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Everything posted by bgcoach

  1. bgcoach

    Fewest victories

    Scott Wilson, Rushville: 1989 runner-up@119lbs, season record 11-1
  2. bgcoach

    Best 1xer

    Brad Traviolia, Wawasee. Big Ten Champ, NCAA Runner-up for Northwestern
  3. bgcoach

    Who do you want in your corner Friday Night?

    Al Morgan coached at Franklin Central and Warren Central. Won the state at Warren in 1980 and I believe was runner-up couple times at FC. Part of those years they only had 4 qualifiers per weight, so you made it, you medaled.
  4. bgcoach


    His dad wasn't bad either! Other hometown favorites: Christian Brothers, Steve Morgan, Brian Johnson, Tim Bradley, Brent Suozzi, Damon Roessler, and Justin Arthur.
  5. bgcoach

    Building Numbers

    I heard the assistant principal at the high school is amazing and knows a little about the sport. See if she can help!
  6. bgcoach

    6 State Championships

    I don't know about other states, but when I coached in Louisiana, it was based on enrollment and structure of the building. Many of the smaller schools housed grades 7-12, 4-12, or k-12. If the junior high students were in the same building as high school students, they could participate in varsity athletics.
  7. bgcoach


    Kurt and Billy's were both good. I'll add Matt Puckett and Tony Abbott to the conversation for the older generation. Both nasty in their own right.
  8. bgcoach

    Purdue begins search for new head coach

    I agree, not to mention they have zero college coaching experience. Maybe someone can shed some light on all the comments that say the administration needs to be more supportive. Purdue pays more than most D1 schools, they have fairly new facilities and 9.9 scholarships. What else does the administration need to do for a program to be successful? Plenty of programs finished ahead of them in the NCAA's with less.
  9. bgcoach

    Fast pins by Lefevers...all 3 to nationals

    O'Neil is from Griffith. Great showing yesterday for the Little Giants.
  10. Paul tied the match and Mac had him cut Lance to go for the win rather than try and ride him out for a tie (bouts could end in a tie back then in dual meets for all you youngsters). Paul did get a win against him later that year at Central Nationals in Madison, WI which helped get him a scholarship to Illinois.
  11. Ralph Edwards-not sure if he's still with Marion County Sheriff's Department; competes in triathlons Gary Pierson-Sheet Metal Worker's Local 20 leader Steven Bradley-Head Coach, Lincoln College Danny Coyne-USMC Ethan Harris-special education teacher South Grove Intermediate; Asst. Coach BGHS Matt Irwin-5th grade teacher South Grove Intermediate; Head Coach BGHS Carmen Hurley-Assistant Principal BGHS Todd Sacksteder-Athletic Director, Franklin County Greg Schaefer-All around good guy; Head Coach EMD
  12. bgcoach

    Coaching Trees

    Beech Grove's first three head coaches all had ties with Chauncey: Tommy Thompson, Bill Bane, and Pete McNamara.
  13. bgcoach

    How many schools?

    They have a pretty good middle school team this year too. Full line up with plenty of reserves and technically sound.
  14. Greenfield-Central 51, Beech Grove 28, at Greenfield-Central H.S., Greenfield, 1-17-13: [beech Grove wrestlers in Capital Letters; no Draw Weight listed.] 106 – DEMONTE DAWKINS pins Jacob Miller, 3:31. 113 – Taylor White wins by forfeit. 120 –BEN HARMON pins Kurt Miller, 3:37. 126 – EVAN SMILEY decisions Garret Mullins, 11-3, Major. 132 – Sam Locke pins NICK SLOAN, 1:40. 138 – Shawn Fogle decisions A. J. ELLIS, 6-4. 145 – TRE’VON SEVION pins Joey Musick, 2:41. 152 – Josh Ferrell pins CODY McCREARY, 0:08. 160 – DEION CONLEY pins Seth Gramberg, 5:18. 170 – Austin Rose pins AUSTIN ELLIOTT, 2:44. 182 – Cameron Knuckles wins by forfeit. 195 – Colin Dahlquist wins by forfeit. 220 – Dylan Denny wins by forfeit. 285 – Tyler Beason wins by forfeit.
  15. Franklin Central 58, Beech Grove 15, at Franklin Central H.S., Indianapolis, 1-15-13: [beech Grove wrestlers in Capital Letters; no Draw Weight listed.] 106 – DEMONTE DAWKINS decisions Justin Means, 7-0. 113 – Cornelius Elliott decisions TAZ YOUNG, 6-4. 120 –Andrice Martin pins BEN HARMON, 4:23. 126 – EVAN SMILEY pins Travis McMillian, 4:39. 132 – Jordan Vaughn pins NICK SLOAN, 2:30. 138 – Kevin Groves decisions A. J. ELLIS, 15-3, Major. 145 – TRE’VON SEVION decisions Garrett Wilson, 7-1. 152 – Evan Rigel decisions DEION CONLEY, 9-3. 160 – Zach Labens pins CODY McCREARY, 1:16. 170 – Taylor Sumner pins AUSTIN ELLIOTT, 0:27. 182 – Jacob Imbro wins by forfeit. 195 – Mike Riffle wins by forfeit. 220 – Seth Vaughn wins by forfeit. 285 – Evan Ewers wins by forfeit.
  16. Indiana Crossroads Conference Championship, at Beech Grove H.S., Beech Grove, 1-12-13: [NOTE: Special scoring system used for Full Round Robin format; Placement points of 16 for 1st, 8 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd; Forfeit Credit points given to all wrestlers based on number of wrestlers per weight class; Regular Decision earns 1 point, Major earns 2, Technical Fall earns 3, Fall/Default/Disqualification earns 4.] Triton Central [TC] 335, BEECH GROVE 278, Indianapolis Scecina Memorial [sM] 237, Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter [CR] 173, Lapel [L] 139, Speedway (S) 111, Indianapolis Park Tudor [PT] 12. [No team entry from Indianapolis Lutheran.] Beech Grove Results: (Full Round-Robin format among entered wrestlers.) [No entries at 195, 220 and 285.] 106, DeMonte Dawkins: Pinned Sam Johnson, CR, 1:29; decisioned Ian Lamb, L, 7-0, 1st Place. 106, Taz Young: Decisioned Ben Hiltz, SM, 12-4,Major; decisioned Zach Simpson, TC, 9-3; pinned Mike Sinkoske, S, 3:20, 1st Place. 120, Ben Harmon: Pinned Jacob Hernandez, CR, 0:40; decisioned by D. J. Stewart, TC, 5-0; pinned Landon Alberts, L, 1:58; pinned Mitchell Donlan, SM, 1:29; decisioned Ty Hardin, PT, 14-1, Major, 2nd Place, voted All-Conference at-large. 126, Evan Smiley: Pinned Sean Johnson, CR, 0:48; pinned Clay Robertson, S, 1:39; Technical Fall over Giovanni Arredondo, SM, 6:00 (18-2); Technical fall over Connor Luster, TC, 6:00 (23-8); pinned Pierce Pickett, L, 1:11, 1st Place. 132, Nick Sloan: Pinned by Anderson Ross, TC, 5:17; pinned by Robby Sears, S, 1:44; pinned Jacob Sutton, SM, 3:40, 3rd Place. 138, A. J. Ellis: Decisioned Lane Logan, TC, 10-4; pinned Collyn Carson, S, 3:06; pinned Alex Verbarg, SM, 1:45; decisioned Drew Stecker, L, 18-10, Major; decisioned Nick Wilson, CR, 15-6, Major, 1st Place. 145, Tre’von Sevion: Technical Fall over Patrick Kaiser, CR, 6:00 (17-2); decisioned Anthony Bear, TC, 15-9; pinned Nick Newhart, SM, 2:51; pinned Nick Smith, S, 3:59; decisioned Logan Alberts, L, 3-1, Overtime, Sudden Victory. 152, Cody McCreary: Pinned by Trey Miller, TC, 0:30; pinned by Matt Beyer, S, 1:23; won by Injury Default over Brandon Jones, L; pinned by Dustyn Ogle, CR, 1:36, Did Not Place. 160, Deion Conley: Decisioned by Johnny Hollingsworth, TC, 6-3; pinned Palmer Pickett, L, 1:22; decisioned Frank Roselli, CR, 15-13, Overtime, Sudden Victory; decisioned Dung Tran, S, 7-3; decisioned by Jordan Tucket, SM, 3-1, 3rd Place. 170, Austin Elliott: Pinned by Hector Velasquez, SM, 1:44; pinned by Ross Steele, L, 1:24; pinned by Tahji Guy, CR, 0:33; pinned by D. J. Simpson, TC, 0:33, Did Not Place. 182, Marcus Darling: Pinned by Scott Sholar, CR, 0:12; pinned by Chris Wilson, SM, 0:11; pinned by Zach Cooper, TC, 0:09, Did Not Place.
  17. Triton Central 39, Beech Grove 24, at Beech Grove H.S., Beech Grove, 1-10-13: [beech Grove wrestlers in Capital Letters; Draw Weight was 106.] 106 – DEMONTE DAWKINS wins by forfeit. 113 – TAZ YOUNG decisions Zach Simpson, 10-4. 120 –BEN HARMON decisions D. J. Stewart, 7-4. 126 – EVAN SMILEY Tech-Falls Connor Luster, 5:48 (21-6). 132 – Anderson Ross wins by forfeit. 138 – A. J. ELLIS decisions Lane Logan, 10-2, Major. 145 – TRE’VON SEVION decisions Anthony Bear, 12-11. 152 – Trey Miller pins CODY McCREARY, 1:20. 160 – Johnny Hollingsworth decisions DEION CONLEY, 12-5. 170 – D. J. Simpson pins AUSTIN ELLIOTT, 0:42. 182 – Zach Cooper wins by forfeit. 195 – Jacob Cooper wins by forfeit. 220 – Dryden Kendall wins by forfeit. 285 – Double forfeit, no Team Points.
  18. bgcoach

    New Palestine Invite

    New Palestine Invitational, at New Palestine H.S., New Palestine, 1-5-13: New Palestine [NP] 275 ?, Indianapolis Roncalli [Ro] 206 ?, Martinsville [Ma] 191 ?, East Central [EC] 168, Rushville [Ru] 144, Columbia City [CC] 132, BEECH GROVE 77, Fortville Mount Vernon [FMV] score not available. Beech Grove Results: (QF = Quarterfinals; SF = Semi-Finals; F = Finals; WB = Wrestle-back; CONSO ? Consolation Final.) [No entries at 113, 160, 182, 195, 220 and 285.] 106, DeMonte Dawkins: QF, pinned Keeton Coryell, Ma, 2:54; SF, lost Technical Fall to Ethan Briggeman, Ro, 4:00 (16-1); WB-2, Technical Fall over Zach Roszell, Ru, 3:32 (17-2); CONSO, decisioned Hunter Langeloh, CC, 5-2, 3rd Place. 120, Ben Harmon: QF, received forfeit from FMV; SF, decisioned by Nick Bailey, Ro, 5-3; WB-2, pinned by Eugene Starks, NP, 3:55; CONSO, decisioned Michael Wright, CC, 7-0, 5th Place. 126, Evan Smiley: QF, decisioned Ron Schmoll, Ro. 11-2, Major; SF, Technical fall over Sergio Luca, EC, 4:13 (18-2); F, decisioned Taylor Fee, NP, 5-2, Champion. 132, Nick Sloan: QF, decisioned by Jacob Bowman, Ma, 14-3, major; WB-1, decisioned by Jake Salatin, EC, 16-5, Major, Did Not Place. 138, A. J. Ellis: QF, pinned Adam Dziabis, CC, 3:11; SF, lost Technical Fall to Gordon Wagner, NP, 6:00 (18-1); WB-2, decisioned Marcus Spencer, EC, 6-0; CONSO, decisioned Blake Wood, Ru, 6-4, 3rd Place. 145, Tre?von Sevion: QF, decisioned Brice Bauer, CC, 15-6, Major; SF, decisioned Max Dole, EC, 6-1; F, decisioned by Robbie Elsea, NP, 6-2, 2nd Place. 152, Deion Conley: QF, pinned by Austin McKeand, Ro, 1:36; WB-1, lost Technical Fall to Landon Hodges, CC, 4:19 (19-2), Did Not Place. 170, Austin Elliott: QF, pinned by Ian Pomfret, MP, 1:40; WB-1, pinned by Tyler Smith, Ro, 0:30, Did Not Place.
  19. bgcoach

    Spartan Classic Team Results

    Spartan Classic, at Spartan Bowl, Connersville, 12-28 and 29-12: East Noble [EN] 220, Fort Wayne Carroll [FWC] 196, Connersville [Co] 172 ?, Indianapolis Cathedral [Cat] 169, Valparaiso [V] 166, Fishers [F] 147, Greenfield-Central [G-C] and Indianapolis Roncalli [Ro] both 134 ?,Pendleton Heights [PH] 130 ?, Howard County Western (We] 124 ?, Lebanon [Le] 123, BEECH GROVE 115, Benton Central [bC] 105, Indian Creek [iC] 92, Franklin County [FC] 91, DeKalb [DK] 10, Richmond [Ri] 85, Triton Central [TC] 84, Hamilton Heights [HH] 71 ?, Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter [CR] 70, Fort Wayne North Side [FWNS] 69 ?, Milan [Mi] 67 ?, Batesville [ba] 65, Columbus North [CN] 62, Indianapolis North Central [NC] 57 ?, Western Boone [WB] 54, Union County [uC] 52 ?, Centerville [Ce] 50, Knightstown [Kn] 47, Hagerstown [Ha] 42, Indianapolis Broad Ripple [bR] 23, Wayne County Northeastern [NE] 8. Beech Grove Results: (PRE = Preliminary; QF = Quarterfinals; SF = Semi-Finals; F = Finals; WB = Wrestle-back; CONSO ? Consolation Final.) [No entries at 160, 170, 220 and 285.] 106, DeMonte Dawkins: PRE-1, forfeit from WB; PRE-2, Technical Fall over Evan Speaker, CN, 5:49 (17-2); QF, pinned Juan Esquivel, NC, 4:58; SF, lost Technical Fall to Garrett Pepple, EN, 4:34 (16-0); WB-6, decisioned Tyler Schwartz, V, 7-2; CONSO, decisioned Ben Streeter, FWNS, 13-10, 3rd Place. 113, Taz Young: PRE-1, decisioned Devin Hupp, UC, 13-10; PRE-2, decisioned Nathan Hand, Mi, 12-3, Major; QF, decisioned Kobe Raypole, FWC, 9-4; SF, decisioned Vance Ellis, Ro, 4-3; F, pinned by Connor Knapp, EN, 4:44, 2nd Place. 120, Ben Harmon: PRE-1, pinned by Ben Cauffman, FWC, 1:46; WB-1, pinned Cameron Fender, Kn, 1:31; WB-2, pinned Kylan Seats, NC, 1:37; WB-3, pinned Luke Speckman, Cat, 1:56; did not make weight on Day 2, Did Not Place. 126, Evan Smiley: PRE-1, decisioned Kellen Van Camp, Le, 5-1; PRE-2, decisioned Reginald Soriano, BR, 16-4,Major; QF, decisioned by Ben Harvey, Cat, 3-1, Overtime, Sudden Victory; WB-4, decisioned Phillip Orschell, FC, 13-4, Major; WB-5, decisioned Van Camp, 4-1; WB-6, decisioned Ben Westerfield, Ba, 9-2; CONSO, decisioned Max Buckley, V, 3-2, 3rd Place. 132, Nick Sloan: PRE-1, pinned by Austin Fuller, UC, 0:30; WB-1, forfeit from Columbus North; WB-2, pinned Luke Rhen , Mi, 1:40; WB-3, decisoned by Ricardo Rosario, V, 16-4, Major, Did Not Place. 138, A. J. Ellis: PRE-1, pinned Lane Logan, TC, 4:46; PRE-2, decisioned Austin Killion, Ce, 7-5; QF, pinned by Gabe Closser, PH, 5:05; WB-4, decisioned by Mack Neal, V, 9-1, Major, Did Not Place. 145, Tre?von Sevion: PRE-1, pinned Garren Smith, Ce, 3:46; PRE-2, decisioned Rick Purtha, Ha, 14-5, Major; QF, decisioned Jake Mappes, Ro, 8-3; SF, received Injury Default from Hunter Hartman, UC, 3rd Period; F, decisioned by Colin Campbell, Le, 9-5, 2nd Place. 152, Deion Conley: PRE-1, pinned by Vincent Corsaro, Cat, 1:59; WB-1, pinned Alex Cox, Ha, 2:18; WB-2, decisioned by George Krummel, V, 6-5, Did Not Place. 182, Austin Elliott: PRE-1,pinned by Kayne Duncan, FWC, 0:08; WB-1, pinned by John White, Cat, 1:59, Did Not Place. 195, David Stonerock: PRE-1, pinned by Derek Suttles, V, 4:54; WB-1, forfeit from Union County; WB-2, pinned Andre Guy, CR, 2:08; WB-3, pinned by Russell McDorman, We, 1:04, Did Not Place.
  20. Marion County Championship, at Warren Central H.S., Indianapolis, 12-15-12: [NOTE: No Team Points scored for both Preliminary and First Wrestle-Back rounds.] Perry Meridian [PM] 267 1/2, Warren Central [WC] 212 1/2, Franklin Central [FC] 154, Lawrence Central [LC] 123, Lawrence North [LN] 93, Ben Davis [bD] 74, Pike [Pi] 48, Roncalli [Ro] 44, BEECH GROVE 26, North Central [NC] 138, Decatur Central [DC] 21, Speedway [sp] 11, Southport [so] 10, Brebeuf Jesuit [bJ] 0, Park Tudor [PT] 0. Beech Grove Results: (PRE = Preliminary; QF = Quarterfinals; SF = Semi-Finals; F = Finals; WB = Wrestle-back; CONSO ? Consolation Final.) [No entries at 126, 195, 220 and 285.] 106, DeMonte Dawkins: PRE, forfeit from Pi; QF, decisioned Damieon Rutledge, So, 9-3; SF, pinned by Brett Johnson, PM, 1:34; WB-2, decisioned by Chapman Luster, FC, 4-2; CONSO, decisioned Rutledge, So, 6-4, 5th Place. 113, Taz Young: PRE, forfeit from BJ; QF, pinned by Riley Newkirk, LC, 1:33; WB-1, received injury default from Nick Ellis, Ro; WB-2, decisioned by Joel McGhee, WC, 3-2, Overtime; CONSO, decisioned Casey Kauffman, So, 3-2, 5th Place. 120, Will Cruz: PRE, forfeit from Pi; QF, pinned by Deondre Wilson, WC, 1:32; WB-1, pinned by Vance Ellis, Ro, 0:44, Did Not Place. 132, Evan Smiley: PRE, pinned Jacob Estep, DC, 2:40; QF, decisioned Jonathon Folson, LC, 5-2; SF, decisioned by Barry McGinley, Ro, 5-4, Overtime; WB-2, decisioned Kyle Fleener, PM, 8-0, Major; CONSO, F, decisioned by Trent Pruitt, WC, 3-2, 4th Place. 138, A. J. Ellis: PRE, pinned by Juwan Bartlett, LN, 0:50, Did Not Place. 145, Tre?von Sevion: PRE, received bye; QF, decisioned by Eric Dobbins, Pi, 5-3; WB-1, decisioned by Dan Reed, LN, 13-6, Did Not Place. 152, Deion Conley: PRE, pinned Marcos Angulo, NC, 2:55; QF, pinned by Keanu Cooper, PM, 0:28; WB-1, decisioned by Matt Beyer, Sp, 6-3, Did Not Place. 160, Brandon Bailey: Pre, decisioned by Michael Norris, BD, 12-9, Did Not Place. 170, Tyler Wyatt: PRE, forfeit from Sp; QF, decisioned by Wendell Short, LC, 6-4; WB-1, decisioned by Kevin Crawford, Pi, 14-5, Major, Did Not Place. 182, David Stonerock: PRE, pinned by Teondre Williams, LC, 0:18, Did Not Place. # # # 
  21. Pendleton Heights Super 6, at Pendleton Heights H.S., Pendleton, 12-8-12: East Central 5-0, Pendleton Heights 4-1, Winchester 2-3, Muncie Central 2-3, Elwood 1-4, BEECH GROVE 1-4. [beech Grove wrestlers in Capital Letters; listed in Draw Weight order.] Elwood 42, Beech Grove 27 [Round One]: 285 ?Hayden Ferguson wins by forfeit. 106 ? DEMONTE DAWKINS wins by forfeit. 113 ?TAZ YOUNG decisions Alfonso Guevara, 6-0. 120 ? Dakota Cole wins by forfeit. 126 ? WILL CRUZ decisions Brady Hayes, 6-2. 132 ? EVAN SMILEY pins Pablo Guajardo, 1:58. 138 ? NICK SLOAN decisions Jacob Parrish, 10-8. 145 ? Tyler Hoel decisions A. J. ELLIS, 9-7. 152 ? TRE?VON SEVION decisions Alex Mireles, 9-2. 160 ? Derek Bryant pins BRANDON BAILEY, 3:24. 170 ? Sammy Mireles wins by forfeit. 182 ? Zane Boyer wins by forfeit. 195 ? Will Malavac wins by forfeit. 220 ? Ethan Morris wins by forfeit. Pendleton Heights 54, Beech Grove 17 [Round Two]: 106 ? DAWKINS decisions Tyler Flood, 5-3. 113 ?YOUNG decisions Jeremiah Roosa, 10-3. 120 ? Wes Robinson received injury default from BEN HARMON. 126 ? Brett Lowe pins CRUZ, 3:46. 132 ? SLOAN decisions Tim Williams, 4-0. 138 ? SMILEY decisions Chase Cochran, 13-2, Major. 145 ? Matt Goff pins ELLIS, 0:46. 152 ? SEVION decisions Trevor Johnson, 12-2, Major. 160 ? Spencer McCool pins BAILEY, 1:27. 170 ? Matt Boyle wins by forfeit. 182 ? Jason Stephens wins by forfeit. 195 ? Dalton Cochran wins by forfeit. 220 ? Eric Featherston wins by forfeit. 285 ?Skyler Pohl wins by forfeit. Muncie Central 42, Beech Grove 40 [Round Three]: 113 ?YOUNG pins Nathan Hershberger, 2:51. 120 ? HARMON wins by forfeit. 126 ? Dean Prybylla pins CRUZ, 2:18. 132 ? SMILEY pins Gabe Jones, 1:40. 138 ? SLOAN tech-falls Jesse Privett, 4:57 (15-0). 145 ? ELLIS pins Brock Beaver, 4:13. 152 ? SEVION pins Bobby Cunningham, 2:35. 160 ? Cole Staton pins BAILEY, 0:26. 170 ? Stone Schaftstall wins by forfeit. 182 ? Mykal Taylor wins by forfeit. 195 ? Micah Hill wins by forfeit. 220 ? Christian Murello wins by forfeit. 285 ? Darius Cornell wins by forfeit. 106 ? DAWKINS wins by forfeit. Beech Grove 40, Winchester 36 [Round Four]: 120 ? HARMON wins by forfeit. 126 ? Gavin Cox pins CRUZ, 1:59. 132 ? SMILEY decisions Angel Ravcon, 13-3, Major. 138 ? SLOAN decisions Kolt Holcomb, 14-12. 145 ? ELLIS decisions Thomas Underwood, 7-6. 152 ? SEVION pins Randy Beer, 1:05. 160 ? BAILEY pins Avery Walker, 1:18. 170 ? Grant Gough wins by forfeit. 182 ? Derek Jessup wins by forfeit. 195 ? Dustyn Hansen wins by forfeit. 220 ? Jacob Sofronko wins by forfeit. 285 ? Logan Williams wins by forfeit. 106 ? DAWKINS wins by forfeit. 113 ?YOUNG pins Sebastian Thompson, 1:28. East Central 60, Beech Grove 20 [Round Five]: 126 ? Brian Streuwing pins CRUZ, 1:22. 132 ? SMILEY tech-falls Tyler Gutapfel, 4:42 (19-3). 138 ? Jake Salatin pins SLOAN, 4:40. 145 ? Dusty Ward pins ELLIS, 5:17. 152 ? SEVION decisions Max Dole, 3-2. 160 ? Lucas Gramman wins by forfeit. 170 ? Jacob Bischoff wins by forfeit. 182 ? Devin Mitts wins by forfeit. 195 ? Chris Deck wins by forfeit. 220 ? Kevin Ahrens wins by forfeit. 285 ? Ricky Brown wins by forfeit. 106 ? DAWKINS pins Tyler Burch, 2:53. 113 ?YOUNG pins Wes Brasier, 1:29. 120 ? Angelo LaRosa wins by forfeit. BEECH GROVE INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONS: DeMonte Dawkins, 106; Taz Young, 113; Evan Smiley, 132; Tre?von Sevion, 152.
  22. Muncie Southside Invitational, at Muncie Southside H.S., Muncie, 12-1-12: East Noble [EN] 287 1/2, Muncie Southside [MS] 198 1/2, Leo [L] 180, BEECH GROVE 156, Fort Wayne Northrop [FWN] 138, Richmond [R] 110, Frankton [F] 105, Wapahani [W] 35. Beech Grove Results: (QF = Quarterfinals; SF = Semi-Finals; F = Finals; WB = Wrestle-back; CONSO ? Consolation Final.) [No entries at 220 and 285.] 106, DeMonte Dawkins: QF, pinned Quindarius Deloney, R, 1:19; SF, pinned by Garrett Pepple, EN, 1:16; WB-2, decisioned Dustin Smiley, FWN, 11-4; CONSO, decisioned by Eddie Lorraine, L, 8-5, 4th Place. 113, Taz Young: QF, forfeit from W; SF, decisioned Logan Aldrich, FWN, 6-4; F, tech-falled by Connor Knapp, EN, 5:07 (15-0), 2nd Place. 120, Ben Harmon: QF, pinned David Scribner, FWN, 0:56; SF, decisioned Ryan Fawcett, L, 6-5; F, decisioned by Sterling Lutter, EN, 6-0, 2nd Place. 126, Peter Davis: QF, decisioned Exuse Brown, MS, 4-2, overtime, sudden victory; SF, decisioned Seth Gray, R, 14-6, major; F, pinned by Brennen Storey, EN, 5:01, 2nd Place. 132, Evan Smiley: QF, pinned Bryce Woenker, FWN, 1:57; SF, decisioned Mason Diffenderfer, EN, 11-2, Major; F, decisioned Cody Shaw, MS, 11-3, Major, Champion. 138, Nick Sloan: QF, decisioned by Xavier Poindexter, FWN, 7-5; WB-1, received forfeit from W; WB-2, decisioned by Austin Crouch, F, 8-4; CONSO, decisioned by A. J. Saylor, L, 9-2, 6th Place. 145, A. J. Ellis: QF, pinned Javarious Freeman, FWN, 0:54; SF, decisioned Acedon Franklin, MS, 11-4; F, decisioned by Eli Parks, EN, 9-2, 2nd Place. 152, Tre?von Sevion: QF, decisioned Colton Guy, W, 14-6, Major; SF, decisioned by Isaiah Bradley, MS, 10-2, Major; WB-2, pinned C. J. Tate, R, 2:46; CONSO, decisioned Aaron Eicher L, 4-2, 3rd Place. 160, Deion Conley: QF, pinned by Davis Newhouser, L, 0:53; WB-1, received forfeit from W; WB-2, decisioned by Dylan Lewis, FWN, 4-0; CONSO, pinned by Tyler Leach, MS, 2:17, 6th Place. 170, Brandon Bailey: QF, pinned by Jake Reed, MS, 0:23; WB-1, pinned by Hank Gross, R, 0:33, Did Not Place. 182, Austin Elliott: QF, pinned by Mark Makevit, FWN, 1:20; WB-1, pined Bre Wilson, R, 1:26; WB-2, pined by Kenny Duch, L, 1:31; CONSO, pinned by Makevit, 1:41, 6th Place. 195, David Stonerock: QF, pinned by Brent Weireter, R, 5:14; WB-1, received forfeit from W; WB-2, decisioned Wally Grinager, L, 4-2; CONSO, pinned Aaron Ray, F, 4:24, 3rd Place.
  23. Beech Grove 40, Shelbyville 36, at Beech Grove H.S., Beech Grove, 11-29-12: [beech Grove wrestlers in Capital Letters; Draw Weight was 170.] 170 ? Justin Day pins BRANDON BAILEY, 1:20. 182 ? Wes Muse pins AUSTIN ELLIOTT, 0:20. 195 ? Matt Wethington pins DAVID STONEROCK, 4:27. 220 ? Trevor Combs wins by forfeit. 285 ? Tyler Uhls wins by forfeit. 106 ? DEMONTE DAWKINS pins Grant Akers, 1:16. 113 ? JAMES LYNCH wins by forfeit. 120 ? Ben Lock 6, TAZ YOUNG 1. 126 ? BEN HARMON 12, Tim Shelton 2, Major Decision. 132 ? PETER DAVIS wins by forfeit. 138 ? EVAN SMILEY pins Michael Cleveland, 1:23. 145 ? Kyle Uhls 4, A. J. ELLIS 0. 152 ? TRE?VON SEVION pins Cory Bruner, 4:12. 160 ? DEION CONLEY pins Colin Mohr, 1:54.
  24. Capital City Classic, at Perry Meridian H.S., Indianapolis, 11-17-12: Perry Meridian [PM] 309 (8 champions), Warren Central [WC] 291 (5), Franklin Central [FC] 280 ? (1), Jeffersonville [Je] 171, Columbus North [CN] 109, BEECH GROVE 102, Bloomington North [bN] 85, Speedway [sp] 11. Beech Grove Results: (QF = Quarterfinals; SF = Semi-Finals; F = Finals; WB = Wrestle-back; CONSO ? Consolation Final.) [No entries at 170, 220, and 285.] 106, Demonte Dawkins: QF, pinned Stevie Jones, Je, 1:20; SF, decisioned by Brett Johnson, PM, 6-2; WB-2, decisioned Chapman Luster, FC, 3-2; CONSO, decisioned Evan Speaker, CN, 6-5, 3rd Place. 113, Taz Young: QF, pinned Will Speaker, CN, 3:50; SF, pinned by Jacob Cottey, PM, 1:42; WB-2, decisioned Jasi Coureur, Je, 4-3; CONSO, decisioned by Joel McGhee, WC, 15-4, Major, 4th Place. 120, Ben Harmon: QF, pinned by Ngun Uk, PM, 1:29; WB1, received forfeit from Sp; WB-2, pinned by JoJo DeLeon, Je, 2:57; CONSO, decisioned by Jeremy Arthur, BN, 10-0, Major, 6th Place. 126, Peter Davis: QF, pinned by Brandon James, PM, 1:17; WB-1, decisioned Daniel Petro, CN, 12-2, Major; WB-2, decisioned by Travis McMillan, FC, 2-0; CONSO, decisoned David Ray, BN, 7-4, 5th Place. 132, Evan Smiley: QF, decisoned Tanner Smith, FC, 8-2; decisoned Oscar DeLeon, Je, 8-0, Major; F, pinned by Cody LeCount, PM, 2:49, 2nd Place. 138, Jake Hensley: QF, received forfeit from Sp; SF, pinned by Nick Bova, PM, 0:55; WB-2, pinned by Trentin Lowe, Je, 2:43; CONSO, injury default to Cordell Perian, BN, 6th Place. 145, A. J. Ellis: QF, decisioned by Leo Rodrigues, Je, 6-4; WB-1, pinned by Jonathan Inman, BN, 4:20; CONSO, decisioned Nick Smith, Speedway, 3-2, 7th Place. 152, Tre?von Sevion: OF, decisions Xavier Lee, WC, 9-5; SF, decisions Deyvon Long, Je, 16-10; F, decisioned by Keanu Cooper, PM, 11-3, Major, 2nd Place. 160, Brandon Bailey: QF, pinned by Riley McClurg, PM, 0:37; WB-1, received forfeit from Speedway; WB-2, pinned by Tyler Fridley, JE, 0:43; CONSO, pinned by Danny Herrick, WC, 0:39, 6th Place. 182, Dylan Powell: QF, decisioned by Daniel Thompson, JE, 13-4, Major; WB-1, received forfeit from Speedway; WB-2, pinned by Jacob Imbro, FC, 2:58; CONSO, pinned by Elijah McGhee, WC, 2:59, 6th Place. 195, David Stonerock: QF, received forfeit from Speedway; SF, pined by Mike Riffle, FC, 2:23; WB-2, pins Casey Brock, BN, 2:16; CONSO, pined by Anthony Winbush, WC, 0:41, 4th Place. # # #
  25. The BGWC will be hosting it's 11th annual golf outing on September 8th at Valle Vista Golf Club in Greenwood. Cost is $65 per golfer. This includes green's fees, all drinks on the course, and dinner afterwards. Prizes will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams, closest to the pin and longest drive. A shotgun start is set for 1:30 p.m. Please contact Scot Dawson, sdawson@bgcs.k12.in.us, or Matt Irwin, mirwin@bgcs.k12.in.us, if interested in playing, sponsoring a hole, or volunteering. You can also check us out on facebook, thebeechgrovewrestlingclub, for more details.

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