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  1. Been there since 1984. I have worked it for the last 20 years. It is always exciting.
  2. I don't think so. Just a mystical legend. I have always heard some strange stories of his existence.
  3. I think Jim Tonte is up there. I don't have his career win totals.
  4. Dave Feeny? Frank Hammond, Gil Journey, Nate Moore, Chico Adams, Donte Winfield? I think Nate is the only one that could make weight by next Tuesday.
  5. I was there for the Steve Adams OT loss in 1980 which lead to a half point loss to MD for the semi state crown. I will be there for the dual meet. Looking forward to the brawl and a visit to the Hilltop.
  6. The Blue Monster really is a beast when it comes to the rankings! Thanks for all the time and effort that you have put in this season.
  7. I had trouble also. When I went to print I found that it was on shrink to fit screen. I clicked on 100% and then it took up the entire page landscape style. I finally got it to work.
  8. At Perry: 113 Bowling 23-4 Sr. Tech vs. #3 Turner WC 1st round. Turner #3 VS Viduya #2, in the opposite bracket Fair #5 Vs Conaway #16 first round and in semis Fair #5 vs Rose #7. Tough weight class. 120:Nier #12 VS Coleman WC #19 and then VS Freige #18. The other bracket is Wilkerson VS Noehre #15. 126 Culp WC #17 Vs White NP #5 132 Servies PM #14 Vs Wright WC and Smiley BG #5 in other bracket. 138 Davis PM #10 v Blackburn WC and then Noehre GC. Moore BG #18 on other side. 145 Rust PM #9 v Waugh Ron. and Graves WC #13 on other side. 160 Warren PM #4 v Mahan Ron #19 p
  9. In order 106: Lowery, Vaughn, Slivka, Stewart. 113: Fair, Viduya, Rose, Turner 120: Nier, Noehre, Freige, Wilkerson 126: White, Culp, Clayton, McMillan 132: Smiley, Servies, Wright, Hiatt 138: Davis, Moore, Noehre, Keeney 145: Rust, Graves, Waugh, Fletcher 152: Warren, Ballinger, Smith, Rebein 160: Warren, Mahan, Tackett, Sanchez 170: Amos, Lowe, Willis, Acevedo 182: Allen, Hansen, Higgs, King 195: Tonte, Owensby, Kenney, Ruhana 220: Miller, Burton, Greene, Harris 285: Wuerch, Woolbright, Roland, Powell
  10. Mater Dei Holiday classic. Parents bringing in homemade food all day long!!
  11. I should have posted one more notable match from Tuesday's duel. 145 NR Brooks Davis PM over #15 Ryan Bigelow. (I believe both guys weighed in at 138)?
  12. Pirate, I didn't post those scores because I wasn't positive of the final results. Going by my foggy memory. I believe the 170 between Warren and Cicciarelli was much like at team state by one point. I think Christian had a take-down and 1 escape for 3 and Cicciarelli had 2 escapes. I believe 3-2. at 220 McCormick was in control most of the match. It looked like he might major miller and he slowed down toward the end of the second period. Miller became more aggressive in the 3rd and made it tough for McCormick to score. I think maybe 12-6 or something close to that. Maybe one of the c
  13. PM VS Brownsburg 106 #8 Brayden Lowery PM over #4 Drake Campbell B (2-0) 113 #6 Sammy Fair PM over #10 Evan Lawhead B (10-4) 120 #1 Ty Mills B over #13 Sunny Nier PM (5-0) 132 #1 Blake Mulkey B over #15 Jack Serview PM (3-2) 152 #1 Brayton Lee B over #2 Noah Warren PM (10-6) 170 #5 Christian Warren PM over #16 Anthony Ciceiarelli B 220 # 13 Isaac McCormick B over #16 Rilee Miller PM 285 # 8 Rickie Clark B over Steve Woolbright PM (1-0)
  14. Conference Indiana: 132 #15 Jack Servies PM over #11 Brett Smith BN 6-3. 138 NR Brooks Davis Pm over #11 Derek Blubaugh BS 5-2 145 #12 Kain Rust PM over #6 Blake Webb BS 3-2..
  15. Watching since 1978 at Southport HS fieldhouse and have been coaching since 1984. I haven't missed a single year. I am now helping work the state finals on the floor! Great times! I think this will be number 37.
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