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    pm1981 got a reaction from Falcon06 in #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei   
    I was there for the Steve Adams OT loss  in 1980 which lead to a half point loss to MD for the semi state crown.  I will be there for the dual meet.  Looking forward to the brawl and a visit to the Hilltop. 
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    pm1981 reacted to maligned in 3A Team State Qualifying: thru State   
    I don't think there would have been much drama for Perry. I wasn't in the room, but I collected all the teams' information and put together the team reports. Firstly, had Fair not gotten hurt at regional, they would have been in the event already. More importantly, in the projected lineup the gave us, they've got 3 placers, another state qualifier and a semi-state qualifier starters back, 2 incoming freshmen triple crown winners with big-time national resumes that will be state title contenders, 5 JV guys who have wins over semi-state and state qualifiers between the high school season and recent folkstyle events...and so on and so forth. They've only got 5 starters back, but they've got 50 total high schoolers back before we even talk about their insane incoming 8th grade class. They were only in the vote-in situation because of having so few starters back and because of having several instances of bad luck in the qualifying process. They will be loaded again.
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    pm1981 got a reaction from bluemonster in New Castle SS Rankings vs Actual Results   
    The Blue Monster really is a beast when it comes to the rankings! Thanks for all the time and effort that you have put in this season.
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    pm1981 reacted to Y2CJ41 in New Castle Semi State Predictions   
    Had to cleanup this topic due to some kids being idiots. Don't worry they got their whole school banned from IndianaMat.
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    pm1981 reacted to Indysportsfan in Perry Meridian Regional   
    106:  Lowery, Vaughn, Slivka, Stewart
    113:  Viduya, Rose, Turner, Fair
    120:  Nier, Noehre, Freije, Wilkerson
    126:  White, Culp, McMillian, Evans
    132:  Smiley, Wright, Servies, Hiatt
    138:  B Moore, Davis, Keeney, Noehre
    145:  Rust, Graves, Waugh, Fletcher
    152:  Warren, Ballinger, Smith, Rebein
    160:  Warren, Mahan, Tackett, Wright
    170:  Lowe, Amos, Willis, Serrano
    182:  Hansen, Allen, King, Higgs
    195:  Tonte, Owensby, Duncan, Kenney
    220:  Burton, Miller, Greene, J Harris
    285:  Powell, Woolbright, Roland, Wuerch
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    pm1981 reacted to In The Bleachers in 2/4/17 Matches   
    120 Mills vs Misconi
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    pm1981 reacted to IronPenguin in 2/4/17 Matches   
    Couple notables from the North Montgomery Regional:
    106: #2 Seth Johnson (North Mont) vs #3 Brenden Mattingly (Carmel) in the finals
    170: #2 Tanner Webster (North Mont) vs #3 Thomas Penola (Zionsville) in the finals
    182: #6 Evan Stambaugh (Lebanon) vs #19 Isaac Fruits (North Mont) in the semis 
    The winner goes on to face #9 Alec Jessop (HSE) in the finals
    195: #11 Cole Slavens (North Mont) vs #12 Andrew Williamson (Zionsville) in the semis
    The winner goes on to face #10 Liam Jagow (Westfield) in the finals
    Some rematches that will be fun to watch if they occur:
    126- #9 Adam Jerde (Carmel) vs Jacob Garcia (HSE)
    John Gobeyn (Zionsville) vs Alexander Strueder (Fishers)
    138- #13 Kody Wagner (Zionsville) vs Noah Robinson (Westfield)
    #13 Kody Wagner (Zionsville) vs Tyler Wagner (HSE)
    220-#7 Jacob McClaine (Lebanon) vs Joe Myren (HSE)
    285- Austin Dollens (Westfield) vs Jack Williams (Carmel)
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    pm1981 reacted to Tony McWilliams in 2/4/17 Matches   
    285 #1 Isaiah McWilliams SB Washington
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    pm1981 reacted to warsawwrestling in 2/4/17 Matches   
    I think there might be a kid by the name of Hatch at that also. Ranked #3 at 152 state and #1 at ss.
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    pm1981 reacted to bomber_bob in 2/4/17 Matches   
    at Logansport
    120 #9 Jon Anderson (Lafayette Jeff) vs #11 Donovan Johnson (Logansport) or Returning SQ Trey McCartney (Lafayette Harrison)
    160 #13 Myles Krintz (Lafayette Harrison) vs Mikey Kidwell (West Lafayette)
     - Kidwell was up 3-1 in the 3rd Period on Krintz at the Sectional before being put to his back.
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    pm1981 reacted to crosstownrivals in 2/4/17 Matches   
    Rochester Regional
    138- #7 Trace Manspeaker Penn vs #16 Graham Calhoun Plymouth Semis
    170- #5 Tavonte Malone Adams vs #6 Jarod Swank Penn Finals Each has 2 wins against each other
    195- #13 Moser Bremen vs #20 Hochstedler Penn (Finals)
    Other Ranked wrestlers at Rochester this weekend
    106-#18 Evan Light Penn
    113- #4 Kory Cavanaugh Penn
    120- #10 Tanner DeMien Penn
    126- #8 Adam Davis CMA
    132- #8 Manzona Bryant CMA
    152- #3 Kyle Hatch
    152- #8 Kassisus Brethitt Riley
    160- #17 Micah Calhoun
    182- #16 Austin Faulkner Mishawaka
    285- #1 Isiah McWilliams SB Washington
    S.S Rankings at Rochester Regional
    106- #10 Trevor Penrod Riley
    120- #6 Alexander Wawasee
    126- #8 Germia Brooks Wawasee #9 Jeffrey Harper Penn
    132- #7 Preston Risner Penn #9 Tristan Moreno SB St. Joe
    138- #7 Jacob LaPlace- Mishawaka #10 Aaron Brook CMA
    145- #9 Gavin Bank Plymouth
    160- #10 Jacob Atkins Riley
    182- #9 Alejandro Castro Wawasee #10 Max Chaffee Penn
    195- #8 Jacob LaFree Plymouth
    285- #5 Alex Faulkner Mishawaka #9 Alex McBee Culver Community #10 Dan Clark Rochester
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    pm1981 reacted to PMHS in Tristen Tonte of Warren Central commits to   
    Great athlete, better kid! Congrats from PMHS!
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    pm1981 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Tristen Tonte of Warren Central commits to   
    Congratulations to Tristen Tonte from Warren Central for signing with Marian. He is will play football.

    Click here to view the signing
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    pm1981 reacted to Dyoung in Perry Meridian Regional   
    106: lowery, Vaughn, Slivka, Stewart
    113: Viduya, Rose, Turner, Conaway
    120: Nier, Carter, Freije, Wilkerson
    126: White, Culp, Mcmillian, Clayton
    132: Smiley, Servies, Wright, Hiatt
    138: Moore, Cooper, Davis, Keenley
    145: Graves, Rust, Waugh, Fletcher
    152: Warren, Walter, Smith, Rebein
    160: Warren, Mahan, Tackett, Sanchez
    170: Lowe,Amos, Willis, acevedo
    182:Allen, Hansen, Higgs, King
    195: Tonte, Owensby, Keeny, Ruhaha
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    pm1981 reacted to LUBWrestler in Perry Meridian Regional   
    106: Lowery, Vaughn, Slivka, Stewart
    113: Viduya, Fair, Turner, Rose
    120: Nier, Noehre, Freije, Wilkerson
    126: White, Culp, Clayton, McMillian
    132: Smiley, Servies, Wright, Hiatt
    138: Davis, Moore, Noehre, Keeney
    145: Rust, Graves, Waugh, Fletcher
    152: Warren, Ballinger, Smith, Rebein
    160: Warren, Mahan, Tackett, Sanchez
    170: Lowe, Amos, Willis, Acevedo
    182: Allen, Hansen, King, Higgs
    195: Tonte, Owensby, Ruhana, Kenney
    220: Burton, Miller, Harris, Greene
    285: Wuerch, Woolbright, Powell, Coffey
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    pm1981 got a reaction from WrestlingSlam42 in notable wins/upsets 1/14   
    PM VS Brownsburg
    106 #8 Brayden Lowery PM over #4 Drake Campbell B (2-0)
    113 #6 Sammy Fair PM over #10 Evan Lawhead B (10-4)
    120 #1 Ty Mills B over #13 Sunny Nier PM (5-0)
    132 #1 Blake Mulkey B over #15 Jack Serview PM (3-2)
    152 #1 Brayton Lee B over #2 Noah Warren PM (10-6)
    170 #5 Christian Warren PM over #16 Anthony Ciceiarelli B 
    220 # 13 Isaac McCormick B over #16 Rilee Miller PM 
    285 # 8 Rickie Clark B over Steve Woolbright PM (1-0)
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    pm1981 reacted to warsawwrestling in Bad officiating   
    I’m one of the biggest banterers that I know; the officials are like I have to listen to this guy all day long. But with aging officiating crews and with very little incoming officials it falls back on the coaching staff. We need to be pushing our graduating seniors to become officials. Keep complaining about the ones we have and that will put us in a worse spot than we already are in. I hear they are short for sectionals as it is now and are out trying to get a few more officials to fill the ranks. There are a lot of 4 year high school wrestlers that don't continue on wrestling in college that would be perfect candidates to start building up the ranks. Just a thought!
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    pm1981 reacted to bluemonster in notable wins/upsets 1/14   
    120: Stephenson Yorktown over Noehre GC 9-4
    Ragle NC over Wilkerson MV 4-2
    106: Campbell BB over Rioux Avon 5-0
    Mattingly Carmel over Smith LC 12-0
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    pm1981 reacted to crosstownrivals in notable wins/upsets 1/14   
    113 Kory Cavanaugh Penn dec 3-0 Hunter Watts Jimtown
    145 Hayden Hensley Penn dec 9-8 Xander stroud Elkhart central
    138 trace Manspeaker 4-3 Jacob LaPlace Mishawaka
    170 Jarod Swank Penn dec 6-3 Travonte Malone SB Adams
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    pm1981 reacted to Dyoung in notable wins/upsets 1/14   
    at mic
    106: mattingly over gabe smith 12-0
    120: brice coleman fall over dominic pecoraro
    126: adam jerde over dylan culp 4-2 
    132: donald campbell over dheontae unseld 5-1
    donald campbell over tim wright 40 second pin
    145: logan coyle over antwan graves
    285: robert samuels over elijah bailey 3-1
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    pm1981 got a reaction from Chinwhip city in notable wins/upsets 1/14   
    Conference Indiana:
    132 #15 Jack Servies PM over #11 Brett Smith BN 6-3.
    138 NR Brooks Davis Pm over #11 Derek Blubaugh BS 5-2
    145 #12 Kain Rust PM over #6 Blake Webb BS 3-2..
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