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  1. the new head coach, John Stutzman from Bloomsburg is married to his sister too.
  2. or it'll just be more of the same!
  3. I did see on Flo that Ethan Raley will be @ IU next year so we'll see where he lands
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoWpgpZk-3Y Some pretty strong words from Chael! Whats your opinion?
  5. sadly you do get bashed here but I don't recall stevan micic ever calling you out or even posting about you.
  6. Congrats Nick, jimtown has been waiting for a state champ for a long time.... You delivered Match off the night IMO! Two great wrestlers with bright futures. Man those Wabash coaches were salivating heavily waiting for you! D1 IMO
  7. I know this may be beating a dead horse but why didn't you bring this complaint to the coach face to face??? Kind of a puss move to call it out here. Tell ya what, I'll send you the $5 if that makes you feel better!! You also need to keep in min that"your" team it's losing a big batch of seniors this year too and you just might find"your" team in the same boat..What a joke,, thanks for waiting 20 minutes of my life with your insightful opinions!!
  8. Jay Franko is good and I know this may be splitting hairs but lets give Tony Vaughn(Caught), Jacob Hartman(Caught again), their just dues. It doesnt matter how you lost but that you lost
  9. Oh you know we will.... 126 and 138 looks like its got the makings I also saw that at 220 5 of the top 10 in the rankings come out of Merrillville...... Who gets left out?
  10. Abe Hall dec Dominique Stauffer 3-2 in sudden death ot the first week of the season. Id say that was a quality loss in the sense that now you know what youre going up against and to beat him you have got to kick it in the ass in your mental and physical training
  11. I saw this video on Flo. Going into the state series soon this MUST be every wrestlers attitude! (@ about :25 into it) An early Good Luck to all of you heading into sectionals, Give 'em hell http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/255-2008-US-Open-Wrestling/video/14068-Askren-Sending-a-Message
  12. As far as Heavyweight, you might wanna take a look at what the guys up north are doing too
  13. He looked even better accepting his award in headgear and singlet, posing for the camera *SMH*
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