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  1. its funny cuz i just read and agreed with one his post on a different topic lol whoops
  2. I gotta agree on this one, people shouldnt get a free pass because of their age, the constitution doesnt say we have the right to free speech as long as its not about someone who hasnt finished high school yet. And i can understand being hurt and still wanting to wrestle in the finals, you couldve ripped my arm off and it wouldnt keep me out of a championship game or match...*cough* colt mccoy *cough*
  3. Thanks, and just because people read your post doesnt mean they take anything you say seriously. I've only been back on this board for a few days and the first thing i saw was you talking crap about McMurray, who from what ive seen(i was in the same conferance and sectional and watched sectionals the last two years since ive graduated) is a polite fun loving guy who just happens to be arguable the best wrestler in the state right now...and i know thats off topic
  4. i wrestled crown point quite a few times and i never felt the least bit disrespected...escept for the whole getting my @$$ handed to me on the mat thing
  5. People dont listen when they see a duck and run post, they just boo
  6. One could argue that this statement disrespects willis
  7. This is as stupid as laporte's coach getting reprimanded last year for having an old alum come wrestle at practice
  8. 2592 participants 47 states represented 2592/ 47 = 55.14 per state. Since you cant have .14 kids, we will say the large class would be 56, and the small class would be 55 and under, so we would have been 3rd in our class. On the podium, but not champs. Well, i say we find a way to get that .14 kid out there to make things fair!!
  9. anyone know what kind of college looks hes getting?
  10. Yeah congrats, what nationals did he win? He wasnt in Va Beach was he?
  11. i was thinking theyd beat the packers
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