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    bellrs reacted to NW Indiana Wrestling Fan in Team race   
    Also the trainers asked me if I was ok, and I replied that it wasn’t my head, I just landed on my neck weird. I never even had the thought of taking the match from him like that. I have too much respect for him and his father to ever do that.
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    bellrs reacted to Y2CJ41 in Logan Bailey of Cathedral commits to   
    Congratulations to Logan Bailey from Indianapolis Cathedral for signing with Indianapolis. He is projected to wrestle 141.

    View full signing
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    bellrs reacted to Y2CJ41 in Best High School for Producing D1 Wrestlers   
    If....just IIIIIFFFFF there was a website.....
    Nick Lee x2
    Matt Couglin
    Nick Mayer(DII)
    Those were the only NCAA All-Americans in Mater Dei history.
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    bellrs reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: #MondayMatness: Indianapolis Cathedral runs state title streak to three   
    With a few exceptions, the cast of characters changed. But the plot was the same for Indianapolis Cathedral: Win Indiana’s high school wrestling team championship.

    “You always want to set your expectations high,” said Irish head coach Sean McGinley. “We thought going in we had a legitimate shot to be very successful. We had several goals and one of our goals was to win a state title. We were able to accomplish that.”

    Cathedral traveled across town to Bankers Life Fieldhouse and took the program’s third straight title and fourth overall Saturday, Feb. 22 at the 82nd annual IHSAA State Finals.

    “I’ve said it before, Friday night is always key,” said McGinley after the latest hoisting of the state trophy. “Our goal is not a state championship, it’s to get through Friday night. That’s our state championship adage. We got five out of eight which gave us a chance. We thought we were still in it. Saturday morning was the big round for us. We went five for five with several kids getting bonus points. Bonus points probably made the difference. We were getting them but
    (eventual runner-up) Crown Point and (third-place team Evansville) Mater Dei was also getting them.”

    Two of the eight State Finals qualifiers in the 2020 field were finalists on Cathedral’s 2019 state title-winning squad.

    “This year’s team was way different from last year,” said sophomore Zeke Seltzer, who won the 2020 crown at 120 pounds after placing second as a freshman at 113. “The only people we had returning to State was me and Elliot (Rogers). Logan (Bailey) was returning, but he didn’t make it last year.”

    “We had some guys step up for sure.”
    What was the difference between standing on the second step of the podium and the top for Seltzer?

    “I’ve been working for this for a whole year now,” said Seltzer. “It feels great to finally get it.”

    Rodgers was a state champion at 152 as a junior and finished third at 160 in 220 as a senior.

    Five of eight Irish wrestlers in the field earned state placement in 2020. Besides Seltzer and Rodgers, senior Holden Parsons (285 pounds) was a champion, senior Bailey (138) a runner-up and senior Tyler Wagner (170) a fourth placer.

    “For me it was my faith,” said Parsons. “God got me through it and made sure I wasn’t nervous and everything. My coaches were there for me in my corner. They knew what we needed to do. hey knew how to keep me calm.”

    Parsons talked about the team approach to the season.
    “We keep a constant pace,” said Parsons. “As it goes along, we start picking it up. During the postseason, we taper on and off. That just keeps our gas tanks up and our lungs burning so we’re ready to go 100 percent when it comes time to put the pedal to the metal.”
    “Everybody knew we had to get bonus points to keep up with Crown Point. They are a great team. They had great wrestlers. They are phenomenally-coached.”

    Senior Jacob Huffman (195), junior Johnny Parker (182) and sophomore Evan Dickey (106) competed Friday night but did not advance to Saturday.
    It was an extra-big weekend for the Seltzer family. Not only were there the team and individual championships, assistant Brian Seltzer (Zeke’s father) was inducted into the Indiana High School Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Fame the day after the State Finals.

    When the Irish reigned over the IHSAA in 2019, seniors Jordan Slivka (first at 160), Alex Mosconi (second at 145) and Lukasz Walendzak (eighth at 126) were there along with Rodgers and Seltzer. At the 2018 State Finals, Cathedral was represented by junior Slivka (first at 145), sophomore Rodgers (second at 152), senior Zach Melloh (second at 138), junior Alex Mosconi (second at 132), sophomore Bailey (third at 106), junior Walendzak (fourth at 120), senior Jacob Obst (seventh at 285)senior Jacob Obst (seventh at 285) and qualifiers senior Anthony Mosconi (160), sophomore Caleb Oliver (113) and freshman Andrew Wilson (126).

    View full article
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    bellrs reacted to Wrestlingfanatic in Pin their way through state?   
    This was already a whole thread back then. But if you really want to go into it, yea who knows what could've happened after Tommy would've been up by 3 points after he took a shot and went straight to a half (didn't know shots and halves were considered catching moves) but that's how it happened and the ref called a fall. 
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    bellrs reacted to Wrestlingfanatic in Pin their way through state?   
    You are missing Tommy Cash and Blake Rypel both did it the same year as Streck
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    bellrs reacted to grappleapple in Three years and one day ago...   
    Rickie Clark and Robert Samuels put on the best consolation match spectacle in Indiana wrestling history.
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    bellrs reacted to Galagore in Most Consecutive Years   
    Year 16. Favorite match = Samuels v Clark 2017
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    bellrs reacted to Wrestling Scholar in My first Indiana Post-Season Experience   
    States with wrestle Backs at State Tournament
    AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MA,MD, MI, MN, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM,NY, NC, ND
    OH, OK, OR,  PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VE, VA, WA,WV, WI, WY
    States without wrestle Backs
    Indiana, Mississippi*
    Mississippi does not have state tournament.
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    bellrs got a reaction from Wrestlingfanatic in Justice Cash   
    You are such a class act Justice.  I know you are disappointed that you did not make it but this is just a bump in the road.  You are definitely destined for a bright future. I appreciate having the opportunity to watch you grow from little Bam Bam to the fine young man that you are today. 
    You and Amante were blessed to have such great friends in each other. 
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    bellrs got a reaction from indianmorg in Wow - Fattore pinned himself!   
    I do not know either wrestler.  I watched it over and over online and wow; just wow.    It was unfortunate.  
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    bellrs got a reaction from base in Rypel   
    Blake has shoulder surgery right before the season started and was expected to be out the entire season.  He was just recently released to fully practice again so he should be back on a mat somewhere soon.  
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    bellrs got a reaction from Pops in Brayton Lee beat in OT   
    Those were the days... the old Red Cobra crew.  Lots of familiar faces in the crowd also- Momma Red, the Glogouskis, the Banes with little Alston "coaching" from the sidelines, and some others.  
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    bellrs reacted to friendofrunningwriter in Indiana Wrestlers at the Olympic Trials   
    Sitting here behind DingoBrigade, just interviewed Kayla Miracle for the South Bend Tribune. 
    She's not happy at all, says she didn't feel like herself all day, felt sluggish even in her wins.
    You can check out the story in Sunday's South Bend Tribune.  Go to: www.southbendtribune.com
    Gotta get in a plug to justify my expenses.
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    bellrs reacted to Dingo Brigade in Indiana Wrestlers at the Olympic Trials   
    An all too familiar story for Hump....big lead, then starts to let up and fatigue....gets a big TD to take a 12-9 leads. Huge, clutch move by Hump...Kennedy coming for him, Hump slides by and counters, leads 14-9..Hump at his very best right now...Kennedy throws a challenge, not sure what he's challenging, appeared that Reece clearly had another TD to potentially take a 16-9 lead. Hump countering Kennedy's aggression with smooth slidebys...challenge apparently successful, it's 14-10, 11 seconds left...Hump wins 14-11. Huge win for Reece.
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    bellrs got a reaction from TeamGarcia in Trinity Award Winners From IN ?   
    Ben Stewart won 12u Outstanding wrestler at Tulsa and was part of the World All-Star team that year. I am pretty sure that Chad Red was on the all-star team also that year. I know it is not the Trinity award but the all-star team was based on placement at those tournaments and was an honor. Aside from the horrible drives to Oklahoma, I used to love taking my son to the Roller tournaments.
    Congrats to the new generations of little guys getting it done out there and Reno.
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    bellrs reacted to gogoplata89 in 2016 Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic Team Indiana Roster   
    I wish I had the type of luck to slap a cradle on a highly ranked kid and pin him. Some people get all the breaks. 
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    bellrs reacted to 800lbs Gorilla Mama in InterMat High School Rankings   
    Checking the rankings today, I see 12 Indiana kids ranked. Congratulations to the 12. I believe they missed some Indiana kids as well......
    #15 113 Colton Cummings JR Lowell TBD
    #1 132 Chad Red SR New Pal - Nebraska
    #3 132 Nick Lee JR EMD - Penn State
    #15 138 Brayton Lee SO Brownsburg TBD
    #20 145 Joe Lee SO EMD - Penn State
    #13 160 Jacob Covaciu SR Merrillville - Wisconsin
    #6 170 Drew Hughes SR Lowell - Michigan State
    #4 182 Blake Rypel SR Cathedral - Indiana
    #12 220 Mason Parris SO Lawrenceburg TBD
    #15 220 Gunnar Larson JR Avon TBD
    #17 220 Kobe Woods SR Penn - Purdue
    #2 285 Shawn Streck SR Merrillville - Purdue FB
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    bellrs reacted to takedownartist in Boycott Freestyle State   
    These parents are spending thousands of dollars a year on travel expenses to out of state and Indy tournaments, academy and/or club membership fees, private coaching lessons, etc. for their kid to compete at a high level...why not have the same parents pay $20 entry fee to the local club (that is hosting the freestyle qualifier tournament they are missing) as a donation as a condition of exemption for the ISWA team kids.
    This would lessen the host club burden and the team parents burden of schedule conflicts.
    Win-Win again for the time v/s money issue.
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    bellrs reacted to Chi Town Hustler in MD next year   
    Who is "they" could this be the "We don't recruit" MD booster club?
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    bellrs reacted to chambers in Konrath at MD   
    Nobody has heard this information except for the people that viewed this thread http://indianamat.com/index.php/topic/49967-md-next-year/page-2over 3500 times.
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    bellrs reacted to grecoref in How To: Indiana as a top 5 wrestling state   
    In order to become a licensed IHSAA wrestling official you can follow this link for details on the process.http://www.ihsaa.org...72/Default.aspx
    Specific points about the On-Line Testing Process that you need to know:
    - The testing process is an on-line application. No longer do you need to plan to be at
    a site on a certain day. You do need to have access to a computer to take the test. You
    will need to plan when to take the test within the Testing Period indicated for each sport and
    submit your results before the deadline. This is not a timed test.
    - No on-site paper and pencil tests will be provided unless you are taking a class in that sport.
    - Application Deadlines must be met.
    - The test is composed of 100 questions, mostly True-False, but a few multiple choice. You must earn 75% or better on the test to
    become licensed.
    - You should receive your rules books from IHSAA as soon as they are published and available by the NFHS. If you are testing in more than one sport, the books for the later
    seasons will be sent when those books arrive in the IHSAA office. Please begin to study for the test
    upon receipt of the rules books.
    - You may only take a test one time within a program year. If you do not meet the 75%
    standard this program year, you will need to wait until the next program year to apply again.
    - You should not apply to take a test in any sport whose deadline dates have passed.
    - You should receive immediate feedback on your test results but you may not schedule
    contests until you receive the insignias and license card from this office which should come
    within 7-10 days after your test is submitted (and you have scored 75% or better).

    Remember, you do not have to be licensed to officiate middle school events or elementary events, and this is a great venue to work and gain experience, especially for those of you who are unsure as to whether or not you actually want to proceed to the high school level. It's a perfect part-time job... especially for a college student. It's a 100 question test that is open book and done online, so you are allowed ample time to complete the examination with little or no stress.
    Also keep in mind that nearly all officials begin at lower levels and work their way up, so you will not be thrust into the high profile varsity contest with 3000 screaming fans in the stands. If you like the sport and are physically able, becoming an official is a great hobby that pays well, gets you in the door for free, and gives you the best seat in the house!

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    bellrs reacted to Y2CJ41 in 2016 Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic Team Indiana Roster   
    Just added some Andy Hughes fella to the roster, heard he is decent.
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    bellrs reacted to ontherise219 in Rypel Without A Doubt Most Dominant Wrestler   
    Blake is a beast no doubt!! I think Cam jones is very underrated. Both guys are studs. There are many types of domination
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    bellrs reacted to OldGoatGrappler in Rypel Without A Doubt Most Dominant Wrestler   
    Blake took care of business and dominated the interview speech too.     Congratulations and thank you for all the years of excitement.  Look forward to watching you dominate at the next level too.
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