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  1. I think I'm gonna cut down to 132 - Shoot
  2. Perry got 13 through Roncalli got 4 through Warren Central got quite a few through also, jsut not sure on the #
  3. the wrestler that can score from anywhere.......me pesonally: takedowns and scoring from the bottom(5 pointers or falls)!!! I hade a mean cradle, but never really enjoyed riding. I always told myself, "the best defense is a good offense."
  4. I have some of my stuff from 1992, but I still need to transfer them over to disc from VHS....LOL! Damn I'm old! lol ;D
  5. I would give him 5.........even though his opponent flipped all the way over before he hit the ground. That was awesome.......glad the runner didn't get hurt. Wonder if he has some freestyle wrestling in his background?
  6. Looks good to me Zach....but in the end.....it don;t mean nothing! I'm ready for some wrestling!!!!!!!!
  7. 106 Whitten(BD) vs Cash(NP) 113 B. James(PM) vs Fee)NP) 120 Kenny(PM) vs Martin(FC) 126 Locke(GC) vs LeCount(PM) 132 McKinley(PM) vs Moss(BD) 136 Farrell(GC) vs Bova(PM) 145 McClurg(PM) vs Davenport(BD) 152 Riedling(WC) vs Spencer(P) 160 Johnson(PM) vs Rojas(RON) 170 McGinley(GC) vs Masengale(PM) 182 Jehn(BG) vs 195 Chowning(WC) vs Early(GC) 220 Sanders(P) vs 285 Carter(WC) vs Winfield(PM)
  8. I agree with wrestlersrgreat......the coaching staff now is plenty capable of turning this around........hmmm, let's see Svarczkopf (2X Team State champ as head coach...think he had a couple runner-up finishes too, then there's Crousore (oh - 2X Team Champs as head coach as well). They also have past LN wrestling alumni assisting. I think they handle it. LN will be back!
  9. I wasn't there......but it sounds like Hartman was wrestling to keep the score close, NOT win the match!
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