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    MD92 reacted to jrc in 2016 Junior National Dual Team   
    So now you are calling kids out? NICE!!!
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    MD92 reacted to grecoref in 2016 Junior National Dual Team   
    I have no vested interest in the ISWA. I'm not a Board Member. I am extremely frustrated that no matter what other people come up with as a suggestion, the 3 people you mentioned and a few others do whatever they can to shoot it down because it's not their suggestion nor does it benefit their kid or agenda.
    I also believe that the people who are on the ISWA Board are good people. I know they are honest hard working people. Some have questioned their integrity which is way off base. I don't agree with every decision they have made, but I have never questioned their integrity.
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    MD92 reacted to The Guru in Five Weekends to Get Two Tournaments In   
    If you're truly this concerned, one would think you'd have put more thought in to crafting your message. A condescending smartass never changed any minds. 
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    MD92 reacted to Mattyb in Boycott Freestyle State   
    I'm no longer an iswa board member so I'm out of the loop. With this said... Has anyone actually called a board member. To be honest... Very few board members get on this site (with exception to my brother Jmill). Also... I have been at every ISWA freestyle and Greco state for over a decade. Very few people if any actually walk up to the state chair or vice chairs and discuss stuff like this man to man. I'm not taking sides on this issue, but I would like to see some of the people that are crazy vocal on this message board, pick up there phone and call the powers to be. Or.... Better yet talk to them person to person. I can not say without a doubt that this will help or solve the problem, but.... I assure you that it will solve more issues than getting on this board a spewing venom. Again, I'm not taking sides in this matter, but if people feel this passionate about the issue I would love to hear how a conversation goes between them and a chair at the iswa.
    Btw... That's how I became a board member to start with. I had concerns and ideas. I went to the iswa with my ideas, and they thought they were good. They then asked if I could give of myself to make wrestling better here, and I gladly stepped up and did what I could.
    This message is not geared to anyone.... So, please do not take it the wrong way. The bottom line is this... Don't talk about it be about it!
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    MD92 reacted to UncleJimmy in Any change of hearts?   
    Beer Wrestling League...the BWL! Who's in? Fabio can throw the belt up for weekly challenges. The potential matchups and angles could rival the WWE.
    DaRegion vs #County/City/PainTrain in a tag team battle royale.
    AllYourBase vs Y2 in a Family SmackDown...you don't know my family!
    ClownBaby can be the stylin' and profiln' manager wheelin' to the ring in the Audi.
    The possibilities are endless. We could then grow the Senior divisions and bring all the little kiddies to expose them to the sport and grow it that way too!
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    MD92 reacted to ENoblewrestling in Any change of hearts?   
    MD was pointing out that many kids don't really want to or plan on wrestling after high school.  I was adding to his point by pointing out the fact that there is not a lot of participation at local tournaments at the university and senior levels, even though all you have to do is sign-up and show-up.  I agree with his statement that after high school a lot of kids are just done with wrestling as a competitor.  
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    MD92 reacted to sportsfangms in Any change of hearts?   
    So if you were a state qualifier in a classed system, would you have been any better of a wrestler or recruit? 
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    MD92 reacted to fartfry18 in Any change of hearts?   
    Y2, I want to first admit that you are a really good debator, maybe even a masterdebator?  I don't know that's up for debation.  After I compliment your skills of arguing I'm going to try and learn from what you have done many many times in these class wrestling arguments.
    First, you break down peoples post into paragraph and dissect peoples sentences out of context to try and expose different meaning out of what they are saying... which is what you will more and likely do to this post.
    Second, you skew data by consistently calling MD class 3A which they are not!  I'll agree 100% that they are an outlier based off the fact that what surrounds that school is an insane wrestling community that live, breed, breathe wrestling, however when someone suggest a fact that does not promote class wrestling, you throw that fact out the window and call it an outlier. Also, couldn't you say the top 5 wrestling states that have class wrestling are an outlier?  How about we throw them out and consider them states with 1 class because they come from a community with strong ties to a great wrestling background.  We then use this argument to say states that class wrestling ruin the sport.  It makes no sense, you can not skew data. 
    You will argue point 2 by saying MD will bump up.  Doesn't this also go against many of your other points about classing the sport?  You're gonna tell me that the MD coach will bump up his individuals from class A where they could have an absurd amount of champs and dominate the field (which would probably grow the confidence of 1A right).  MD will bump up to 3A for team but would not take the opportunity away from the individuals to wrestle at 1A.  That point being said brings me to point number 3 which you consistently mention kids in small schools are not as talented because of your "statistics."  You then go on to mention that classing Indiana Wrestling will not water down the state tournament.  Basically what you are proposing is classing state wrestling according to skill level.  You are bumping up MD to 3A in all your stats and assuming that's what they will do because it fits your argument and because they're good.  So 3A is not Big Schools?  You will be proposing that we have State Champ of Good Schools, State Champ of ok Schools and State champ of Struggling Schools.  This will then make struggling schools better and grow the sport.  I believe you would say that statement is Ludacris!
    I want to leave a space so you have room to dissect this without taking it out of context.  My fourth point has to be the fact that you claim people who argue for class wrestling primarily base there argument around emotion. I will make a thesis to this paragraph containing two points: wrestling is about emotion as it is a sport that teaches many life lessons, and I believe this is another place where you hypocritically contradict yourself as you use emotion in your argument.  I don't care what any person for a one class system that we have says, you consistently come up with some reason to dispute it because you love to argue.  They could say a fact that in a one class system semi-state qualifiers do get recruited and yes those coaches from private schools send letters, I might also add that it might seem that a person who places at state will be recruited by colleges more, all of this depends on other circumstances. I have not read very many if any post where you admit that there are pro's and con's to both systems?  You fail to see anything benefical about our current system: true champ, exciting finals, feeling of accomplishment of being a state placer in this system?  On to second point of my thesis so you can follow, the supporters of the one class system support what it stands for be it small school or big school.  It has been stated earlier that wrestling in this system no matter how far the wrestler goes means a lot to that wrestler.  This is coming from past wrestlers so it's first hand experience of their emotion of how our system is.  To class our system by means of point 3 which is how you are proposing it by including MD in 3A is such a non-wrestling attitude at looking at this it sickens me.  I can't beat the best at the system we currently have so let's class it and give me a medal anyway and then maybe college coaches will notice me and sport will grow.  Is that your ideology? You argue that those kids won't know the difference and that a medal is a medal.  A medal is just a piece of material.  I saw an old teamstate medal on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2002-2003-Indiana-High-School-Wrestling-State-Championship-Medal-Mater-Dei-W-Box-/381337728206?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368
    You can buy that and put it on a shelf if that's how much the medal would mean to you.  A medal is a symbol for all the hardwork and dedication that wrestler put in it.  I believe wrestling probably tought the owner that lost that medal more than what the medal itself meant to him.
    My actual thoughts on the topic besides pointing out many of what I consider to be flaws in your argument would obviously be that I am for the single class system.  I am aware of some of the advantages that a multi-class system might have when you look at Illinois, but I don't feel that Indiana has as much depth of wrestling at each level.  There are not consistently enough wrestling communities, or ties to each background throughout our state to consider this a solid option for our sport.  This is also backed by your "statistics".  If there were a great majority of wrestling depth throughout the state to make each class very competitive then it would be a different story.  Separating studs from the rest of the group does not sharpen the other wrestlers skills.  In my opinion,  I feel Indiana wrestling fans love the traditional setup we have. There might be houses for sale over in Illinois however if class wrestling emotionally means that much to you.
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    MD92 reacted to allyourbase in Any change of hearts?   
    But in your humble opinion is this a true indicator of how good said "3-time champ" is on the next level? Because that's what this whole argument is geared towards, the next level, not high school competition.
    Is the University getting their "money's worth" on a 3-time 1A champion vs. a 2-time place winner on the 3A level? Which wrestler is better? For that matter, which "class" is better? Who is the better investment? How do you compare without like opponents?
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    MD92 reacted to allyourbase in Best wrestler to never win State   
    Good One!
    With the "classic robe" warm-up.
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    MD92 reacted to beachbum21 in Indiana modern day best wrestler   
    I don't know how you can leave Nick Lee off this list. He will more than likely end his high school career with (2) losses. One as a freshman to the number one ranked senior in he he nation at the time. IMO every one mentioned would have lost that matchup as a freshman as well. The second one as a junior to the number one ranked wrestler in the nation again. I think you are kidding yourself if you watched that match and don't think Red and Lee aren't even. The difference is that Lee is only a junior and will only get better next year. Assuming only two career losses, both as underclass man to the number one ranked kids in the nation.
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    MD92 reacted to bomber_bob in Any change of hearts?   
    actually the odds of becoming a state qualifier in football are lower than becoming a state qualifier in wrestling. More schools have football teams and less teams qualify for the state tournament in football than do wrestlers per weight class. I'm not sure where you got the "2A football teams don't work as hard" as I clearly stated this was a 10+ year goal that our school and community worked for. 
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    MD92 reacted to allyourbase in Carmel USA Wrestling Club HS Group Workouts- March 2nd   
    Well looky here, a chance for the "small" schools to train and be more competitive with the big schools.
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    MD92 reacted to hook and half in Humility   
    As a Mater Dei fan, I have witnessed tremendous battles waged by the Wildcats against the top teams in Indiana.  Like most fans, I’m thrilled when we win and crushed when we lose.  However, I always appreciate great wrestling, and great programs.
    How do the top programs, year after year, seem to never really have “down” years? 
    It seems like they have common threads, beginning with the coaches. 
    Mater Dei annually competes against hall-of-famers Bob Harmon of Castle and Bob Hasseman of Franklin.  It seems like every year we also see the likes of Jim Tonte, Brad Harper and/or Dave Maldonado. So, what do they have in common?  For one, they are old school.  Their athletes are in-shape, hard-nosed and disciplined.  By and large, their personal conduct is outstanding.  Why is that?  I’m guessing because that is what their top-tier coaches demand.
    For example, Shawn Streck, by all accounts, is a great kid.  By his own words, he engaged in a regrettable action at state.  What did Coach Maldonado do?  Although I can’t read lips or hear his words, if you review the video and watch his reaction, you can bet he was NOT saying “Oh, you are just a kid, it is okay.”  Young Shawn felt what it was like to have his chest poked a few dozen times and have his butt chewed.
    It seems like the best programs hold their kids to a higher standard.
    The coaches seem to be in it for their athletes, rather than some sort of ego magnification.  I have watched Bob Hasseman coach at the Mater Dei Classic for 15 years.  At the end of this year’s tournament, I was speaking to a friend when Hasseman approached him.  It took me a few seconds to realize who he was.  Since I view him from the stands, and do not have a particular reason to look at him, it would explain my momentary lack of recognition.  I think what this means, for Bob Hasseman, is that producing state champion wrestlers and teams is more important than Bob Hasseman being the center of attention.
    When you speak to kids that populate the top programs, you will consistently hear the word “team.”  In Blake Rypel’s post-match interview, he didn’t talk about himself, but about how he was part of a team and how his team helped him.  Imagine that; crediting others for your success…  The concept is:  if my team is better, I am better.  If I put my team first, everything else will work out.
    There is more than one way to accomplish any task.  If hashtags, burger king crowns, non-stop self-promotion, “I, I, I”, “Me, me, me” and/or emulating professional wrestlers/managers work for you—have at it! 
    The perennial top teams take a different path.
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    MD92 reacted to RASSLER4LIFE in Any change of hearts?   
    Y2, I am not saying that at all about those wrestlers so please don't put words in my mouth. At a small school, our program is growing but it is centered around a class, it will have many more peaks and valleys than a larger school thru out the years. We are strengthening our schedule little by little but not everyone on our team can compete at that high level. We are very young and if we continue to develop on the mat, stay together and hungry, I like our chances. We have wrestlers that compete outside our state and we will continue to support them in their effort. Not all can afford to travel outside our state to hit national tournaments and our club doesn't have enough financial support to offset some of those costs. Mine personally wrestled in Pa, Ohio, Ky, Illinois, Michigan and Va Beach and have been to "big time camps". We will compete and we will have more state qualifiers in the near future so hopefully our program continues to flourish.
    I think the class team state is great, I am really excited to compete in it. If we are lucky enough to place top 2 or 3, I think we will add several young athletes into our fold. Our future is bright as we are moving in the right direction.
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    MD92 reacted to allyourbase in Any change of hearts?   
    But that's how a dictatorship works, silly.
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    MD92 reacted to allyourbase in Should USA Wrestling Consider Classed National Championship   
    You can wear my state medal on Wednesdays and every other weekend. That way we can all be winners.
    Sound good?
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    MD92 reacted to allyourbase in Best wrestler to never win State   
    Toby Turner (Monrovia) - 2x State runner-up
    John Boes (Princeton) - 2x State runner-up

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    MD92 reacted to throw45 in Shiny Pants   
    There's a reason you don't see too many people wearing them...it has nothing to do with availability.
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    MD92 reacted to allyourbase in 132 Classic   
    Red will have to improve his offense as well. He will also need to learn how to build from a loss. Because he is going to lose, "a lot."
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    MD92 reacted to bwoodjc89 in The IHSAA and damage done   
    I don't disagree with you that IndianaMat's relationship has nothing to do with team state.  In reference to this thread, I find it odd that you are commenting about the poor relationship between IHSWCA and IHSAA while you take stabs at the IHSWCA whenever possible.  I will admit that I have no idea what your private conversations are like with leadership of IHSWCA. In my opinion, your approach to criticism of them on your website is derogatory and not helpful and spreads a negative perception of an organization that you complain that has only 50% membership.  How are you helping to boost membership that you are complaining about?  It's more about the tone in which you decide to be vocal than the fact that you are vocal about their shortcomings.
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    MD92 reacted to allyourbase in Nick Lee 132 ?   
    Champions run toward the toughest competition, not away.
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    MD92 reacted to SWINfan in And Team State is underway...   
    Lee wins by fall in the 3rd period!!    Was up 8-6
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    MD92 reacted to overtime in Traicoff At Calumet High School   
    Y2 it came directly from the team. They had just quit. Ive been heavily involved with Marion county and city wrestling since the 80s. I know more than you'll ever dream of knowing about wrestling. Why do you constantly act like a jerk?
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    MD92 reacted to Coach McCormick in Rankings for start of season   
    There certainly is much more to these IHSAA cases than what meets the eye.  The rules being followed are the IHSAA's rules (not Yorktown's rules).  The IHSAA held hearings where the affected parties could explain their situation and present their cases in a personal, face to face setting.  The IHSAA appointed "hearing committee" made their ruling on these cases.  Yorktown did not make the final ruling on these cases.
    It certainly is easy to pass judgement from afar.  I can already see, and read, numerous errors, omissions, and false information that is being passed along for public judgment.   As most people are aware, there are always two sides to every story.
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