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    MD92 got a reaction from Jayruss in Nebraska at Penn State Jan 20th - Chad Red vs Nick Lee Round 2   
    Oh, I'm not offended at all.  I can just see why some people don't like it, whether it is him, Mark Hall, DeSanto, whoever.
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    MD92 got a reaction from IMrule in Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee   
    Let us know when B.Lee is a true freshman all-American....
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    MD92 reacted to TripleB in Congratulations forum for making it through the season withoug a major class post on class wrestling   
    This is the point of the conversation where Y2 post pictures of state champs from other states and asks if they look less happy b/c it's a class state championship. 
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    MD92 reacted to 84headhunter in Last Year vs This Years Champs   
    Or you could stop being a kid about this? no one here is trolling
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    MD92 reacted to Thor in Congratulations forum for making it through the season withoug a major class post on class wrestling   
    If this happened, please go up. South Adams needs some state champs. 
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    MD92 reacted to TripleB in Congratulations forum for making it through the season withoug a major class post on class wrestling   
    Need 2 classes - Public and Private!
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    MD92 reacted to base in Congratulations forum for making it through the season withoug a major class post on class wrestling   
    From past experience, I can tell you right now that this discussion will end with Joe saying "Let's just have one weight class then and one champion for the entire state".  Dang it, I don't word it as smoothly as Joe...
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    MD92 reacted to SIACfan in Carson Brewer   
    Do you know for a fact that it did not in any way take anything from his opponents enjoyment of the ceremonial introductions? Because I never came close to calling Carson Brewer classless but apparently that is how you interpreted my thoughts.
    I believe I can say with conviction that it wasn't spontaneous and he made a conscious decision to do it at that particular moment given he did the same thing in Evansville the week before. And are you serious that you think he most likely did it because he was hungry? Like that was the only opportunity he had to eat the entire day.
    Carson Brewer is obviously a hardworking, dedicated & extremely talented individual. I would never want to deny him of enjoying his accomplishment. But his opponent deserves that same courtesy.
    You are right about one thing, these are kids & they should be allowed to have fun. But they also need to learn that there is a right time for jokes just as there is a right time to show respect to your opponent. And the ceremonial introductions of the state finals is a time to show respect, IMO.
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    MD92 reacted to MackG in Did not look like Viduya was pinned....   
    Again. Not taking anything from Asa... but if anything, that pic proves that the ref was not in position to see if Viduya’s left shoulder/scapula is down, and it suggests that his left side was, in fact, not down.  
    Further, the still photo accurately represents the amount of time the ref took to count what was supposed to be a two count. Basically, he took no time at all  because he never verified that both sides were down and there was exactly one second between the time that Viduya was in the position that the pin was called in and the mat was smacked.  In that second, the ref went from being on his feet to smacking the mat.  One second.  The rule is a two count.
    Yes, filthy, filthy cradle.  But there is no rule that says if somebody hits a filthy cradle on you that you are automatically pinned.
    Wrestling Scholar, we absolutely should be discussing this.  Because the whole point is that kids who work hard all season to make the finals should be protected from errant officiating by a Review Official at the head table.  
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    MD92 reacted to SIACfan in Carson Brewer   
    First I want to congratulate young Mr. Brewer on a state title & a great career. I have appreciated watching him wrestle. Second, I also want to say that I don't believe the head butt tarnished what he accomplished. Wrestling is a physical sport & these sorts of things are going to happen especially in such high stakes/highly intense matchups. Furthermore, I don't believe for a second there was any malicious intent.
    But, I am going to have disagree with the majority here in that I didn't care for the PB&J exhibit. He did this in Evansville as well. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think this was some horrible/atrocious act. I just don't see it as appropriate given the setting. The introduction of the two finalists is a moment to recognize both wrestlers that have gotten there. Pulling a stunt like that, while it might be all in good natured fun, is at best an attempt to say 'look at me' while at worst ,IMO, a little disrespectful to your opponent. It's his moment too & you're making light of it. Now while a big majority may not mind it at all, there could be some that would be offended by it. Like it is a statement that you have little to no respect for them & what they have done to get there. JMO
  11. Haha
    MD92 reacted to PhillyFanMD in Carson Brewer   
    Commodus wounded Maximus for the slight advantage
  12. Haha
    MD92 reacted to 1prouddad in Article: History of the State Tournament   
    That’s called history. I would say the same for Avon, but it’s just not there. We were told by the TMZ many times they were coming, but still waiting on the arrival. Once here, I’ll be glad to give more “Nerd Stats”
  13. Haha
    MD92 reacted to 1prouddad in Article: History of the State Tournament   
    Good read, but really surprised TeamGarcia hasn’t chimed in with the its been 10 hrs since you posted this and less than 500 views. Maybe he already knows your famous....lol
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    MD92 reacted to 1prouddad in TOP 8 FOR EVERY WEIGHT   
    All I got out of this was WHAH
  15. Haha
    MD92 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Georgia State Finals   
    There are NOT 30,000 high schools in Georgia. That would be literally almost 100X more than in Indiana for a state that isn't even double the state of Indiana in terms of population.
    Based on their classifications there are 455 high schools in Georgia, some do not have wrestling obviously.
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    MD92 reacted to IrishBrother630 in TOP 8 FOR EVERY WEIGHT   
    Below is my best guess at all top 8's as well as a color coded assortment of each team. Every weight has been scored (without bonus) and projected to the bottom right with the final team scores. Any of the top 6 could win it. It is going to be a crazy team race.
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    MD92 reacted to PhillyFanMD in #4 seeds   
    Draw into FW semi state and you are in good shape.  Draw into the other two and your season ends friday night
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    MD92 reacted to WrestleMan in Toughest Weights at Each Semi State   
    Ah sarcasm. We've each used numbers to reach a conclusion. I guess we've just interpreted them differently. New Castle has always been one of the top 2 semi states and is again this year. I just happen to think Evansville is a little better this year because of the #'s I used. Feel free to continue using #'s in your reasoning, but remember these are all opinions and not "factual". 
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    MD92 reacted to IWFTKWC11 in Evansville Semi- State   
    Newman wrestled a Jasper kid in the finals at Big 8 conference 
    1st period - Newman TD2, Jasper Kid E1, Newman TD2.
    2nd period - Jasper kid's choice. Defers. Newman takes Bottom - Newman R2 - Newman NF3 - Newman FALL
    Just saying, if that Jasper kid was Milanes I wouldn't be betting your house on that upset BUT anything can happen.
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    MD92 reacted to IWFTKWC11 in Evansville Semi- State   
    Milanes over Newman? I may be mistaken but I think Newman pinned him first go around.
  21. Haha
    MD92 reacted to 3xStateChamp in Evansville Semi- State   
    Pistol agrees with @TeamGarcia , your a Homer of Mater Dei like he is of Avon. 
    Wooooo... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! 
    Pistol Pete 
  22. Thanks
    MD92 reacted to RKS22 in Evansville Semi- State   
    Don't get your panties in a wad buddy. Can't get angry at someone for saying their opinion. Oh yeah btw, I don't see avon sending 9 through either.
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    MD92 reacted to nkraus in For those that don't follow the college board....   
    I'm with ya there
  24. Haha
    MD92 reacted to WrestleMan in Evansville Semi- State   
  25. Haha
    MD92 reacted to moedaddy77 in Best Regional and Undefeated matchups?   
    Maybe this boonville argument would go better if all you MD homers compared the like opponents.
     Would make a more compelling argument.
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