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  1. What a tournament! Wrestled amazing congrats Andrew
  2. army197

    Worst Screen Name

    I think duck and run has a crush on y2 and is jealous he can't have him any of y2
  3. army197

    When Indiana wrestling is classed

    Haha I couldn't stop laughing that's gotta be the best post on here
  4. army197


    Let's see Michael Johnson Jones Drake stein Ross janney I believe weren't expected to win
  5. army197

    How good nationally is Mishawaka?

    Well with the name FLwrestling I'm sure you would think they are better
  6. army197


    103 Cody Phillips, Union County 9 49-0 112 Anthony Hawkins, Crown Point 11 42-0 119 Camden Eppert, Anderson Highland 12 39-4 125 Jason Tsirtsis, Crown Point 9 40-2 130 Jason Tsirtsis Crown Point10 42-0 135 Taylor March, East Noble 12 39-1 140 Fransico Porras Hobart 12 42-1 145 Eric Roach Crown Point 11 41-0 Won't answer 152 or 160 I'm a lil biased lol 152 Sean McMurray, Portage 11 49-0 vs Sam Bennett Anderson Highland 12 42-0 160 Briar Runyan, Martinsville 12 43-0 vs Sean MacMurray Portage 12 42-0 171 Drake Stein Princeton 11 44-2 189 Marcus Shrewsbury, Crown Point 12 42-0 215 Nate Cleveland Lowell 12 42-0 285 Adam Chalfant, Winchester 12 39-0
  7. army197

    Friday Night State Qualifiers

    Luis acuna lost to the eventual runner up 5-0
  8. army197

    Dance celebration????

    I agree except for the afghan part :-X
  9. army197

    Y2 and Karl's class wrestling myths

    Twice as many kids twice the fan base common knowledge. And there is a lot of Indiana guys on trine calumet purdue Manchester IU so don't say more slots. Those colleges want to compete with others but still go after quality guys
  10. army197

    Y2 and Karl's class wrestling myths

    Y2 agrees so I'm good
  11. army197

    Speaking of Booing...

    Hell ya mhsfan!
  12. army197

    Y2 and Karl's class wrestling myths

    Well now I'm in between both. Class wrestling will bring more fans due to more kids. More scholarship oppurtunities and a lot more kids and also money for schools but no clear cut champ. Only down side for class but college and money would matter to some wrestlers and schools
  13. army197

    Y2 and Karl's class wrestling myths

    Most elite wrestlers now o said most wanna wrestle outta state for the other competition in the room not the same kids they've wrestled in high school for four years
  14. army197

    Y2 and Karl's class wrestling myths

    Haha I'm a bit smarter than dnr here but why go to a class system if I won state in class 3 of my state I don't want to wonder if I'm the true number one at my weight in the state or number 10

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