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  1. Miller News

    Hoosier Crossroads Conference@ Zionsville

    I do not see Austin Kane from Westfield listed. What's up with that?
  2. Miller News

    Hoosier Crossroads Conference@ Zionsville

    Any updates on brackets?
  3. Miller News

    New Castle Semi-State Rankings Final

    Really? You've got your panties in a bunch over an educated guesstimate. Come On Now! After the ranking of the first couple of kids, these Semi-State Rankings are almost impossible to predict. What they do is get some nice dialog going as to who to look out for. Your comment does nothing but bash the man handling the rankings (who does a nice job) and a young wrestler, and thus simply a waste of precious computer space. The next time you post, you should possibly add some insightful information as to the wrestler you think should be ranked higher. Maybe then Zach will take your comment into account.
  4. Noblesville HS - Varsity Wrestling (2010−2011) Date ----------------------- Opponent --------------------------------- Place ------------------------------- Results 11/20 - 9:00am ....... Hamilton Heights Super 6 ........ Hamilton Heights HS......... NHS 64 - Decatur Cen. 9 NHS 65 - Pendleton Hts. 12 NHS 54 - Hamilton Hts. 21 NHS 42 - North Central 31 11/23 - 6:30pm ....... McCutcheon High School .......... NHS Main Gym ................ McCutcheon 36 - NHS 32 11/30 - 6:30pm ....... Fishers High School .................. Fishers HS ........................ NHS 33 - Fishers 30 12/07 - 6:30pm ....... Westfield High School ............... NHS Main Gym ................ Westfield 36 - NHS 32 12/14 - 6:30pm ....... Hamilton SE ............................ NHS Main Gym ................ HSE 46 - NHS 24 12/18 - 8:30am ....... Hamilton Co. Tourney .............. Hamilton Heights HS ........ Westfield 229 Carmel 220 Fishers 201.5 HSE 197.5 NHS 176.5 Hamilton Heights 138 Sheridan 46 Guerin Catholic 21.5 12/28 - 9:00am ....... Hall Of Fame Invite .................. Zionsville HS .................... NHS 52 - Terre Haute North 15 NHS 39 - Zionsville 31 NHS 76 - Lapel 0 NHS 37 - Pike 31 Martinsville 37 - NHS 33 12/30 - 8:30am ....... Huntington North Invite .......... Huntington North HS ........ NHS 279 Huntington North 269 Logansport 229 Fort Wayne Snider 208 Woodlan 200 West Noble 170 Marion 140 Columbia City 129 Eastbrook 122 Southern Wells 83 01/08 - 9:00am ....... Pike Triple Dual ....................... Pike HS ............................. NHS 46 - Lebanon 30 NHS 71 - Elwood 9 NHS 51 - Pike 21 01/15 - 9:00am ....... HCC Meet ................................. Zionsville HS 01/18 - 6:30pm ....... Anderson High School ............... Anderson HS 01/20 - 6:30pm ....... Tipton High School ................... NHS Main Gym
  5. Miller News


    Refund? Refund? I dreamed during my nap, that everyone I ever sold a wrestling ticket to came back for a refund. And there you were, handing out the fives! One for you, and one for you...
  6. Miller News

    Zionsville Invitational: 2 quick questions

    I laughed so hard on this one that I had my drink coming out of my nose
  7. Miller News

    Zionsville Invitational: 2 quick questions

    additional information can be found on indianamatandpool.com
  8. Miller News


    one suggestion for a cleaner look would be to put 1 result per line under the "notable wins / losses column. trying to put 2 results per line still falls to the next line anyway. this may be more aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. i.e. (before) Win vs. Irick (152) 5-0, Win vs. Neibarger 9-3, Win vs. Juliano (152) 6-3, Win vs. Mappes 7-4 (after) Win vs. Irick (152) 5-0 Win vs. Neibarger 9-3 Win vs. Juliano (152) 6-3 Win vs. Mappes 7-4
  9. Zionsville Hall of Fame Classic 9:00-Wrestling begins Round 1- Mat 1: A Zionsville vs. Lapel Mat 2: A Noblesville vs. Terre Haute North Mat 3: B Pike vs. Martinsville Mat 4: B Rensaleer vs. FW Wayne Round 2- Mat 1: A Zionsville vs. Noblesville Mat 2: A Lapel vs. Terre Haute North Mat 3: B Pike vs. FW Wayne Mat 4: B Rensaleer vs. Martinsville Round 3- Mat 1: A Zionsville vs. Terre Haute North Mat 2: A Lapel vs. Noblesville Mat 3: B Pike vs. Rensaleer Mat 4: B FW Wayne vs. Martinsville Round 4- Mat 1: 1st Place Pool A vs. 2nd Place Pool B Mat 2: 1st Place Pool B vs. 2nd Place Pool A Mat 3: 3rd Place Pool A vs. 4th Place Pool B Mat 4: 3rd Place Pool B vs. 4th Place Pool A Round 5- Mat 1: 1st Place Pool A vs. 1st Place Pool B Mat 2: 2nd Place Pool A vs. 2nd Place Pool B Mat 3: 3rd Place Pool A vs. 3rd Place Pool B Mat 4: 4th Place Pool B vs. 4th Place Pool B
  10. Miller News

    Hamilton County Meet

    Team scores: Westfield 229 Carmel 220 Fishers 201.5 Hamilton Southeastern 197.5 Noblesville 176.5 Hamilton Heights 138 Sheridan 46 Guerin Catholic 21.5. 103 pounds First place: Tyler Elmore (HH) def. Jordan Lile (F) 7-4 Third place: A.J. Belden (W) def. Niko Barrantes (N) by fall, 3:14 Fifth place: Edrece Stansberry (HSE) def. Jake Greene (GC) 10-2 Seventh place: Karl Wilhelm © won by forfeit 112 pounds First place: Brandon Gray (F) def. Sparky Inman (W) 13-4 Third place: Tyler Carlotto (N) def. Chad Herr (HSE) 9-1 Fifth place: Sam Staebler (HH) def. Logan Sawyers © 10-4 119 pounds First place: Mitch Snyder (HSE) def. Jason Sipher (F) by fall, 5:52 Third place: Jake Leech © def. Dillon Eldred (W) by fall, 1:42 Fifth place: Evan Dotson (HH) def. John Crowmer (N) by fall, 1:48 125 pounds First place: Ben Sommer © def. Chase Watson (HSE) 12-1 Third place: Michael Steele (W) def. Patrick Goggin (N) 10-5 Fifth place: Conrad Ling (F) def. Zach Powell (HH) 8-3 Seventh place: Patrick Boucher (S) won by forfeit 130 pounds First place: Pat Parham © def. Danny Wohlschlaeger (W) by fall, 1:33 Third place: Patrick Mangan (N) def. Derek Sanders (HSE) by fall, 2:25 Fifth place: Josh Blunk (F) def. Matt Delph (S) by forfeit Seventh place: Hunter Harts (HH) won by forfeit 135 pounds First place: Parker Bankert (W) def. Zach Rokop © 12-1 Third place: Mikhail Marcuson (N) def. Ryan Reeder (HSE) 5-1 Fifth place: Austin Hunter (HH) Jeff Gasper (F) 7-0 Seventh place: Sam Barker (S) won by forfeit 140 pounds First place: Brady White (W) def. Matt Madden (F) 9-6 Third place: Alex Wormuth (N) def. Jackson Bennett (HSE) 12-1 Fifth place: Jason Klink © def. Joe Hodson (HH) 5-4 Seventh place: Zac Nielson (GC) def. David Carpenter (S) by fall, 0:46 145 pounds First place: Grant Scurria © def. Taylor Montes (F) 6-3 Third place: John Tatom (HSE) def. Lucas Rooney (W) 3-0 Fifth place: Spencer Jones (N) def. James Schildmeier (HH) by fall, 1:50 Seventh place: Andrew Miller (S) def. Andrew Kiffmeyer (GC) by fall, 2:13 152 pounds First place: Alex Bowers (N) def. Ethan Sloderbeck (HH) 7-3 Third place: Nathan Schuck (HSE) def. Max Juarez (W) 9-3 Fifth place: Kevin Vanneman © def. Tyler Jones (F) by fall, 2:35 Seventh place: Alex Capes (S) won by forfeit 160 pounds First place: Matt Irick (HSE) def. Wayne Specht (N) 10-3 Third place: Logan Floor (W) def. Cody Donahue © by fall, 1:19 Fifth place: Miah Sloderbeck (HH) def. Alex Padgett (S) 8-2 Seventh place: Matt Montes (F) won by forfeit 171 pounds First place: James Frascella © def. Austin Kane (W) 6-3 Third place: Austin Neibarger (HSE) def. Mitch Hensley (N) 13-0 Fifth place: Jesse Raines (HH) def. Garrett Owens (S) 7-0 Seventh place: Matt Rude (F) won by forfeit 189 pounds First place: Mitch Sliga (F) def. Lukas Schaeffer (W) by tech fall, 21-6 Third place: Garrett Smitley (HSE) def. Brad Ellis © 3-2 Fifth place: Carr O'Connor (GC) def. Ben Elliot (N) by tech fall, 15-0 Seventh place: Ben Isaacs (HH) def. Larry Eidson (S) by fall, 4:08 215 pounds First place: Collin Snyder (F) def. Alex Corbin © 3-1 OT Third place: Cody McCance (HH) def. Steven Rushforth (N) by fall, 2:25 Fifth place: Jordan Snow (W) def. Tyler Callahan (S) by fall, 2:14 Seventh place: Andy Eldridge (HSE) def. David Smith (GC) 15-7 285 pounds First place: Tyler Melby (W) def. Hayden Janney (HSE) 5-2 Third place: Cody Moore (F) def. Brock Hallett © 3-1 Fifth place: Andre Porter (HH) def. Nathan Miller (S) 12-11 OT Seventh place: Gamil Hanna (GC) def. Slater Branum (N) by default
  11. Miller News


    The IMPORTANT question to ask about young Nick is "What's on the List?"
  12. Miller News

    First ever Hamilton county tourny this weekend.

    Anyone got any brackets that could be posted.
  13. Miller News

    New Castle Semi-State Rankings Final

    Just a heads-up - You have Nick Ulrey ranked in both 140 & 145. Nick's good but I think the IHSAA frowns on wrestling in 2 weight classes. Just maybe he could wrestle 140 and then throw on the mask to be the next NACHO LIBRE!. No one would ever know.
  14. Miller News

    Whats with Good Wrestlers Quitting?

    Parents - sometimes there is too much pressure coming from the homefront A good friend of mine from back in the day, Andrew Clark (some of you may know him) was always getting pressured by his old man. His dad was always on him about his dedication and intensity. It got to the point where Andy (that's what we called him) wished he would just get hurt (maybe blowout his knee) so he couldn't wrestle anymore. It also started changing his behavior as he started to get in trouble at school. He even got a detention for picking on hairy Larry Lester. Andy did eventually complete his senior wrestling season with an early exit in the Illinois State Tourney but I don't think that really bothered him because he had met this girl earlier in the year that made him happy (truthfully, I found her a little weird). I haven't seen Andy in a number of years but I heard he has really ballooned up, man could that guy eat.
  15. Miller News

    Best Poster on IndianaMat

    The best poster? Is that you, Tolbert? Look, I am hung over, my knees are killing me and if you're gonna pull this crap at least you can say you're from The Gridrion Digest.

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