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Posts posted by horseofadifferentcolor


    35 minutes ago, wrestlenewbie said:

    Am I the only one how found it odd that the first two times a guy is on his back in this match the ref makes no attempt to look for the pin? Just kind of moves slowly on his feet around them.


    That is not a complaint, by the way. This one needed to go the distance.

    Pretty sure the rules in place at that time didn't allow for pins with the defensive wrestler entirely out of bounds...some of the pinning area had to be in bounds.  That changed a couple years ago.

  2. While I think the new and updated Pepsi Coliseum will be an excellent venue once they set their dates, I hope the Indy Convention Center has been explored?  The Indy Nationals were held there a year ago and it was an outstanding venue!  We had at least 12 mats down and room for plenty more.  The seating was more than ample and could easily be added to as needed.  Guessing it is not the most cost efficient...but parking is not an issue either.  Guess it depends with what else is going on at that same time...auto show?  Gamecon?  Colts game?  Just throwing it out there to make sure nothing is missed.


    Regarding the Wabash College facility, there were 11 mats down in the fieldhouse during the Scholastic Duals with room for maybe one more there.  The gym could easily hold at least 4 more.  Seating in the fieldhouse is not the best.

  3. Bernard and Miller traded escapes in the 2nd and 3rd periods without a whole lot of action until Bernard secured a takedown mid-way thru the third.  Miller got the quick escape and was close to a takedown of his own at one point.  Bernard was given a stalling warning and appeared close to getting another near the end until he locked up a front headlock as the 3rd period ended.


  4. I saw on the results page that Elwood won the Madison County tourney yesterday in a close one over Pendleton Heights...is that the first time for Elwood??  They've always had solid teams, but I'm not aware of them ever winning that tourney.

  5. I had the score at 50-19 according to the scoreboard but Track has it at 51-20.  Sorry I missed posting this one guys.  It must have been the lack of popcorn at the concession stand. Oh, that's right.  It never even opened up that day. 


    106 B Bailey (Cathedral High School) won by pin over Dylan Culp (Warren Central High School) 0:00. 0 6.00

    113 S Turner (Cathedral High School) won by decision over Erik Owens (Warren Central High School) 4-1. 0 3.00

    120 Matthew McKinney (Warren Central High School) won by pin over B Lewis (Cathedral High School) 2:00. 6.00 0

    126 Joel McGhee (Warren Central High School) won by tech fall over O McNulty (Cathedral High School) 2:00 17-2. 5.00 0

    132 Deondre Wilson (Warren Central High School) won by decision over J Devine (Cathedral High School) 12-5. 3.00 0

    138 Nick Reel (Warren Central High School) won by pin over L Speckman (Cathedral High School) 2:00. 6.00 0

    145 B Harvey (Cathedral High School) won by forfeit over Unknown (Unattached) . 0 6.00

    152 B Larson (Cathedral High School) won by decision over Dominic Herrick (Warren Central High School) 6-3. 0 3.00

    160 V Corsaro (Cathedral High School) won by pin over Xavier Lee (Warren Central High School) 0:00. 0 6.00

    170 B Stewart (Cathedral High School) won by injury default over Malcolm King (Warren Central High School) 0:00. 0 6.00

    182 B Rypel (Cathedral High School) won by pin over Cornelius Knox-Abbott (Warren Central High School) 0:00. 0 6.00

    195 N Morrison (Cathedral High School) won by decision over Elijah McGhee (Warren Central High School) 7-2. 0 3.00

    220 R Guhl (Cathedral High School) won by pin over Nick Maxey (Warren Central High School) 2:00. 0 6.00

    285 W Bernard (Cathedral High School) won by pin over D`Andre Wilkerson (Warren Central High School) 6.00


    There was Unsportsmanlike Conduct called on wrestlers from both teams (different matches), resulting in the score difference between what the scoreboard showed and what Track came up with.

  6. Mooresville ran 4 mats.  Only dropped to two mats for the last round of consolations (setting up who would wrestle for 3rd and who would wrestle for 5th) which allowed the table help and stripes to grab a bite to eat.  Then ran matches for 1st, 3rd and 5th concurrently.  Finished before 4pm.  Very well ran.

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