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  1. Will there be pie at the supper? if so, what kinds. I prefer a nice sugar cream, simple, yet elegant, and oh so yummy. Pecan is also a very nice pie, and you can never go wrong with cherry, or apple. As far as is it to be called supper, or dinner, my wife calls it whatever she tells me to make. This usually involves reservations.
  2. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/20483/20483-h/20483-h.htm#page071 EXPLOSIVE SHELLS The word "bomb" comes to us from the French, who derived it from the Latin. But the Romans got it originally from the Greek bombos, meaning a deep, hollow sound. "Bombard" is a derivation. Today bomb is pronounced "balm," but in the early days it was commonly pronounced "bum." The modern equivalent of the "bum" is an HE shell. The first recorded use of explosive shells was by the Venetians in 1376. Their bombs were hemispheres of stone or bronze, joined together with hoops and exploded by means of a p
  3. http://athletics.uindy.edu/documents/2010/12/17/2010-11MWCSeeding.pdf?id=1197 This is all from the U of I web site. There will be alot of very talented wrestlers on hand
  4. Ashland Calumet College of St. Joseph's Campbellsville Central Missouri Indianapolis King College Lake Erie Lincoln Limestone Mount St. Joseph's Newberry Newman North Carolina-Pembroke Northern State Ohio Northern Tiffin Trine Truman State Upper Iowa Wabash West Liberty State From the U of I web site.
  5. Yes they are, how else are they supposed to learn the history of this sport. This site has it all right there for you to read. ;D
  6. Perry Meridian Lawrence North Warren Central Roncalli North Central Beech Grove Lawrence Central Southport Franklin Central Ben Davis Pike Speedway Decatur Central
  7. I was not blaming title IX, merely pointing out that we need to do a better job of working in its perameters. As well as fixing the other problems we have within our sport.
  8. U of I is the only D2 school in the state, Manchester, Wabash, and Trine are the only DIII schools in the state that offer wrestling, and as of right now, I believe that only Calumet is the only NAIA school in the state, with Indiana Tech to join them next year. It would be great if there was a way for us to be able to get ISU, BSU, ND, EU, SIU, IUPUI, IPFW to get wrestling programs, not to mention all the other small private schools in the state, but I dont see that as a real possibility. At least not until we can figure out a way to make wrestling a revenue sport, and find an equivilant sc
  9. I dont think anyone wrestles to get publicity, however we ought to be doing everything we can to get the kids that are busting their butts the publicity that they desreve.
  10. After reading 4 pages of responses, I would say a few things. Times have changed, most of the kids are friends, have each others phone numbers, are face book friends. They all know what weight each other are going, and if they are doing ok or not. If you dont believe me, take a look at some of your wrestlers facebook pages, see if there are wrestlers from all over the state, and or country there. Do you think they are not talking? This is a tight knit community, any secret you have will not last longer then the 1st time you try it. After that, someone will ask the kid, how did so and so beat
  11. I guess the pride comes from knowing that your coach felt like there was no way you were not going to give up six, so he let you save the team from seeing the other team get a lift. That your coach while he values your work in the room, did not want your delicate mental state get altered by going out and getting your butt handed to you. If you cant tell, I am not a big fan of giving up a match if you have a kid ready to go.
  12. In many of the replies, I see the words "being a champion". This is whats wrong with the sport, tomany kids get told that to get any respect, you have to be a champion. This is not true, I have alot more respect for the kid that starts out, does not win a match his 1st year, but stays with it, and eventually through hard work develops his mind body and spirit to be a productive if not excellent wrestler. Someone that can be counted on to go out and give it his best. Someone that has learned that being the best is not what it is all about, but being your best is all that anyone can ask of you.
  13. Yeah. we have all done that to someone only to have it pointed out to us that we misread, or mis-heard, or did not have all the facts. Then we are left looking down at our feet, saying; Sorry, my bad.......I say enough stupid things so often that I have developed athletes tongue.
  14. I think you are reading that wrong. I read it as he is saying that if he sees you do it, and it would have cost the team a point IF an offical saw it, then there will be punishment handed out. I dont think he was saying you only get sat down when an official sees something. Just my opinion, I could be reading it wrong. I have been told many times by my wife that I am wrong often.
  15. I thought a perfect schedule would be one that never ended. Wrestling year round...... ;D Who needs football or basketball.
  16. I think they were there last year, it might just be a club team, or I could be wrong. My wife loves to point out when I am....Also, the Trine web site says a noon start time.
  17. Not having ever been a coach of a team, I would say that super duals would be better for overall team building and amount of matches for all kids on your team, but that tournaments would be better for the studs on your team to get them ready for the state series.
  18. the 1pm comes from the Manchester web site, so as far as I know it is accurate. As far as teams there, Trine, Wabash, Manchecter, U of I, St. Francis, I also believe that Lincoln will be there, not sure about CCJC. It would be nice to see them as well. The brackets wont be posted until after weigh ins.
  19. This Friday, Manchester college will host the Little state wrestling tourney. Wrestling starts at 1:00 pm friday, and continues at 9:00 saturday morning. A lot of former Indiana high school wrestlers will be there.
  20. On top of the added recognition an event like this would draw from college coaches, and possibly the media, just think of all the discussion it would avoid on the rankings early in the season. No, on second thought it would just change to why was so an so not invited, he placed higher at regionals last year than that kid did, he would have won hands down.
  21. I cant see the IHSAA sanctioning this event, but they could suprise me, however that does bring up a question of insurance.
  22. I am willing to bet the kids would be excited to wrestle in this, if they are one of the top kids in the state, they got there by wrestling the best, and this is just another chance for them to do so. I am sure it would or could draw a decent crowd, depending on where it was hosted. As far as the coaches, that is something that could be a problem, but if it was done pre-season, how much control do they have. I would think that we could maybe get a little more exposure for the sport, depending on the rest of the sports landscape. The biggest problem might come from the foo
  23. I voted for Y2. I misread the question. I thought it said Posers..... ;D
  24. Heres the link to www.trackwrestling.com they have all the results there.
  25. Andre, our thoughts and prayers to you on a speedy recovery. You have always been a great competitior and once a Warrior always a Warrior no matter what color singlet you wear.
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