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  1. Coach Moss, Truly appreciate the updates on Wabash Wrestling, especially with so many Indiana kids enjoying such great success! Keep them coming! Good Luck to all the Little Giant Wrestlers!
  2. There was Unsportsmanlike Conduct called on wrestlers from both teams (different matches), resulting in the score difference between what the scoreboard showed and what Track came up with.
  3. The rule against coaching an injured wrestler was removed several years ago.
  4. Mooresville ran 4 mats. Only dropped to two mats for the last round of consolations (setting up who would wrestle for 3rd and who would wrestle for 5th) which allowed the table help and stripes to grab a bite to eat. Then ran matches for 1st, 3rd and 5th concurrently. Finished before 4pm. Very well ran.
  5. Noticed that Southmont was receiving votes in both the 1A and 2A classes...
  6. A little birdie has whispered to me that the MIC may not be done adding teams
  7. So what I gather from the few posts comparing Evansville's change in location to the situation in M'ville, someone just needs to convince Ms. Qualizza to build a new gym!! Problem solved!
  8. It was Joe Huntington for Cathedral & Jacob Hazi for CP.
  9. Yet another Wabash College grad doing good things!! Congratulations on the honor Coach Watkins!!
  10. On the next upgrade to indianamat 2.0, we need a "Like" or (+1) button for comments! There's often I read a comment and want to compliment the comment, but maybe not "wahoo" the poster! Also would make it easier to find that elusive "post of the year"!
  11. At a regular dual meet, or a multi dual where you weigh in by team, I could see where this might slip by if the coach opts to bump guys around and the opposing coach doesn't notice. However at Sectional, or any individual tournament where you weigh in by weight class, it can and should be caught by the official at the scale.
  12. 2. Maybe an Official can help me out, but I do believe an Offical should have been the one to not permit the wretler to even weigh in for 120 weighing what he did. Well, he certainly can WEIGH IN for 120 , but yes, the official should have caught that he was not eligible to WRESTLE 120. Had exact situation occur on my scale at sectional and said wrestler was NOT allowed to compete.
  13. Heck, the question on MY mind is: What time did they finish THIS year? :
  14. Not quite sure what you mean by a "duals-type individual tourney"...it was strictly an 8 team individual tournament. Now North did face PHHS in several of the finals matches (maybe 6-7?), with North winning a majority of those matchups. However, I don't think this quibbling is going to factor into which team comes out of the Zionsville Team Regional!
  15. Isn't this meet NEXT Wednesday? January 11?
  16. Here is a name and number for the contact at U of I for their new structure: Assistant AD for Facilities and Operations, Scott Young, would be the person to contact. His email is syoung@uindy.edu, and his phone number is 317-788-3273
  17. The 6 way at Cathedral also includes Avon in addition to Warren Central. The other three spots have changed over the last 2-3 years...used to be Anderson Highland, East Central and Munster, which made for a GREAT (long) day of wrestling! I think last year Washington (from Southern Indiana!) and Manual were there and Warren provided a second team. I see Big Hawaiian posted while I was typing! Was it Tech or Manual that was there last year? Or is Tech replacing Manual this year? Looking at some results posted in last year's section, it had Manual there...
  18. Indy-area Schools with field houses: Westfield Lawrence Central (Very wrestling-friendly athletic department!) Plainfield Ben Davis
  19. That was also the Saturday that the Space Shuttle Columbia broke up over Texas...the things you remember!
  20. Poke through here for New Castle SS photos: http://www.inhsphoto.com/ I know he was also shooting at the IU/Purdue dual Sunday too.
  21. Really enjoyed watching my first Big 10 dual in person (have watched the Big 10 network religiously since they started showing wrestling)...I echo the previous comments that I hope at least one of these two teams can arrange to schedule a dual meet each season in Indy. It would be nice to see Wisconsin or Ohio State here with their local/state flavor. Iowa sure would be nice too. I sat in the lower section and the only issues I saw with the IU asst coaches were their irritation with the clock in the second half of the meet. Seen much worse on Indiana HS sidelines (Marion County coaches/ass
  22. Crawfordsville 285 Dylan McBride had a :06 sec fall in sectional quarterfinal action vs. Turkey Run wrestler.
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