that. I am sorry for the subtle comments I will make them clear! 


    Ryan Landis - head coach at Southern Wells if that wasn't clear?? 

  7. The rule was interpreted correctly by the officials. The question of it being a true false start is not so clear in the video. I will try and post video at some point. Just like many things in life it is when the rule or situation is abused. I have coached for many years and never have been put in the situation that the Oak Hill coaching staff was put into on Saturday. I believe in all my heart I know what I would have done in the situation. However the problem and the "unfortunate situation" that this rule caused was that Josh Beeks will never get the opportunity that he has earned by working hard and puttting himself in the best possible situation you can by entering the Semi-State tournament has a Regional champ, will never happen. 30 secs. into the match a "Caution" ended the kids career and his dream of being a State Qualifier. 

  8. So what did everyone think of the Friday night tournament?

    It was a late night and didn't leave Bluffton much before midnight, but we have a Saturday off now before the the State Series begins!


    Bluffton was a great venue and tournament was ran real smooth...just seemed to be a lot of blood and injury time that slowed down each round. 


    Congrats to Jay County on a great team performance and winning the tournament! 

  9. Finals are set..

    106 Mallot (EN) vs Milanes (JA)

    113 Sprague (EN) #13 vs Vitello (Va)

    120 White (NP) #8 vs Hein (HA)

    126 Vinson (Shlby) vs Prechtel (JA)

    132 Martin (E) vs Owens (EN) 

    138 Bayley (HA) vs Dormant (GC)

    145 Fiechter (SW) #7 vs Poindexter (HA) #9

    152 Boe (DA) #4 vs Thompson (GC)

    160 Noehre (GC) #2 vs Perry(SW)#10

    170 Schubert (DA) vs Duncan (SW)

    182 Kwiatkowski (VA) vs Stanley (GC)

    195 Allred (SH) #1 vs Farrell (F) #4

    220 Pierce (R) vs Browning (NE)

    285 Poop (Jas) vs Berger (NE) #13

  10. On 5/24/2019 at 4:58 PM, Thor said:

    I’m pretty sure he got the total win record last year. He’ll finally be a senior next year, and I’m told he’s the last Fiechter from that family to wrestle. 

    Here is the Fiechter's Family wins list updated...William has one more year to add to that total, then we will have to wait until the next generation of Fiechters as he is the last of the brothers! 

    Vince 118-18 

    Troy 121-28 

    Darin 134-28 

    Benjamin 135-20

    William 106-21 

    Overall 614-115

  11. This was Southern Wells first trip to the tournament and we had a blast. A big thank you to everyone who organizes the tournament. I think the big delay was just trying to keep the rounds together for all 3 classes. 1a duals were way ahead of 3a. Always room for improvement but I hope we earn our opportunity to compete at this tournament again! 

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