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  1. TCWrestling

    What happend to Hiestand

    i definetly wouldn't call Rueger beating Hiestand and upset. Rueger is tough...very bad draw for both wrestlers.
  2. TCWrestling

    Freshmen at State

    I was pretty impressed with the Culver Community wrestler at 189. I think his name was Hurford. 189 is a tough weight class to come into as a freshman. Hopefully we will see this kid again in the years to come. Sliga is another one that I was very impressed with. Gave Atwood a great match, and was up 4-2 on Johnson-Jones at semi state before getting tossed and pinned. I expect him to do great things in the next 3 years.
  3. TCWrestling

    Best Singlet Under the Lights

    i definitely agree with the plaid singlet....it was awesome, but i also like the UC singlet that Phillips wore in the finals. That might be one of my favorite UC singlets of all time.
  4. TCWrestling


    I think people are going to be a little surprised at his weight class next year because i am thinking he might be a little bigger than people are expecting....but either way he will be back to win his third title next year....Congrats Cody!!
  5. TCWrestling

    Stopping early??????

    How about McMurray holding down Wilis and raising a three in the air. The match was never in doubt, but would it have hurt to wait til it was over to do it???? Either way I was still happy to see Sean win it...Congrats on going down as one of the best in Indiana history!!
  6. TCWrestling

    Best Wrestling Song Ever!!

    Can't go wrong with any song from the Rocky soundtrack
  7. TCWrestling

    History or Firsts at State

    Last year, Cody Phillips was Union County's first state champ in wrestling, then Duckworth followed it up later that night.
  8. TCWrestling

    103 at State

    Only on the mat. Cody is a great kid off the mat.
  9. TCWrestling

    Warren Central

    Yes it was MJJ. He has worn that every weekend from Sectioanl on. He also has a sweet tiger hat. And at Regionals before weigh ins he had on some kind of star back bag type thing....it was pretty sweet...lol
  10. TCWrestling

    2010 IndianaMat Man-Crushes

    I also think duck_and_run has a man crush on duckworth. He sure talks about him an awful lot. Also Caliboy189 and Andre Richards
  11. TCWrestling

    2010 IndianaMat.com State Finals Pick'ems

    Also there were two first place spots at 135
  12. TCWrestling

    103 at State

    Moss only got a takedown on the headlock. Cody hit the mat and immediately got his hips turned down. I don't even think the ref got a one count before Cody got the reversal.
  13. TCWrestling

    To cut or not to cut?

    Did kieffer cut him? I thought it was 0-0 when it happned. Kieffer was far more superior on his feet than the Ben Davis kid, but the Ben Davis kid had a plan and he executed it well. Wrestle that match another 10 times and Kieffer wins by either pin or tech all 10 times.
  14. Cody's parents are pretty small....I don't see Cody getting any bigger than 125, and that would be his senior year. I am guessing at 112 next year and 119 his senior year, but thats just a guess. I think both will do it, but like someone said earlier there are a lot of unknowns that could affect either wrestler.
  15. yes I do agree. I don't think Cody will be making any more mistakes like that this weekend.

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